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  1. Sashrose has it right. Gerry is every bit his 6'2". He does lean over to have pictures taken with some of the shorter people he encounters. See the little lady with the light blond hair in the pics of him on the street? That's about as tall as I would be next to him. I Love It!!!!! Someday when I meet him, (HAH!! in my dreams) I want him to have his white t-shirt on and I am going to snuggle my face into his gorgeous chest and get my hug. I'll lay odds of a million to one he will smell so clean and fresh and manly, I will melt into a pool of happiness!!!!!! Of course that's only a dream, but that is as tall as I will be to him. And if you notice, her face is just the right height for a snuggle into that incredible chest of Gerry's. You know, come to think of it, I don't really care what he has on, I'm still going to snuggle my face into his beautiful chest!! Of course, I will ask permission, so as to not invade the man's privacy sorta, kinda. But that is my ultimate dream come true!! All 6'2" of his incredible self! 's Ocean Gal Joanna
  2. Mornin' I agree so much with just about all the GALS here about our Gerry. He is the ultimate male figure. Not too pretty, not too perfect in body not too perfect in anything!! He is just so not perfect that he is the perfect man!!! I don't know if that makes sense, but it's my way of saying that he is so increibly awesome he is just perfect!!!. And the one absolutely perfect thing about Gerry, he is his own man!!! No one puts him in a mold and makes him do anything he doesn't want to do. At least it appears that way to me. He is to me the ONLY man in the world that deserves a first glance let alone a second and lasting look. He is so gorgeous he passes the scale of what a man should look like and I think in my heart of hearts, that a lot of men are very jealous of him for not only his looks but his ability to be so appealing to the women that he has "armies" of women, US especially, that will fight for him. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen with a personality to love. Sure, there are a lot of gorgeous men out there, but Gerry has a personality that makes him so much more than a pretty face---body---do I need to go on?, invariably when I see a pretty good looking guy, I immediately start comparing him to Gerry. They never, ever come up to him in any way!! Sorry guys. Gerry is my ultimate man in every way a man can be. AOGJoanna
  3. Since I am only 5' tall, any height is taller than me!! I am the wee gnome in the family! Even my 11 year old grandson is taller than me!!! But, I love it that our Gerry is what he is. He is incredbly awesome to me and he stands tall in my world. And when I look at him he is the most beautiful man I have ever known. Not just looks, he has an awseome personality and I love his sense of humor, heck I LOVE HIS EVERYTHING!!!! My prayer wheel is going full speed for my GALS here and for our Gerry to stay healthy to do anything he wants to do. Like 'dairyqueen' said, "he could do a dog food commercial"!! I'd love to see him do that with Lolita!!! AOGJo By the way!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE
  4. Our Gerry is so incredible and making so many movies, I am so happy for him. As long as he stays healthy and he sure looks that way, I'm all for the one after the other thingy! More movies, more Gerry to have and to own!!! I know he will get to use his own voice in "Burns". I hope he gets to use it in theses other movies as well. I love to hear him talk in his accent. It just makes me melt and shiver. Especially when I put that gorgeous face with that fantastic voice. I bought "Shadow Company" at the beginning of the month and I absolutely love to listen to Gerry tell the story of the mercinaries. I could listen to him talk for hours. Sometimes I listen to him on the "Wrath of Gods" DVD in the hour long interview with Gerry still in costume. He is beautiful and funny and so..so...so...oh you know!! I am so anxious for "Black Freighter" I can hardly hold my self under control. So, I go and put in a Gerry movie and sit and listen to him. Such a wonderful balm for the blues. Just wish it was really him sitting and talking right in the room with me. Never happen but I can imagine him!! And I have a verrrrrra good imagination!!! Yikes!!! I just have the G-Man in my prayers, as usual, to keep him healthy. Love that man!!! AOGJo
  5. I don't care who does a film with Gerry. Gerry is still A # 1 for me all the way, all the time. Other men are pretty good looking but I am so badly prejudiced, I still count our Gerry as the only one at the top!! Sorry, but that's me. Can't help it! A habit as old as mine, over this incredible man are near impossible to break. And Gerry is one awesome habit I will never break!!! I am an idiot when it comes to loving Gerry. The more pictures he makes, the more I get to see him and that is definitely okay with me!! 's OGal Joanna
  6. A thriller!! OMG I love Gerry in everything, but a thriller sounds awesome. I hope it's not too far in the future. Gerry is making the movies and OMG how am I going to afford them. I gotta get me an at home job just for buying Gerry's movies!!! But, I goot ahve that man any way I can get him and if it's movies, so be it!! I am almost satisfied. You go G-Man! Love Ya much!! Joanna Gerry
