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  1. It's on Disk 2!! So beautiful he is. I also just realized the other day that the song that Minnie Driver sings at the end of the movie/CD is the same tune as No One Would Listen. What a dolt I am! lol Lisa
  2. Just to start me out, can I have "The Stranger's Girl in Every Port"??? I'll add more, trust me . . . . Thanks! Lisa Edited to add: YAY!! I'm Creedy's Firey GAL now!! (It'll slow down when I got back to work, ladies)
  3. AWESOME!! :claphands: I voted for him as many times as I could sneak them in!! Glad to see some recognition. Thanks for posting that!! Lisa
  4. Yeah, I figured out I wrote the wrong line after I wrote it - sorry about that. I guess that makes sense not wanting Erik to seem too sympathetic. Well, luckily for us it's on the extra DVD, and now on my CD! Lisa
  5. Swannie, sounds like your house is beautiful! It must feel so wonderful to have your home renovated to your liking. I'm so happy for you! And just in time for the holidays! Lisa
  6. I truly hope this is the right place to post this. Does anyone know why in the WORLD they took out Gerry's "No One Would Listen" solo? Good Lord, it's so sexy and sad! I just downloaded the song and am making my own POTO soundtrack CD. I have no idea where it goes, but based upon what he's wearing, I put it right before "All I Ask Of You". Think that's the right place? I also downloaded "you little lying Pandora . . ." I love hearing him yell that at her! Thanks! Lisa
  7. BEHAVE??? But what fun is that???? That is NOT why I joined this group!!!! :angel2: Have a great Thanksgiving, Jilly!!!! Lisa
  8. No, actually I was just tellin you what the thread was about. No, no, I completely understood! Sorry if that came out badly - which is why I actually edited it after I posted it - obviously too late! LOL Oh, so I have a comrade in arms, huh? Yay, Moonglow - there's nothing like just getting my feet wet and finding a companion to the madness . . . . Lisa
  9. Went back to the beginning - figured it out pretty easily, thanks D! Ohhh, I get it, Pammie. You thought that by helping me jump into the game I would take your side? Mwaaahhhahahaha. Sorry, babe. I'm holding on for Dear Frankie for dear life!! Lisa
  10. What IS in a Hot Toddie, anyway??? Thanks for the pics, Nordic Girl!! I love the snowmen! Very funny! Suzie, glad you slept! Sometimes sleep is the best medicine of all (as well as booze). Also, I ADORE your siggie! Today is cleaning day, ladies. It's bathroom and kitchen day - whoo hoo, huh? Isn't my vacation FUN!? Don't you wish you were me? NOT! But, I have Epstein-Barr Syndrome, so I have to stop every 20 minutes and rest. So, it's not that bad, really. Wait til my son gets home - that boy has to do the hard stuff!! Lady Elissa, I hope the weather in OC is better than it is up here! It's yucky and cloudy. Enjoy YOUR vacation, hon! It's gotta be better than mine! Okay, I'm done blabbing. Love to you all, and (in my best Ahnuld voice) "I'll be back." Lisa
  11. Oh! Okay - my vote goes to 300. :KingLeo: Off the island, King Leo! (Okay, I've never watched Survivor). As much as I love this movie, I can't live without the other three!!!! Lisa <----- who so appreciates the patience you GALS are having with me
  12. Wow, so much happens in one day! LOL SuzieAirborne is really good, but only at the onset of a cold. Zicam will do it for ya. Jilly HI and that's awesome news! Not an easy task! Mel Congratulations!! I haven't been around to know your job hunting struggles, but I do know how hard it is. Wonderful for you!! Sue I love your Kung Fu Kitty!!!! to everyone! What a wonderful Thanksgiving week this is starting out to be . . . Lisa
  13. Although I continue to defend the fact that it would be kinda nice to see Gerry a bit more acknowledged, I agree with Susan. If that's the kind of attention he wanted, he would have it. And one of the reasons we love him so much is because he's so genuine and a real guy, not a Hollywood plastic cut-out. No, that's not the guy we want. So, maybe we should look at the situation differently, maybe from Gerry's POV? He wants to be known more for his roles, making a difference in the world through the movies he makes. Not as a cover boy. Would we really respect him as much if he was a publicity hungry cover boy? Probably not. George Clooney (who, by the way, I did like from Roseanne through ER, and it's only recently that I stopped liking him) has a great publicist who gets his mug on every cover he can. Good for