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  1. Gerry touches me still. He conveys so much emotion with his words and eyes, and wears his heart on his sleeve. This article choked me up, and I know I'll be crying like a baby at the movie. When he was filming in SA, I remember thinking how intense he seemed, not giving interviews, not taking photos, etc. He was so in the moment and so focused on his job, and I believe with all my being that it will be conveyed in his performance. No one better could have played this role, and I am so proud of Gerry for bringing the plight of the children of the Sudan to the rest of the world. Lisa
  2. Flavored cream cheese is sacrelig. ROTF. Try Everything Bagels!! OMG so delish. Toasted with cream cheese ... I'm drooling now since I don't eat those anymore. You'll love them!!!!
  3. What do you mean you JUST ... had you never had that before? I found homes for all my kittens!!!!! YAY! You found homes for the furbabies!! Yep, I never ate bagels before - silly huh? The entire Jewish community is davening on your behalf. Wow ... it's awesome, huh?
  4. What do you mean you JUST ... had you never had that before? I found homes for all my kittens!!!!!
  5. Awesome! Thanks, Stu. Holy crap I need tissues just to watch the clips; I'm gonna need a whole box of Kleenex for the movie! Wow .... Gerry is amazing. Lisa
  6. And the female banker who gets yelled at is our very own SPARTY!!!!!! Yay Kris, ya big movie star you! This movie looks incredible and SO powerful. I can't wait for everyone's reactions! Lisa
  7. I think some of these comments are a little inappropriate for this thread. JMHO. Perhaps follow Suzie's lead to the Gutter?
  8. I went to a Rockies football game in Denver but that was because the CHICAGO Bears were playing them. LOL!! I guess after 32 years in Chicago it is hard to change, especially when my hubby and two sons are still Chicago sports fans. One son lives in Iowa and the other in Wisconsin. He is going nuts with all of the Green Bay Packer fans around him. ~HUGS~ Kathy The Rockies is Colorado's baseball team. The Denver Broncos is football.
  9. Lisa... The Chicago White Sox is MY team. I lived in Chicago for 32 years. Gerry is also a Chicago Black Hawk fan. LOL! Remember, Gerry used to live in Chicago. He said it is one of his favorite cities. It certainly is one of the most beautiful cities. ~HUGS~ Kathy I know the fan who gave him the shirt and hat! So great that he wore it. I'm just playing! Trying to be funny, obviously failing. It was either that or comment on the intrusion of the photos - again. I also noticed we haven't seen a cigarette since Ischia.
  10. I think that cap was a gift. He must have misplaced the rooster cap. Besides, I don't think he even likes baseball does he? I'm paraphrasing here but I remember someone asking him if he liked it and he said that he loved it then he asked if that was the game you played with a bat! Thanks, Cheryl, for the pics! Delene Must be a very old quote because the man has lived in the US long enough to know by now. Besides, he has worn the YANKEES cap many, many times.
  11. Yeah I was angry at something else last night and I took out on this item. I love how curly Gerry's hair is, though. Anyway, I think Katherine Heigl would be great in this, with someone else. Had they not already made TUT I might feel differently. But he would get so much crap for not only a remake but working with the same co-star so soon. I can imagine the headlines and I cringe (nothing romantic just very negative). I have an aversion to all the remakes happening, and it's not like Romancing the Stone is THAT old. I feel the same about Footloose and Dirty Dancing. I mean, really ... is there not a creative brain in Hollywood anymore?
  12. Can I just say YAY FOR CHRIS COLFER!!!!! He's from my area up here and many of us are so proud of how far he's come and what he's doing for young gay men and women. He's such an amazing performer and this is such a great thing for him!!!! Especially since this is his last year on Glee. Oh, and Yay Coriolanus! Lisa
  13. Wasn't a diss at GALS - at JJ for making it "news". I know we post all the pics. No worries, girlfriend. Glad I'm not alone with the Romancing the Stone thing. *shivers at the thought*
  14. First, why is it "news" that he's walking Lolita? Geez big deal. Leave the man alone! Second, PLEASE DO NOT DO ROMANCING THE STONE, GERRY! It wasn't good the first time, and God how I hate remakes. Sorry - all my own personal opinion. Lisa
  15. Wouldn't it be great if, and I'm totally wishing and speculating here, IF Gerry was a guess co-host on Regis & Kelly? Don't you think he would do so great and have so much fun? Whatever he's doing he looks great, healthy and happy and I LOVE the curls. Looks a bit shorter or maybe just styled differently, but I'm so glad the dark color is back. He could have green hair or be bald and that man would still make my heart flutter. Lisa
  16. There are few words to say about this trailer. Awesome, powerful ... just don't seem to be enough. When I watched it the first time, I didn't breathe for the entire 2.5 minutes. Gerry outdid himself with this one, I truly hope this is what will make the critics and Hollywood elite say, "Huh? Is THIS what we've been missing the whole time?" I can't wait to see the movie. Lots of Tweets and FB statuses from people who saw Sam's private screening last night. I'm reading nothing but positive comments, and that you need tissues. Hell, I needed a tissue after the trailer! I am so very proud of him. Lisa
  17. Hey Donna Jean! Yes, Irish (Sue) is still here - she's a Mod now. Sure I'll find you on FB. We can talk more there. Lisa
  18. I just got it for my birthday. I'm letting my ex read it while I finish The Help, so I'll start it after that.
  19. I REALLY like this poster!!! I hope it's the one they use for the US release. Thanks, Moira! Lisa
  20. There is a Praying Mantis living on the banister of our stairs outside in our apartment courtyard. I see him every time I walk out my door. He's also albino! Weird!!!
  21. His assistant! Thanks for the pics Barb! xxStephaniexx That's not Amy on the beach. Amy is with him getting gas, though. No one knows who the lady on the beach is, but some of us, mostly me, have speculated she's his neighbor along with the blond man and owner of the doggie. Lisa
  22. Don't get upset over something I've heard. I'm just sharing what I've "heard". Doesn't mean anything.
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