  7. I agree that there are some pretty great stars on that list and that our Gerry is at least on there is awesome. I remember when people looked at me and said, "WHO"??? Not so much anymore. I am amazed that some of the young students in my class don't even know some of the names or reps of older actors. But, I guess you have to be a movie freak like me to know some of the names I know. But suffice it to say that our Hot Scot is climbing that ladder and some of the people that are ahead of him are really great actors. God love him, he has worked so hard. Jo
  8. Our Gorgeous Man is at least near the top and I agree that he is on there is awesome!!! But Gerry said that the Scots news people aren't so cool to him. They treat him like he's just another guy. Or words something like that. I guess they are just pure jealous of him. He is an incredibly awesome man!! His personality is so varied and you never know what's going to pop out of that beautiful mouth. Sometimes I am totally rocked by the comments he makes and laugh 'til my sides ache. But he is ALL to me and if he's not yelling and making an idiot of himself, which I can never see him doing, then he can pretty much do nothing to make me dislike him. NOTHING!!!! Joanna
  9. I read and re-read that list and I was also soooooo disappointed to see that our Gerry was not on there either. That smile alone of his is to die for and Gerry's strong masculin features are gorgeous enough to make a gal melt into a puddle. At least if that was me with Gerry's arm around me, he'd have to hold me up and I would be shaking with happiness. The man is amazing!! And very hard to copy in clay!!!!!!!!!! Dear God, the man is incredible. He just has to smile and the whole world lights up for me. That was what totally made me love him all the way back in 1997!! That incredibly beautiful smile and that cute crooked little lift he has to the left side of his handsome face. And , oh please, those eyes that you could drown in!! I could go on and on, but you've heard me gush before and believe me it has only gotten worse instaed of tapered off!! Tapered off?? Of Gerry?!!! OMG, never, ever, ever!!!!!!! I like Brad Pitt too, he is a very good actor, but I'm in agreement about enough of the "Branjolena" or whatever it is called, the G-Man is what's hot. A Hot Scot!! I love it!!!! 's Ocean Gal Jo
  10. Gerry's awesome voice is what got me hooked on this beautiful man in 1997. I can still hear his voice in my mind and that Lil' boy laugh, And OMG, that smile that clinched the deal for me. Got me then, has kept me always and will keep me forever. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to him talk no matter what it is he is talking about!! I just dream he is in the room with me and I could listen to him forever! I know that sounds silly, but to my ears Gerry's voice is so beautiful and makes me feel so good. If he ever got around to making a CD, my Lil' arse would camp out over night to get it first thing in the morning where ever it was being sold!!!!! I have "Shadow Company" and I listen to Gerry with my eyes closed sometimes and that is all I sometimes watch the DVD for. I have seen it so many times, now it's for Gerry 'that' see it for. He talks and you can watch him talk to the interviewer for almost a total hour on the DVD "Wrath of Gods". He is in costume and he is absolutely beautiful.
  11. Some jerk was spouting off at the college about Gerry being so 'ultra casual' while the other guys were so dressed up, saying "he looked like he fell off a rag truck!!" I stopped in the middle of the concourse by the doors with a couple of my gals friend classmates and told them , "if they could look an inth as good dressed up as Gerry Butler looks dressed down. It'd be a fine day in the world for women!!" They looked worse than Gerry ever looked when he had to look filthy in Atilla! You know, during fighting. Heck, Gerry still looked darn good all dirty, fighting. You can't cover an incredible man when he looks as good as our Gerry with dirt and think he still won't shine right on through!! YOU GO GERRY!!!!!!! Lots of "Growly Hugs and wee kisses, Beautiful Man!! Your Lil' Jo
  12. Hey!!! As long as a part of Gerry is in a movie, no matter what movie, I am gonna get it and listen and watch it!!! Oh, and no matter what part of him either!! Jo!!
  13. So Sorry KB, I am still learning my way. You know the old saying, "the blind leading the blind", well I am the blind one trying to lead myself! HAH!!!! Thank You KB. I am going to copy directions and look for my new addition written last week. I am so excited to show my grand daughter. She is a writer person. She won a $1000.00 in the poetry contest from the college! Yes, I am terribly, awesomly proud!!! My lil' industrial welder gal!! Thank You KB, again. Jo
  14. HI!!!, Zany pm'd me a bit back to let me know how to get my over 18 stories up and I can't remember what she told this ol' lady. DUH!! But my story from December never came up and the one I wrote last week hasn't been approved yet either. Could you, Zany, or someone let me know how I can get all copies of my "Johnnie Meets Joanie in the Park" stories for my grand daughter to read. Or are they gone permanently? Sorry to be a bother, but my Grand Baby doesn't believe I wrote any stories. I would also like to see if anyone liked my story. Besides me that is!! Thanks for the help!!! Hugs, Jo
  15. OMGosh, thAt is sooooo xacly how I get henr I ce a Gerry sig!!11 that is sew awesome, I LUB IT?! Mow u got me duin it!! O that body and o doos almst pants. Hep!!! Iv gon dummer! Jo ?i tink! duh duh duh.