George if that's the career he wants; then he's successful in his definition of it. But success for Gerry is completely different. We look at these "oversights" as Gerry being slighted somehow. I did it myself with the Sexiest Man Alive thing (boy what a joke that is), and would have loved to have seen him been more than less a half page article. But, that's not really how Gerry see his career. I've also said before that I kinda like having Gerry as "our little secret". And honestly, if he didn't get HUGE after 300, PSILY isn't going to do it, either. He will have a box office draw no matter what he does because of the quality of his work, not because he's a pretty boy on another cover of another magazine. Just my opinion . . . . Lisa
  14. Well, well, well - I now have a damn good reason to go to Comic Con with my children next year!! They've all already started bugging me about when we're buying tickets, and I said January. I had already planned on going with them anyway, but now I have a real reason!!! Yay!!! I don't have to go to all those stupid anime booths!!! Oh, and I have to admit something weird . . . I read "Mark and Brian" and I immediately thought about Mark and Brian from KLOS! What a dork I am. Anyway, the movie sounds exciting! I didn't feel the love from the writer, but that's okay. I love when Gerry laughs at his own jokes . . . Thanks for the article. I love reading about his filming adventures . . . Lisa
  15. Oh, wait, I've got one better, Jo! My son's girlfriend's best friend said, "This movie is sooo long! When is it over?!" Can you believe that? I forget they're only 17, but sheesh!! I was so hurt. Stupid little girl. The one part that they "Awww"ed at was when Frankie hugged The Stranger, and the look on Gerry's face - that affected them. Otherwise, it was a long and boring movie for them. Oh, but they rewound and rewound that DVD to figure out what the bartender lady said to Lizzie!!! And they figured it out, but now I don't remember. Something alluding to her being a hooker or something. Anyway, my favorite movie so far . . . that's why he's my mop boy. :mopboystranger: Lisa
  16. What is this fascination with George Clooney and anyone who is associated with him??? I don't get it at all!!! I don't see it, for sure!! Even some of my sons' friends love him - one of his guy friends said that GC was the one guy he would kiss! HUH? :boink: It's all about money and movie ticket sales. Nothing else. They don't know what we know . . . Hollywood needs a cliché, and that's all Clooney and his cronies are. That's why actors like Gerry, and Ed Harris and Don Cheadle, etc., aren't "cover boys". They're genuine. Not a cardboard cutout of something Hollywood-made, and thank GOD that Gerry isn't in that company!!!!! Lisa
  17. While I was falling asleep last night, my theme popped into my head! I'm so very excited about doing this, especially since even if I don't win (which I doubt considering who I'm up against) I will have a beautiful scrapbook page of the most beautiful man in the world! Lisa
  18. Well, good morning, my fellow GALS. Did I sleep in, noooooo. Of course not. First day of vacation, and I'm up at 7:30 - which I guess is sleeping in cause usually I'm up at 5:30. Suzie, the best thing for a cold - homemade chicken soup, aka Jewish penicillin. My grandmother's was the best!! Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all the welcomes. I'm off to drool in the gallery - where's that mopboy???? Oh! :mopboystranger: there you are, you NAUGHTY BOY! Quit trying to run from me . . . . Hugs to all!! Lisa Edited to add that I hated Cherry Orchard and must post enough to NOT be Yasha's Cherry Gal!!!
  19. Oh, my sistah! I do love you, and am so glad you found me!! I'm right here . . . .

    Love & hugs - and always HOPE . . .


  20. Okay, just finished it, and for the first time CRIED. When Frankie gives him the seahorse - that's when it started. I also made my son's girlfriend and her best friend watch it with me. They're 17, and it was a total waste on them. Oh well - they'll grow up one day and then beg me to watch it. Yup, The Stranger is definitely my favorite guy . . . Lisa :mopboystranger:
  21. Okay, just watched the scene when The Stranger is waving on the Accra, and then walks toward Frankie and Lizzie. OH MY EFFIN GOD!!! That swagger!!! If only he would walk towards me like that!!!! SIGH . . . .
  22. I'm a Leo - through and through. Including being a great kisser Lisa
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