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  1. Such a great find, Moira! I hope this let's Gerry see that there ARE people in the world who don't care what he does for a living, how much money he has, or who he is. There are still really nice people in the world, and this guy who helped him exemplifies that. Reading the comments, too, they saw that Gerry is just a nice guy himself, and there isn't one pretentious bone in his body. This really is better than any interview or article ever. This blog is a true testament to Gerry and really to how people should help each other out regardless of who they are. Lisa
  2. That's his buddy Freddie Bosche (I'm sure I'm butchering the spelling of his last name).
  3. I hope no one asks him to do that anymore. Like he said in Rio, he's not a performing monkey. I recently stayed in a Days Inn and it was fine. Very nice, clean. They didn't make my bed, though, cause I left my suitcase on it. So at least they're honest and wouldn't touch my personal things. I hope he and Freddie have their cameras. What a great photo journal that would make. Gerry's Big Adventures!
  4. I realize that sounded very critical, but he even seems to have gotten thinner in the past month than he did before. That belt really made me go "wow". But OF COURSE he looks absolutely gorgeous!! His hair is amazing, and I really hope he keeps it for as long as he can. I hope they have the BEST time riding to NYC, see a bunch of things Gerry has never seen before (Freddie too maybe) but stay safe above everything else. Sandy: They're supposed to start filming Mavericks sometime in September, I believe. Lisa
  5. And sadly, his bike broke down when he got to Benton, outside of Little Rock. He and Freddie ended up staying at the Days Inn and are now waiting to get the bike fixed. A guy saw them stopped on the side of the road broken down, and his daughter posted EVERYTHING on FB. No pics, though. She apparently texted a pic to a friend who said it was a great photo, but the daughter hasn't put it on her FB yet. Poor guy! But luckily another biker drove by who was able to help. I hope Gerry and Freddie get back on the road today. As for those pics, the one with him smiling with his arm around her .... his belt was waaaaaay pulled tight! To the last notch it looks like! He's so thin. I just hope he puts some weight back on now that filming is done. I miss his beefiness.
  6. I am guessing Gerry narrates about dolphin mating rituals.
  7. Someone from another site wrote the director and he indicated they still need help with funding and have started a website for contributions. Let's help get this movie distributed!!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2053154235/na-naia-legend-of-the-dolphins
  8. The press release: http://www.dolphinmovie.com/press.html Yes, yes it is. It will be shown at the Maui Film Festival in June: The Maui Film Festival, returning to Wailea and the MACC June 15 to 19, has announced its latest va-va-voom luminary: Megan Fox will receive its new Iris Award. Probably best known for her “Transformers” rolls, the young actress will accept the honor at a gala opening-night ceremony at the festival’s majestic outdoor Celestial Cinema, followed by a screening of “Na Nai‘a: Legend of the Dolphins,” in which she shares the narrating duties with a host of other stars.
  9. This is the first I personally have heard about this, but HOW FRIGGIN' COOL!! Click on Gerry's name - he's narrating this beautiful movie with music by Julian Lennon - hence their photo together. I can't copy and paste what it says about him ... I'm sure one of our amazing graphic mavens will be able. I'm so blown away by how incredible Gerry is .. how diverse. And how world-conscious he is. http://www.dolphinmovie.com/cast.html
  10. Jentry, I'm so glad you posted your blog and photos here. Your story exudes your excitement. Gerry has always been so wonderful to his fans when they meet him, and I'm pleased your story continues to show that is true. BIG HUGS! Lisa
  11. Very cool! I'm glad things are good, honey. Welcome back! Lisa
  12. Well, how about you start at the beginning. LOL How did you come to get there and meet him, etc.? Do you know someone on the set, or were you just lucky? I can't wait to hear the whole story! by the way! Lisa
  13. What a lucky girl. Thanks for finding those. Hallo Gerard Butler always has great pics we haven't seen. Lisa
  14. Andrea I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm here if you need to talk. xoxoxox I have to agree that a letter is so impersonal and a bit rude. Pat, I like that saying. Lisa
  15. Hey Jentry!!! OMG SO wonderful to hear! There is a thread on the forum for Fan Encounters so please feel free to post there! If you need help uploading photos, do you know what Photobucket is? You can host your photos there and copy and past the link to each one and put it in your post. I can't wait to see your photos! Lisa
  16. That is SO interesting!!! My sons can make their eyeballs vibrate. Me: I can't NOT touch things (people, animals, clothes, paper, etc.)
  17. Really? How do you know? Do they stay a different color for a few minutes? I have never heard that happening to anyone before. How interesting!!! I have absolutely no weird talent.
  18. Not sure I'll be able to handle this on the big screen! Damn ... damn damn damn. Gerry, you just get better with time, inside and out. Lisa
  19. I weigh myself once a week like clockwork (sometimes during the week if I have eaten more than I should).
  20. What an interesting article about one of Gerry's good friends. Thanks, Barb. Lisa
  21. I watch WWE wrestling twice a week.
  22. I'm addicted to watching House Hunters International on HGTV.
  23. Winter books vs. movies
  24. A) Aufidius's Sword Cleaner B) Beowulf's eyeliner applicator C) Clyde's conjugal visitor D) Dracula's hair dresser E) Extra rich cupcake baker F) Frank's soccer shoe polisher G) Gerry's Personal EVERYTHING ;-) :-P H) Handmaiden to Attila I) Ildico's personal butt kicker J) Jockstrap stuffer for frank K) Kilt preparation and removal assistant :-P L) Leonidas' moonlight lover
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