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  1. First, let me apologize for all my replies. I'm just catching up. Eventually this will not be the Phoenixgirl board! hahaha However, my favorite King Leo line was not in the poll, even though I voted for "My Queen . . ." My favorite King Leo line: (With a mouthful of apple): "Besides, there's no reason we can be civil about this." Cracks me up every time! Lisa
  2. Oh my God! I can't choose one! I don't want to commit!! hahahaha I have two favorites!!! The Stranger or Johnnie? Johnnie or The Stranger? Who will Lisa choose???? Ahhhh, since I can only choose one - it's The Stranger . . . Oh, poor Johnnie. I do love ya! Lisa :mopboystranger:
  3. Although I think the scruff is beyond hotness, I really would take him with any look he had. Lisa :baby:
  4. Ooh, I'm finally in the majority on this one! Yay! I have always loved historical movies!!! Lisa
  5. One of the things I hate about myself - my height - or lack thereof! I'm only 5 foot! Sooo much shorter than Gerry . . . But like you, M Diva, I love tall men - always have! Lisa
  6. I have never minded telling my age. I love being in my 40's (I'm 41). I don't look it and I sure don't feel it inside. Gerry makes me feel 16 again!! :tasty: Lisa :gerryblacktrunks: (THIS picture!!!)
  7. Hello Ladies . . . Well, I have this week off and I'm already in a Gerry-filled frenzy. I'm on my third movie in two days (watching DF right now). I also plan on spending most of my time on GALS catching up, watching as many clips, downloading as many pics as I can. I am so in need of support. My whole existence has begun to revolve around this man - this man that I may never meet. This man who will never know I exist. This man who drives me wild and invades my thoughts 24 hours a day. This man who makes me want to be a better person - just so he'd be proud that I'm his fan. Yeah, I need support! Glad you're all here! Glad I succumbed. Lisa :boobsquishhug:
  8. I think I may actually enter this contest! I have absolutely no talent for anything else, but this will be fun!! I already scrapbook so . . . let's see what I can come up with. Lisa :ohbaby2:
  9. I'm glad there won't be a sequel. I like that we all have our own romantic ideas of what happens next. Lisa <---- who is watching it now . . .
  10. Oh, no, I want to play. I already have two names picked out, and am just looking for pics to send along with my requests. Thanks for clarifying. I just wasn't sure. You know me! Of course I want in! Thanks, Susan!!! Lisa
  11. I read it and I still don't understand it. What is the point of this and what does it have to do with Gerry? Please excuse my ignorance. Do we just pick our favorite actress or something? Please explain, and use small words . . . Lisa :boink:
  12. The immediate impact will be that Gerry won't be promoting PSILY on any talk shows, which is heartbreaking to someone who has heard a million and one stories and has yet to see him in person! GRRRR. But so far, Game is already written and that is his only priority right now. So far, filming hasn't been halted because of the strike. So, for the next few months at least, he won't be affected. Hopefully they can come to an agreement and life in Hollyweird can get back to "normal" (whatever their definition of normal is). Lisa
  13. I adore this movie. I love all of Gerry's epics and the grandeur of movies like Attila, 300, POTO, etc., but Dear Frankie holds a special place in my heart. I love that's just Gerry being a regular bloke. Just a guy. The Stranger is dark and mysterious, and then at the end, so sensitive and sensuous. In my little fantasy world, of course he comes back and makes a family with Lizzie and Frankie, and is the best thing that ever happens to them - cause they deserve it! I think Marie is my second favorite character, only because I would love to be like her. Free spirit, loving, generous, and sexy. I adore Lizzie. There is something so endearing about a woman who is shy and doesn't know how beautiful she really is. I make everyone I know watch this movie. I don't cry, but it makes my heart sing with passion and joy. This would be a great movie to see on the big-screen as well one of these days! Lisa :mopboystranger:
  14. One of the things about Gerry that spurred my obsession was his intelligence. When I learned that he was educated, my heart fluttered. Now, the more I hear him speak I hear his intelligence, and I agree - intellect = sexy!! I love that you could have a conversation with Gerry about anything!! Smart, sexy, sensitive, OY VEY! Lisa :ohbaby2:
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