  16. D, I thought I was one of the only ones that did that!!! Oh thank you God, I am not as nutty as I thought I was. And if I am, I am in darn good company! Our Gerry is ALL boys(?) rolled into one. Good, Bad and Indifferent, meaning adorable as in "Nim's" and "PSILY"!! The man is so smart not to get hisself pigeoned.....I'd hate to see him as only one type of character when he is capable of so much more. Not only, may I say, is he a gorgeous Phantom but he is a pretty awesome King! Gerry!!! Thank You for the wonderful update Becozy Babe. Love it and You, Jo
  17. Sasharose, Gerry is the personificaton of STUDLY!!!! The man oozes male testosterone even through his pictures!!! Yet, he is so cute and his funny stories and his lil' boy giggles and his Lil' Lolita make him so human! What a lethal combination!!! Hot Scot and Lil' boy too!!! OMGosh, what a man!! VAVA VOOOOOMMM!!!! Straight to the heavens for this woman's heart!! You are smart to tell Dan Gross to watch out!!! Hugs GAL, Jo
  18. Izzabeta, I was going to get to go to the Convention in Las Vegas and Scotland until I found out that in order to walk without my leg falling asleep and the horrendous pain, I need back surgery and I won't be be healed enough in four months to be able to walk the streets of our incredbile man's homeland and breath the same Scottish air he once did as a young man and more recently at Christmas. My heart broke. Because if that's as close as I ever get to him, I would be a very happy woman. I have loved and admired this incredible man for twelve years and I will go on doing so 'til I die! I wish I knew why I feel this, as do many other women, and yet I can't put my finger on one specific thing about him that keeps me wanting more of him. Dear Lord, I am as old as his Mum. 65 in a couple of weeks!!! But I look at Gerry and the young woman in me comes screaming forward and wants to meet a man like him my age. HAH!!! That beautiful mold got broken a llllloooooonnnggggggg time ago!!! I watched a Bruce Willis movie the other day and I was so moved at the man's ability to show emotions so potently and yet, as much as I absolutely love and adore Bruce, and by the Lord in heaven I do, I still love the G-Man more than any other actor in history!!! Bruce is awesome and so gorgeous, even now with no hair! He is still very studly!! But our Gerry is so, so, so, so......... Oh man, I can't think of a potent enough word for the power this magnificent man named Gerry Butler portrays just by being alive!!! I get so angry when anyone puts him down in any way and I soar to the heavens when someone praises him in my hearing. My heart swells with pride and I think, "that's my Gerry they're talking about!!!" I think a psychoanalyst would say I was certifiably "nuts!" I guess I am!! You'd think after all this time I would have calmed down over him. I can't, I've tried!!! Well have to get off this track and get to my homework. Hugs Izzabeta, Jo
  19. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Merlin!!! I totally know what you mean about this incredible man!!! You won't find a GAL or PAL here that will disagree with you. Gerry is amazing!!! I could go on and on and on and on, and I often do, but the wonderful GALS and PALS allow us that privelge and some times I get carried away, but Gerry is so different from other actors. He is a man unto himself and that man is incredliby awesome!! The GALS all know how I came across this incredible man in the movie "Mrs. Brown" in very late 1997. I heard his amazing Scottish brogue and I had to see the face of the man it was coming from. When I saw Gerry and his adorable face and then he smiled that dazzling smile, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!!!!! I have never stopped loving and seeking all articles and news and movies about this man. It was very hard back in 1997 and 1998 to get anything of his!! But now, I gather ALL I can get my hands on!!! Gerry is beyond incredble to me. If I was 30 years younger, I would be trying to be the ONE!! Believe you me. Gerry Butler is not tame-able. He is a phenominaly complicated man and there is only one woman out there for him and he just hasn't met her yet!!! The woman that gets Gerry is going to be amoung the most luckiest of women in the universe. Dear God that that could have been me, no one will ever know how sad it makes me that I don't have a snowballs chance in H of even getting to meet him and even less of getting a "Growly Hug" from this incredibly awesome man!! I do go on!!! Sorry Merlin GAL! But suffice it to say, welcome to the greatest show...oops, I mean site on earth for the amazing Gerry Butler. Yoikes!! I am a nut!!! Hugs Newbie, 's Ocean Gal, Joanna (Jo)
  20. I so welcome you Stephen to our 'Mutual Admiration Society' family of which Gerry is the "King"!! Leonidas that is!! Thank you for your correction of his name. If I were a litty cat, ypu copuld say, "It rubs my fur backwards" to hear his name said wrong and then, when caught out, the idiot never acknowleges or apoligizes! You are a true man!!

