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  1. I sadly am still voting off The Jury. Poor, Johnnie. I'll just have to comfort him . . . Lisa
  2. Donna, I'm right with you. I have been off for a week, and believe me I don't want to go back to work tomorrow! ick. I've been doing nothing but Gerry stuff all week, and if you think I want to deal with 7th graders instead, no way. SIGH, but I do need the paycheck to pay for all my Gerry-obsessions . . . I have one decoration up - a table top tree that has lights at the very ends of some of the "needles" - they change color. It's pretty cool. Hanukkah begins on the 4th, and I'm not ready for that, either. Reality bites . . . . Lisa
  3. Wonderful article; thanks for posting it. He should have gotten his recognition from POTO, but I'm just so glad that Zack said those wonderful things about him. But that's okay; they're just finding out what we've known for years . . . Lisa
  4. Cassie, so sorry to hear about your horrible ending to what should have been a wonderful family visit. It's always so hard when everyone's personalities and selfishness gets in the way of just plain ol' loving each other - unconditionally. I hope that one day things will smooth themselves out. But, we love ya!!! Lisa
  5. Okay, I'm sticking to my original thought . . . I switched the DVD right before Don Juan, and it doesn't fit at all. He has on the white mask in NOWL. It HAS to come before All I Ask Of You, but before the opera and before he changes Carlotta's voice to that froggie voice. If you look at what he's wearing, and the "toys" on his dressing table, that's where it fits. Besides, there's no way it would come after the cemetery scene. He's too pissed off at her at that point. Yeah, I spend way too much time on this . . . I bought the 2 disc CD from iTunes, and I added NOWL that I "obtained". This is how I now have the playlist. What do you think of where I put NOWL?? I'd like some opinions before I burn the CD. Prologue 2:48 Medley: Overture / Hannibal 7:26 Think of Me 6:34 Angel of Music 3:00 Medley: Little Lotte / The Mirror (Angel of Music) 4:11 The Phantom of the Opera 4:23 The Music of the Night 5:39 Magical Lasso 1:19 Medley: I Remember / Stranger Than You Dreamt It 3:21 Medley: Notes... / Prima Donna 10:04 Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh 6:13 No One Would Listen 2:24 Medley: Why Have You Brought Me Here / Raoul I've Been There 3:04 All I Ask of You 4:52 All I Ask of You (Reprise) 2:55 Medley: Masquerade / Why So Silent 8:39 Medley: Madame Giry's Tale / The Fairground 3:29 Journey to the Cemetery 3:30 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again 3:41 Wandering Child 1:47 The Swordfight 1:49 We Have All Been Blind 3:55 Don Juan 4:01 Medley: The Point of No Return / Chandelier Crash 6:44 Medley: Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer 14:33 Learn to Be Lonely 2:27 Lisa
  6. You know, it really is a very beautiful song. I walk around humming and singing it all of the time. I always get asked what it is? He is so sweet. It's really a love song, when you think about it. "No one would listen . . . no one but her . . ." so beautiful and sad. Lisa
  7. No, not year round. Our Winter Break is three weeks long. Then we don't get another long vacation until President's 4 day weekend. But, we had this week off, then we're on for three weeks, then off for three weeks for Winter Break, then back to normal. It's a traditional schedule, but it's up here - everything is different. Lisa
  8. Thanks so much! Now I have to re-do the CD that I made for myself. It makes sense, based upon the shirt, that it would be before Don Juan. The only other song I can't find to download is Why So Silent. Grrr. I so relate to No One Would Listen - it's so sad. Thanks everyone! Lisa
  9. Why do I get the feeling that "vengence" is directed at me?! Mwhaaaaahahahahaha Can't imagine why . . That's okay - I'm up for it, babeeee. :boink: Hugs and love, everyone. Lisa
  10. YES YES YES!! Mwaahahahahaa Now, who is the next to go???? Hmmmmm . . . . . these last three are too hard to choose from!!! All have their benefits. So, between POTO and The Jury (for me) . . . I do love Johnnie, so much, and it is one of Gerry's finest moments . . . but . . . I have a feeling that it won't be narrowed down to my two favorite Gerry viewings, and I guess in light of this week, I should go with the voice . . . but, oh my to vote off my own mop-boy??? How can I look myself in the mirror???? Oh, what to do, what to do??? Okay, I have to vote off The Jury. If we're voting based upon quality, and not just Gerry, yeah, The Jury has to go. Oh, I'm so sad . . . Lisa
  11. Thanks for the support and kudos, GALS! There is not one item of anything - Gerry related or not - that is worth my getting up at 4:00 am and fighting with a bunch of crazy people. I did it once years and years ago with my mother-in-law, and I will never do it again. I don't want anything that badly. UGH! Back to work on Monday. Not looking forward to it, but we're only in for three weeks and then have three weeks off!! Yay. I love being a teacher . . . sometimes. Oh, is Hillary Swank just the luckiest beatch in the world???? SIGH. He looks soooo loving and sweet in these PSILY pics! I can't wait!! Hugs and Love! Lisa
