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  1. More pics of Gerry and Lolita strolling the beach with a security guard. I hope Gerry is with this guy because they've become friends and not out of necessity. That would make me sad for Gerry. Still kills me he's living at my old stomping grounds. Damn where was he 30 years ago? Oh right ... http://www.isopix.be/view_main.aspx?MODE=HP&PG=1&INIT=1&SRC=gerard+butler&DDLB_CATALOG=1
  2. Wow he looks gorgeous, but man I wish he would put that poor girl on a diet. Did I say he looks gorgeous? Thanks, Cheryl!
  3. Now that I've watched it, I don't think he bought the place. I think he's renting it. Gerry has never struck me as someone who would buy another home just for a few months. I bet he plunked down the money through the summer and that's it. JMHO. HEY you can see my face for about 2 seconds after Kris kisses him! That was an incredible night for all of us there. It makes me so happy to hear how important we are to him. It's one thing to experience it, but when he tells the world it makes it real and not in our imaginations. Boring? I would give ANYTHING to spend a boring evening sitting on the couch with him! SIGH (That married woman interviewing him was quite close, no? LOL) Thanks so much Sofie! Lisa
  4. Interesting that he bought another home just to use over the summer. Maybe he'll rent it out when he's done if he did buy it. I'm looking for a place to move to in LA! Seriously, I hope we get to see this interview. Thanks for the interpretation. Lisa
  5. Totally agree. I'm not sure what people expect from him, but he's a human being! I don't get dressed up every time I go out. I throw my hair in a clip when it's dirty or its hot out; I may or may not put a bra on to go get my mail ... I mean seriously. Just because he does what he does for a living people have these unrealistic expectations on him and it's irritating. He's obviously living at the beach for the summer, and he fits right in. Besides, it's his life for God's sake ... he can wear his hair however he wants. The criticism bugs me - can you tell?
  6. Well, I'm obviously in the wrong business! Lucky woman getting paid to touch him! Ahhh, Santa Monica on PCH. I miss my old beach area (hell, I miss the beach!) ... looks delicious in these photos, and not just cause of Gerry. Although he does make it an even more beautiful sight. Thanks, Ren! Lisa
  7. As did I. I donated to both TST and Noah's Animal House (very close to my heart).
  8. Oh yes me too!! I hope we get the interview in full somehow!! Thanks, Theresa!
  9. Wow! Thanks special friend Becky! Those are stunning and chilling at the same time. I mean look at the intensity: http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/roles/coriolanus/set/f+_20_.jpg.html Thanks, Barb for posting them! Lisa
  10. Sorry I was trying to be gentle ... zaftig is a Yiddish word for fat.
  11. This photo cracks me right up!!! Think the message was received???? Look how zaftig Lolita is!!! What the hell does he feed her?? Love him eating a peach.
  12. I love those blue shorts on him, and he looks fabulous. He's put on weight, thank God. He has a beautiful body no matter what. However, CAN'T THEY LEAVE HIM ALONE?! I think I have a pretty good idea where he is, and if I'm right he's on a private beach in Malibu. The paps are up on the street level looking down. Enough is enough. you Gerry. Lisa
  13. Yay Brenda! Great find! I LOVE the design and colors on his surfboard.
  14. I think things are getting too personal. Everyone has their own way of loving Gerry and expressing it, and there is no one right way. I don't see having one cigarette as being dangerous, but some do. We're all entitled to feel however we feel about Gerry smoking; but the bottom line is that it really isn't our business because whatever he chooses to do in his personal life isn't our business. It's perfectly normal to be concerned and express that concern, but attacking each other for our opinions isn't going to do anything other than get this thread shut down. All we can do is hope he takes as best care of himself as he can and pray about the rest. Personally this isn't something that affects my love and support for him at all. He doesn't owe it to us to tell us he's smoking or not smoking or whatever. He owes it to himself to be healthy and take care of his body the best he can, but maybe he needs a little slack right now. Like I said, we have no idea what's going on. All we saw were a few pictures taken in one moment's time. It would take a hell of a lot more than something like this to make me stop supporting Gerry. A LOT MORE. But everyone is entitled to their feelings about this, and we don't have to agree. Lisa
  15. I have to totally agree ... look at the Charlie Sheens of Hollywood. If smoking is all he does (that we know about), I'm okay with that. And I'd still kiss him.
  16. I watch the new Star Trek movie at least once a week.
  17. He's flipping a stealthy bird. Steph Since seeing it yesterday I noticed it right away this morning. You go, Gerry! I do wish they would stop. I don't need to see him every single solitary day if it means he's unhappy and not at peace about his life. Maybe he can find somewhere less accessible to train (there are private beaches in Malibu). He's always professional about his job, but I would imagine after a week of this crap it's a bit unnerving for him and he really needs to concentrate on the surfing right now. I hear Nicaragua has great surfing waves.
  18. Amen, Moira. Everyone has their habit that's hard to quit, and while I'm sad that he "needed" to start smoking again, we have no idea the underlying reasons. We say we love him for his imperfections, well here we go. I love him and support him, and I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO QUIT. Most of you know I'm a recovering addict with 23 years clean (and if you didn't know ya do now). It was 10 times harder to quit smoking than it was to quit doing drugs. And personally, I'd rather he smoke than drink or do drugs. Thank God he's not reverted back to that. Totally disappointed and don't want to "let him off the hook", but what are ya gonna do? We don't know what's going on in his personal life that could have triggered this, nor do we know how long he's been smoking again. I want him happy and healthy. He may only smoke every now and again, too, and he just got caught this time. What an exciting Saturday morning.
  19. http://www.people.co...0981049,00.html It must be the weird commas,but this one works directly.
  20. HA! Awesome catch, Sue!!!! I wouldn't put it past him!!!!
  21. It's like looking at cars and seeing faces, too! OK it took me a while to get "Starbooks". Cute ... maybe they'll crawl out of his a$$ this weekend and leave him alone. Lisa
  22. Wonder what he's going to make with them? Are they doing Mavericks??
  23. I don't think he has a fleet of cars. I think he switches out every time his lease is up. I think the BMW is the only one that's his. This just my guess, though. I also would guess he gets some major perks from the car company for driving their vehicles. Gerry has never struck me as the type to collect cars, or anything other than weird hats. I'm also glad he looks happy, which is obvious cause no one likes to see him unhappy. I'm glad it's just these little benign moments and nothing intrusive or personal. We get our fix, Gerry gets the exposure, the paps get their money and the world keeps spinning. Lisa
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