  21. I think it is a huge "Ditto"for me too Frannie! Hey I backed up the Beatles and look where their fan support took them...oops I just gave away my age.... We love you any way, MAY!!! tee, hee, hee!!!
  22. Stephen, I as well Welcome you to GALS/PALS. Love to have the men join to put in their appreciation of this incredible man. Please come often and stay as long as you can! Love to 'talk' to you anytime!! Joanna
  23. Thank You Stephen, Especially for apologizing! I have heard so many paprazzie people say "How are Ya today Gerald!!!" I could spit nails!!! But at least you said sorry and your wonderful comments are really appreciated. As you can see, we are very defensive of Our Gerry!!!! And thank you for noticing that Gerry is so fantastically wide ranged in his acting abilities. No compartmentalizing this incredible man! He's just getting started to be an awesome actor! Again Thank You for the very nice comments about him. Can you tell we totally love this incredible man? Joanna
  24. Raina Snow, I'll take 24 instead of 7, which it is right now!!! Dear God, my heart goes out to the homeless people when the weather is like this. I almost feel guilty while I get to lay in my confy cozy bed and read my books. Almost, because I was pretty much in that position of no heat when our furnace went out and we had to wait months to get a new one. No money hurts a lot!!!! But no house is worse. Dear God I want to cry for them. I know there are places they can go, but alot of them won't go because when they fall asleep, their things are stolen. And all the empty buildings wiith minimal heat to keep pipes from bursting could be opened for them. It's a crying shame/ Anyway, I am going to watch Leno tonight just for the heck of it!!!! You keep warm with a nice fleece blanket and some toasty socks with you cocoa and get some rest Sweetie. Love Ya ALL, Jo
  25. OMG!!! Did I miss Gerry on Leno? I'll cry my eyes out!!! Someone please put the clips up of all this awesome Gerry stuff. I agree with Lady Fran!!! Where do you find all this awesome stuff about our Gerry???!!! I spent the entire day, after the doctors visit, on this computer and never saw any mention of Gerry on Leno last night. Or is it tonight, Wednesday??? OH I'll just cry that I missed our man. I love seeing him on Leno. Jay lets Gerry be himself and I love it! Sweet, gorgeous, funny Gerry! What a lethal combination. Hey, does someone remember some time back that we had a novel writer of romance books on and I can't remember if it was a lady named Karen Marie Moning or just exactly who. But I haven't read a romance story in 25 years at least! A title caught my eye while I was waiting for my girl friend to finish choosing her romance books at the library, and it caught my eye because it was level with my sitting down eye! "Beyond the Highland Mist"! Just because it said Highland, I picked it up. I read it and OMG, I put Gerry's face to the Laird and I am famished for more of this woman's books. I am not a romance reading woman. I love mysteries, especially of the Victorian and Edwardian era, either in England or here. I swore off romance books because they were all the same ol' thing. This woman is awesome and she leaves just enough to the imagination but not much, so be warned, it's pretty risque'. But I love them. Unfortunately there are not as many as Kathleen E Woodiwiss, whom I used to read in the '80's. Then I got tired of the same ol' plots and got so busy working and taking care of a 96 year old woman, a 60 year old man, a 2 year old boy and my very precious Grand daughter of a few months of age, and working midnight to 8am, books were not an option. So I quit. But this title caught my eye and now Karen has caught my mind and heart. Every Scottish Laird is our Gerry!!! With long hair like he had in Atilla only smooth and qued. OMG he is awesome. I know, you're sick Jo. But Gerry brings out the woman in me that had lain dormant for so many years, until I heard and saw that incredible man in "Mrs. Brown"!! I am a lost soul now that I have seen and loved that incredible man. No other man is worth a second look. I will just stay in my little part of heaven with the G-Man in my heart and my mind and just revel in the fact that I get to watch him whenever I want to with my small collection of movies. I do remember he is a human man and that is what made me fall for him, but I have Gerry on a pedestal and I love him up there. Every so often it tips a bit, but he is human and I expect it to tip once in a while, but he still my ALL in a man!! Sorry about the rambling. But Gerry does that to me, as I think you all know!!! Thanks for 'listening'. Hugs All, 's Ocean Gal Jo
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