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  1. Personally, I don't think these are recent. I think they're older photos that just showed up so Isopix dated them when they received them - which we know happens all the time by these photo sites. Gerry's face is way thinner, and I just don't think he cut his hair all of a sudden. I guess time will tell if we see a more for certain recent photo, but when comparing that face to the face at the Manchester United pics from last week, totally different. Again, JMHO. And just because they're in a very very popular restaurant in Malibu (I've eaten there - it's quite nice), doesn't mean they're recent. I'm sure Gerry had been in Malibu long before he rented the house. Lisa
  2. Just watched Gene Simmons Family Jewels and I'm a blubbering mess.
  3. He wasn't too tired ... he was out at 1Oak with Ronnie last night. No one gets a second wind like Gerry does.
  4. Or ... F*ck it's hot and the f*cking paparazzi found me! The news reporter are cooking things on the sidewalks in NYC. Crazy!!!! Bottom line .... he's home safe.
  5. Damn vultures swooped right down on him the moment he landed in the US. I would have the same look on my face, too, Gerry. However, I'm glad he's home safely and we know how much he enjoys time in NYC. Lisa
  6. It really irritates me when I work for a sunflower seed, only to have it drop on the floor!
  7. Nice pic. Thanks, Bren! I'm so glad he got to spend some nice holiday time with his folks. Lisa
  8. I watched the whole thing. It's pretty great. Gerry talks and talks, like he does when he's nervous. It was great to hear him speak and imitate Muccino. LOL Loved it! Lisa
  9. I really really hope you find something soon, Ape. I can't find crap. I've sent my package to schools here and in Los Angeles. Nothing. I think what I'll do this year is try to get my TESOL certificate and just get the hell out of the US and teach in another country where teachers are more appreciated. But again, that costs money. SIGH We'll see. Good luck to us both! Lisa
  10. I wouldn't have gotten up there in the first place! Not even for Gerry. The scenery is gorgeous, though. I'm so glad he got to do something different and enjoy a new country. I'm very jealous, and live vicariously through his adventures. Thanks, Bren!
  11. Asking for an autograph or photo at a PA is pretty much expected and acceptable. Don't second guess yourself on that when you do get to meet him. Having that one photo for your memories is totally worth it. The bottom line is you let Gerry lead the direction of your encounter. ASK for a picture or autograph, talk to him like he's a normal person and you'll have an incredible encounter as well. Lisa
  12. Glad he's getting some family time! That's what he needs, and what a great trip! Glad there's no photos; to me that means he's being pretty much left alone. Thanks for this, Ren! Lisa
  13. Absolutely agree with Suzie and Marg, so here's my two cents .... what worries me is that other new fans will think it's ok to chase him and "make" him come out to see fans. He was obviously very busy in Italy, and I believe that he was also "made" to do things work-related he didn't want to do. He clearly didn't look too happy in some of the work-related photos. However, Gerry did seem to really shine while playing with the fans. I think once he was in his element with the girls he was happy. Gerry never lets his fans down and he played the part well. I think this Italian girl asked for way too many photos with him. What's the point? To say you did? Big deal. The whole tattoo leg thing is priceless and should have been enough. I do hope he disappears for a few weeks. I hope he goes to Scotland like he wanted to and gets very spoiled by his Mum and plays with his nieces and gets left alone. The next picture I want to see of Gerry is of his smile reaching his eyes. Upper thigh, huh? Maybe I'll get mine on my left breast and see what kind of reaction I get from him. Lisa
  14. He looks rested. I like the pic of him and Trudy looking at the camera. Thanks for posting those, Ren. OMG the award is a SEAHORSE!!!! http://www.gettyimag...s-Entertainment I'm very proud of him for earning Actor of the Year award. Now let's transfer all this to the US!!! Lisa
  15. My understanding is that Hugh Laurie is ALSO a face of L'Oreal, and has not replaced Gerry. They have MANY celebrities representing their products. Dr. House is just another one on the list. Lisa
  16. He looks great. I hope he's having a good time and relaxing. I hope he's not being pulled in too many directions this time around. Lisa
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking Gerry was part of the wedding party. It looked like the guys were all wearing the same thing and they rode in the car with Ryan so I kind of speculated they were his groomsmen. (And if that is Ryan Seacrest he's had some work done. ) Gerry looks fantastic, Beach life is suiting him VERRA well. Lisa
  18. Since it's in our Gallery now .... I have been swooning over this photo for a few days now, and I am DYING to know what he said to this beautiful little girl. It's gotta be something cute and/or funny by the look on his PT's face. Knowing Gerry, it was something adorable and sweet. As for where her parents are ... this is a snapshot of a moment with Gerry. I would bet her mother is very nearby and said "Go talk to that man" knowing exactly who it was. Anyway, I think it's one of the sweetest pics, even if you can't see his face cause you know he enjoyed being approached by a fan in the making. Lisa
  19. You did. Lots of these have no watermark. I do agree - the goofy thumbs up pics are great. Especially when you look at the full body version and see his stance. LOL Cheeky bastard.
  20. I love the pics of G and his posse. Thanks, Barb!
  21. Oh I know, but that was in the other thread and since you didn't re-post it here I did. Lisa
  22. The party in Malibu: http://lockerz.com/s/116747714 Gerry looks pretty damned good to me - yes, still too thin (ahem, Gerry!) but always gorgeous.
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