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  1. Just ordered mine!!!! What a wonderful way to start the new year it will be!!! Lisa
  2. MAZEL TOV!!!!!! How wonderful for you and your hubby!!!! Enjoy this time, and take care of yourself!!!! :hug99: Lisa
  3. Welcome butlerbabe!!! You have most certainly found a new home here! This is the best group of ladies, no doubt!! Have fun playing . . . Lisa
  4. It's fast approaching!! I keep seeing the ads on TV and in front of DVDs (specifically Oceans 13), and I'm getting really excited!
  5. Oh hell yeah! Now I know what my son can get me for Chanukah!!!! Lisa
  6. Oh my, oh my!!! I just saw a LONGER trailer - the first one! - on the DVD for Oceans 13. Ooh, it's soo good and Gerry is so gorgeous!!! YUMMY. Lisa
  7. Awww, they just left. They're going to Denny's for dinner (isn't that funny??) first and then off to the dance. Here are the pics (sorry there's so many; I'm so proud!): This is my 19 year old son, Brandon. He'll be 20 in February. He looks so handsome!!!! That is me in the middle and Brandon and Krystal. I'm not really that fat (right, Susan? Please tell me I'm not that fat!?) Just me and my boy . . . sigh . . . The girls - Krystal and her best friend Ashley. And the boys - Brandon and his friend Jesus (isn't this funny?! I made them do that.) Brandon and Krystal. I wanted to cry. All I could think of was wedding pictures down the line. *sniff* The whole gang. Brandon and Krystal Thank you guys for indulging me. I am so proud of my kids (both Brandon and Krystal). They've really stuck things out, and they are very much in love. It's awesome. She lives at my house 4-5 nights a week, but hey, whatever. At least I know where they are! Hugs and love!! Lisa
  8. Hello my GALS. My son Brandon and his girlfriend, Krystal, are attending her high school Christmas Ball tonight! I'm so excited. My son looks amazing. He's wearing a white tux - all white and a black tie and hankie thingy. I will get pictures and show you guys later tonight. The two couples (Krystal's best friend and her date) are meeting here very soon!! I'm so excited. I only have boys and neither of them ever wanted to go to any of their own dances (next year is my youngest son's senior year, so there's still hope), so I live vicariously through Krystal (they've been together for a year and a half). I made my best friend watch Dear Frankie last night. She liked it. She even said Gerry did look good. :-) And of course she's right. My favorite . . . Hugs and love everyone!!! They're on their way! Lisa
  9. This will be my first time at a premiere and I don't really know what to expect. Thank God I'll be with friends. I doubt I'll get anywhere near him, but maybe at least I'll get to see him in the flesh (yummy) from across the street at least. Will definitely post whatever pictures I can. Lisa
  10. Found this - hope it's okay to post: PSILY Review Pretty good review. Um, like he wouldn't after 300??? That's a weird statement. I had to look up this word: dehiscent. I thought maybe she misspelled decent, but no. This is what it means: Splitting open at maturity. I guess she thinks that he hasn't done very much or that he's just finally coming into his own? Hmmm. I think he found himself before this movie. Am I wrong? I do like that she mentions that we'll hear his singing voice more - which only means that he is good in the movie!!! Yay!!!! I can't wait to hear that "Mustang Sally"!!! Lisa
  11. OMG!!! That has got to be one of the sexiest pics I've ever seen. Damn he's hot. Marianne O M F B I'm toast. Is that where he is singing "Mustang Sally"???? If so, he just made an already sexy song into a "set the screen on fire" song! :spontaneous: :spontaneous: Suzie OH MY GOD!!! He sings "Mustang Sally" and looks like that doing it????? I won't survive my first viewing. I just won't. Lisa
  12. You go Girl,Strat camping out or hanging outr the night before Nanci And I'll be there right beside her helping hold the signs. Unless, of course, if and when I need my camera. Then, the heck with the signs, Susan! :dance: I wuv you sooo much!!!! Lisa
  13. How can you gals even think of words to write??? I can barely move my fingers on the keyboard!! I've never seen anything sexier. He can rock my in' world any day!!! :spontaneous: :spontaneous: :spontaneous: :spontaneous: Lisa
  14. Donna, that happened to my ex a few years ago, and our cat attacked him out of fear. He was treated with antibiotics for three days, and then was fine. Cat was, too. I have three cats currently, and I know there are many of us out there who have cats, and we love them all. They are a part of the family, and having to make those hard decisions are never easy. Especially if you have to make them alone. I hope you have support around you to help you out. madameAngel - I'm so sorry to hear about your relationship. I hope you'll get to the point (if you're not already) where you feel better off and realize that if he didn't want to be with you, that it's all on HIM, not you. We're here for you, lady! Hugs and Love all around!!! Lisa
