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  1. So - many - dirty - thoughts . . . :spontaneous: I'm running to the gutter now . . . Of course, more than anything, I want him to be happy - no matter who that would be with.
  2. I'm so glad you like it! It was my first attempt! Don't you hate when the boss comes by? I really hate when my principal walks into my classroom. It's like, just leave me alone and let me do my job!! Then you have to look busy/like you're actually teaching something important . . .
  3. Well, dammit, I'm right here!!!!! I need to add my qualifications: 1. I'm Jewish - nurturing comes with the DNA; 2. I completely understand what he's trying to accomplish, I support him and would back him in whatever his decisions (no matter how stupid I would think they are); and 3. I'm a fertile myrtle!! I'm not too old to start over again. And Gerry is the ONLY one I would do that for!!
  4. See, now this type of comedy I can see Gerry doing - 100% (the LW series are among my faves). And I also share the opinion that I trust his judgment and decision making. But since we're sticking our nose in his business . . . yeah, doing something Will Farrell/Ben Stiller would be a disaster, in my opinion, for him. I don't think he would go that way, though. I think he has more intelligence and respect for himself and his career to make that kind of movie- sorry I so hate Will Farrell's movies. And all that being said, I don't think he would focus only on comedies, either. I just think maybe he's looking to stretch himself and see where his fame takes him. Whatever he does, I'll be lined up to see it . . . Lisa
  5. Thanks! A great article. I love reading whatever he has to say . . . Lisa
  6. Someone sooo needs to find pics of these!!!!!!
  7. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grrr2: :boink: :finger: :poke: I'm still stuck at work for another hour and 45 minutes! No, I'm not jealous. :push: Well, hopefully this will make it up to you . . . this is what I've been doing this morning. I also went through the old lust thread and snagged some really good pics!!! Ahh, to have the time to study pictures . . . make wallpapers . . .
  8. Donna, my theater (yes, that would be singular) doesn't even have Friday's schedule up yet!! Grrrr. I am worried that it won't be here (even though I'm driving 3 hours south to see it with my GALS in SoCal). Ahhhh - vacation . . . what a loverly thing it is. I just woke up - a second time - after napping on the couch. I don't think I'll get out of my PJs today until I have to. I'm having dinner tonight with my former mentor teacher, so I'll get dressed for that . . . In the meantime, I'm just catching up on my Gerry-filled obsession. Love you all!!!!!! Lisa
  9. Just thought I'd comment on these . . . . I'm so totally jealous!!!! You look great!! Well, I do believe I took that picture!!
  10. I'm right there with you, Mel! I love wintertime! You can always bundle up, but when it's hot you can only take off so much clothes (and why my electric bill is ridiculous during the summer!). Yeah, I love snuggling . . . with I had Gerry to snuggle with . . . . Lisa
  11. Guess what is my new ringtone???? I set this as my alarm to wake up in the morning! Now I have Gerry's sexy voice sweet talkin' me in the AM. I'm so happyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :claphands: Lisa
  12. DITTO Guys that pretty probably aren't very good in bed . . .
  13. Yeah :funnyabove: what she said!! He is definitely sizzling!! Fran :woah: Now now, ladies. He's very pretty, but he's no Gerry!! :hmm2:
  14. Gosh Donna, I'm kinda jealous! It's warm and sunny here, but I miss the snow. It snowed here about 9 years ago or so, and it left about 6 inches!! It was so beautiful and incredible, and because it was highly unusual, EVERYTHING was closed!!! But yes, slush sucks!! Hope you enjoyed your hot bath. HUGS!!! Lisa
  15. YOWZA!!! I definitely see the appeal!!!
  16. Oh, go ahead. I won't get it. Please tell me what he says about his tushie. :tasty: :tasty:
  17. Right - it's the same guy. Martin Henderson is his name, and he is the guy in the ad and the commercial. Martin's Cadillac Ad Here he is: Martin Henderson I've heard this before on another site. This is the guy everyone is talking about that "looks" like Gerry in the ads. Hope this helps. Lisa
  18. His humility is what makes him so, ummm, what's the word?????? Oh yeah, SEXY!!! Lisa
  19. I actually know this one!!! They're talking about a picture ad for Cadillac on the inside cover of the Sexiest Man Alive issue of People magazine. IT'S NOT GERRY, but it does look VERY much like him, especially in those b&w photos of him in the white tux. But, it is not him. I will have to go find the picture of who it is and show you . . . but it's NOT Gerry. Off to find it for you all . . . . Lisa
  20. Awww, he's extraordinary. So funny and so sweet. That was a great interview! Is it me or did he say GeraRd??? Lisa
  21. Yeah, the fro is a little different. LOL
  22. Marianne, that doesn't sound funny at all! I'm so very proud of him as well; and I'm also so proud to be his fan! I do admire him so so much. Not only for what he's been through, but for sharing it with the world to learn from. Here's something funny, though: how many of us woman are sitting there thinking the same thing Fran is??? I bet millions of woman are!!
  23. I've always said that Gerry's beauty radiates from the inside out; all these articles lately prove that. I do love that he is so open and lets us into his world and thoughts a bit.
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