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  1. Gerry is back in LA and was seen out clubbing last night so not sure this happened, unless he already did the interview and it'll be aired tonight. Lisa
  2. Awww The View was cute. Very good interview. Gerry looked gorgeous, as always. The women LOVED him, as always. I wish he had said, "You are so lovely and sexy" into the camera, though. THAT would have been WAY better! Lisa
  3. I can do better than that ... You Tube has it. It's not video but you don't have to download it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TQSUuHieTg&feature=youtu.be Enjoy! I certainly did. Lisa
  4. Lisa...Because I respect your judgement I did go to YouTube and listened to all 6 parts. I feel like I know Gerry now better than I ever did. He gave up a lot of himself in that interview. I was surprised at that because he is usually very private. It was worth listening to even though Howard was doing his thing but not as much as I thought he would. Howard seemed genuinely interested in Gerry's life story and especially in Gerry's father and how his father may have played a role in Gerry's turbulent younger years. I found it quite interesting and at times I felt quite sad for Gerry. ~HUGS~ Kathy Thank you, Kathy. Yes, Howard and Robin were their normal moronic selves at times, but what matters most is Gerry's handling of and reaction to the stupidity. He didn't answer what he didn't want to, said things he really wanted to say, and like you said we "know him" better than we did before. I think Howard also showed more respect to Gerry than I've ever heard him show in the past, and I attribute that to Gerry more than Howard. Gerry engenders respect, and even though they kibbutzed a lot, I think the interview was meaty and way more intelligent than the stupid crap we hear in press junkets.
  5. Wow I'm obviously in the minority here but I LOVED this interview! I thought it was one of the best Gerry has ever done. He was so open and handled Howard with class and humor. Hearing more about his father was heartwarming and sad. Delving more into the person that Gerry is made me feel closer to him as a fan. Sure Howard and Robin were their normal stupid selves, but it's Gerry's responses that matter, and he was divine. I hope people can put their prejudices aside and give it a chance because we get a glimpse of Gerry the man, not just the movie star machine. Bravo, Gerry!!! I'm glad I downloaded this and will listen again. Lisa
  6. Nice of Sam to dress up. Is that his fancy leather jacket? Poor Joy looks like she had her hands full, but she looks really pretty. Our man really does love to stick his tongue out. He's such a silly boy.
  7. Lookin' good, Mr. Butler. As always. Lisa
  8. You tell him, baby!!! Love that man. I can't even think about death threats ..... Lisa
  9. Now THAT'S awesome! Thanks for those, Barb!!! Lisa
  10. Superdelicious and gorgeous! That blue is definitely his color. Lisa
  11. Well that choked me up. There was no acting on Gerry's part there ... that was genuine happiness in that man's face. He may be playing someone else, but that reaction was all Gerry. Lisa
  12. Moira you were terrific, and since I knew which question you planned on asking, when I heard the host ask I was like "OMG what is she going to come up with?!" You really did a great job thinking off the cuff like that! Very uncool of him to do that. Gerry looked gorgeous, as always. It's going to be a very exciting few weeks!! Lisa
  13. Here's the link to the WGN interview from earlier this morning. http://www.wgntv.com/news/morningnews/wgntv-gerard-butler-interview-morning-news-sep7,0,3473832.story
  14. He did a GREAT job!! He looked and sounded wonderful; you could see the emotion and intensity in his eyes when he spoke about Sam and MGP. And MOIRA! She's our own little celebrity! Great job with the question!!! I can NOT wait to see this movie!!!! Lisa
  15. Gerry was already on another news program in Chicago, and the video will be available after 9:00am Central time here: http://www.wgntv.com/
  16. Never mind - it's another hour off. LOL I thought it was 3 hours ahead of me. Back in an hour. Lisa
  17. Bookmarked and excited to finally see Gerry in a live interview again. Thanks, Cheryl!!
  18. I know! I'm completely taken with it. He truly does look like a god ...
  19. He looks INCREDIBLE - powerful and strong. I feel the need to print this out. Lisa
  20. He's done Regis & Kelly twice so I would bet money he'll do that again. He's done Leno, Kimmel, Fallon, Ellen and Ferguson. Just tape them all premiere week. He did Letterman once but don't count on that happening again. Lisa
  21. While I absolutely DETEST these photos and how miserable he's been looking lately at the paps being up his arse .... I think this is my new favorite shirt.
  22. PR is already starting. Sam and Gerry are appearing on Chicago Live and some Christian preacher's show this week. Then they're off to TIFF. Let's hope Gerry gets to shine like he deserves to. Lisa
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