  15. Maybe I have no sense of humor, but I do not like this and don't think I'll be seeing it. My sons, on the other hand, think it's friggin' hysterical!! Meet the Spartans Lisa
  16. A quick good morning to say that I hope all my GALS have a great day today! I also saw my first PSILY trailer last night on TV. I scared the living daylights out of my son yelling at him to rewind, and I actually screamed like a banshee, but hey - it was the first time and I was actually taken by surprise with it. It's getting really cold here, and that means a lot of fog and just plain ol' yuckiness. I miss Southern Cal so much!!! Summer cannot get here fast enough . . . Hugs and love all the way around!! Have a beautiful, wonderful day, everyone!!! Lisa
  17. Oh Lord, I think I scared the crap out of my son and his girlfriend last night. We were watching George Lopez and as I walked by to go to the bathroom (I know, TMI), I saw Hillary Swank out of the corner of my eye. I started SCREAMING like a moron, yelling, "rewind it, rewind it!!!" (thank GOD for DVR!). So, Brandon did as he was ordered to do, and there was Gerry, beautiful as ever - on my TV. It was a short one, not like the one we just recently were blessed with, but it was a trailer. That was a nice surprise. I'm so excited go to; now if I could just lose 75 pounds in less than two weeks! Hmph. Maybe I'll have to settle for the Thanksgiving weight . . . Hugs and love, everyone! Have a great day! Lisa
  18. White-hot: Hell yes!! This gen's Ah-Nuld: OH HELL NO!!! :reddeathsword: Lisa
  19. Susan, thanks for that! Why, oh why, do I always come in on these cool things too late? I'm so sad, but so happy for you, BELLA, that you are making that connection with Gerry. I hope he gets a kick out of it! I hate my job, and I hate my students. ARGH. I need to teach 1st graders or something . . . . Lisa
  20. Thank you all for having faith in me and this project! (Now just promise me that you will bid when he returns from GERRY'S hands!! ) OMFB!! Can you tell that I am excited??? AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Thank you GERRY!! Thank you GERRY!! THANK YOU GALS!! Bella Tell me, tell me! What's so exciting, and what did Gerry say yes to????? Lisa
  21. OMG, you have got to be kidding me. Some people are WAAAAY too sensitive and politically correct. Decorate that cube, woman!! :dance: I may not be Jewish, but I wouldn't be offended in the least if someone put a menorah on their desk. To each his/her own, I always say...as long as it isn't putting down someone else's beliefs, who cares? I'm back to work today. It's raining AGAIN. It may turn to snow later. And my annoying co-worker appears to have shown up for work, once again, without brushing her hair. Happy Monday! Is it 2:30 yet?? People need get their panties out of a wad! Its Christmas for heaven shakes! Donna, you sure your not working with me, cause there are days it doesnt look like I have combed my hair. Thats really about every day As someone who is Jewish, I need to stick my two cents in here. If you celebrate Christmas, my God put up your damned decorations! I think it's so stupid for businesses like that to say that someone cannot decorate their own personal work space for their own holiday. If someone told ME that I couldn't put up Chanukah decorations, you bet I'd be making a fuss about it. I think what people have a problem with is when stores only recognize one religious holiday, but even as a Jew, I know that Christmas has become more commercialized and secular than religious. I think this is very sad, but it's what has happened. I do not get offended when stores put up Christmas stuff, or Christian put up Christmas decorations; so long as people respect my right to celebrate and decorate for my holiday. Same for Muslims and Ramadan; Africans or African-American and Kwanza; etc. This world needs to stop worry about who they're offending and start respecting our difference and celebrating them. JMHO. Lisa
  22. Over and over and over - I've heard it three times today! And it's only 5:39 pm . . . Yes, GGLG - I love your poetry. I need to get back into writing . . . you inspire me. Lisa
  23. That was AWESOME! hahahahaha And what's with the snorting at the end!? I'm sitting here trying to get ready for my first day back at work and I find THIS! Lord, someone PLEASE make that beginning into a ringtone so I can wake up to that luscious voice every morning - Americanized or not! (But you're right, Susan - I hear it, too). Lisa
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