  12. Okay, thought of my third one! HAHAHAHA This is fun. If this is too much, tell me and I'll forget the second one, cause this is the best!!! Leo's seaborne breeze that cooly kisses the sweat at his neck and chest. Yeah - I like that one!! Lisa
  13. Hey my GALS!! I just spent the entire day with my ex-in-laws, and had a wonderful day! It has taken me a few years to forgive them and get over the loss of my extended family. But today was a good day. My ex and his 23 year old girlfriend (he's 44) were there, and very uncomfortable - BUT I WASN'T!! And I looked good!! I've lost enough weight, and I've grown so much as a woman! My brother-in-law was blown away and really was happy to see me. My in-laws asked me to not be such a stranger, and I'll now be continuing my relationship with them. Why not? I've known them for over 20 years. So, after an hour, my ex, his GIRLfriend and her kid left! HA! And my sons and I spent the rest of the day there. It was an awesome day! As I said in a different thread, I am so grateful to have come here and been so welcomed by everyone! It's like I've always been here, and I love you all for it! You're an awesome bunch of women, and of course, the man who brought us all together - Gerard - is the only man who can bring together a bunch of silly women. I hope you all had a great day today!!! Hugs and Love!! Lisa
  14. Yeah, I was contemplating whether or not to see this alone, and I really don't think I will. Why embarrass myself alone? I'll bring someone along to embarrass as well. Lisa
  15. 300 is outta here!!!!! Save The Stranger!! Save Dear Frankie!! I'm making signs . . . . Lisa
  16. a wee bit bigger http://www.gbgals.com/images/pssnaps2.jpg Stef.... OMG!!!!! This one makes me into jelly. Look at his expression! (look at his thighs!) Howe do actresses do it? I mean he's pressed on top of her! HELP!!!! :tasty: Thanks tons, Stef!! For me, it's the ARMS!!! Oh, those arms!! So taught and muscly . . .
  17. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see this movie. I wasn't all that into it, but that trailer did me in. Did anyone else notice that the voice over guy said, "Ger-ad" Butler - not "Ger-ard"??? I did! I will definitely need to watch this movie with some very, very understanding people - not my sons, that's for sure!! Thanks for the link!! Lisa
  18. Happy T-Day everyone!! I think mine will be a disaster as I forgot to defrost the turkey before today. Oh well. If there was anyway to fook up Thanksgiving, I was sure to find it. Love and hugs, everyone!!! Lisa
  19. In the minute off-chance that he'll see this . . . Gerry, I'm not as eloquent with my words as many of the other ladies on here, but I do agree. Your singing voice is absolutely as stunning as you are. I love listening to Phantom, and when you are singing, it's like there is no other sound going on around me. Your voice reaches into my soul and reminds me I'm alive and that I am a woman. There are very few other men in the world that have the ability to sing into a camera for 12 seconds and embed themselves into a woman's entire essence and reverberate throughout her. You, my love, are one of those few men. With all the projects you have in line for your career right now, I know that singing isn't even a thought right now. However, if there ever comes a time when you might even consider recording more songs for us, please know that no matter what anyone else says you are cherished and loved. Thousands, if not millions, of women (and I'm sure a few men) around the world would support you. I know that I would be so honored and proud to own a CD of you singing - whatever you would wish to sing. Of course, many of us have so many ideas for you (love songs, Scottish songs, etc.), but most importantly, whatever makes you comfortable. And if that includes never doing this, I know we would honor your wishes. But just know that putting your sweet, sexy voice on CD for us to hear over and over would make so many people so very happy. Just know that no matter what you do, you are honored, respected and loved. You have brought such joy and happiness into my life, and I'll just take this opportunity to also thank you for that. I hope you and whoever helps you make career decisions will think seriously about this request from your many loving fans. Everything you give comes from the depths of your soul, and connects with ours. We await the next gift you give us . . . (dammit Swannie - look what you made me do!!)
  20. Nance, listen to it again, and this time hear the words of NOWL. You'll hear it's the same exact tune. Thanks for all the responses. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I Netflixed the second DVD! I also won the two-disc version on e-Bay, and found some non-Amazon sellers for the CD. You're all so wonderful for all your help and knowledge of everything Gerry! Hugs and Love!! Lisa
  21. There's nothing else to add, my friend. You said it all . . . Lisa
  22. Is anyone as sick of hearing about these people as I am??!! GERRY RULES! Yes, I am!! And yes, HE DOES!!! Lisa
  23. Already thought of my second one! (Told you I would do this): Keeper of Gerry's Man Cleavage. Thanks!
  24. No, dammit. There are NONE left now! Waahhh. And my son was going to get it for me for Chanukah! Oh well, I'll get one from a non-Amazon customer. Thanks for the heads up!! Lisa
  25. NO!! Dear Frankie must stay!!! MUST MUST MUST!! PULEAZE!!! If anything has to be voted off it's 300!!!!!!! Lisa
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