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  1. Just checkin in before I go fall in my bed! I am exhausted after all the stuff today and the good and the bad news from the doctor. But I have a good attitude and will keep up my chin!! I am so glad Suzie and her Mom are in their house too! Tell Suzie prayers are still coming her way that all stays good with the house forever!!!! God Bless you Suzie and I want to tell you I was so much looking forward to meeting you at the Con in June. My loss! Maybe next year!!! I am planning on being able to walk so well that I can wear pretty shoes. Not the clunky shoes I have now. I hate gym shoes so much. Love and many Prayers for You and your lovely Mom , Jo
  2. Sweet Swannie, You've got them!! All I can give as often as I think of you today. I will also call and have you both put on the prayer list!!! Much love and all you need from here, just ask and I will do all I can. But prayers work very well!!! Hugs Sweet Swannie, Jo
  3. Thank You Lady E, for the updates and for helping Suzie when there were those of us here that would have loved to have helped also. I don't have anyone near me that loves our Gerry like we do. I'm all alone here. Whaaaaaa! But at least I have you GALS and some Tarts and a few other wonderful friends, albeit very far away!! But I love my friends from everywhere! I am so blessed. Bless you also Lady E and tell Suzie I am so happy for her!! Jo
  4. Enough said??? I am so proud of you!!! It's so hard to get the weight off!!!! You keep going GAL!!! Jo
  5. Me 2, Me 2!!!! I am so happy for you Suzie!!!! Enjoy the wonderful new memories you will be makin' there!!! Hugs Sweet Suzie!!! JO
  6. OMG, I am so happy to see that Gerry's voice makes others shiver and melt and want to grab the man and hug him!!! I could listen to Gerry talk or sing for hours!!! It was that voice with that accent that caught me. Then when I saw that awesomely adorable face and that dazzling smile, I was so totally hooked on him in 1997 from "Mrs. Brown". It's been H finding things out about him those first few years!!! I still have the VHS tape of "Mrs. Brown"! Gerry is my ALL!!! It makes me so happy to see others love his voice as I do!!! Love Ya GALS!!! Jo
  7. I don't know what the heck's wrong with me today!!!! I am so depressed!!! I am not usually this way and Peggy's hugs helped so much. I hate when I feel like this. Usually I can conquer this feeling and get right back up and fight the depression. After I had my stroke one of the therapy sessions was a stroke film and it shows how depression is a major side effect of stroke. I am on Zoloft and after five years I thought I was okay to stop taking it!! But when I don't take it for about a week, I get so sad and I just want to lay down and go to sleep and not wake up!!! This is one of those days and my meds have not come yet. We have so much snow here, our driveway is over 7" right now and my daughter had to plow her way through when she got called in to the hospital for a critical case!!! I love Raina Snow but I hate snow!!!!!!! My poor Grand Daughter just finished shoveling and it's still snowing!!! My car has at least 7" of snow on it!!! Rats, rats, rats!!!!!! I hope my Grand Baby got some of it off my car. I'll finish it later. Nowhere to go anyway!!! Well, enough whineing (sp?) and I am not feeling so hot. The flu is going around and I am praying I don't get it!!! Thanks for listening? to me. It's so wonderful to be able to vent a bit once in awhile!!! I'm sorry! Love and Hugs to ALL! 's Jo
  8. Peggy, I have added your daughter to my prayers today as I have already got you there. I do badly need those hugs today!!!!! Thank You so much!!! Jo
  9. Texas Grandma, HAH!!! I knew the prayers would work!! I have made sure I put you in with all the GALS here and it worked!!! Now, I know the Lord listens to me!! Dan'l is going to be well as all my friends that I have made here will have a super New Year!!! I'm sorry I can't help with the move either. I would only be able to pack and unpack boxes. But at least that would be better than nothing. But I pray that it all gets done as fast as possible with as little effort as can be done. But congrats on getting the new house. Hugs Sweet TG, Jo
  10. BJ, I FF through ALL scenes (most of the time!) that don't have Gerry in them. I watch the movie once all the way through and then watch only the parts with our incredible Gerry. I can't tell you how many of Gerry's movies I have not watched through more than once!!! Even my "Mrs. Brown"!! I have got to get a DVD of that movie before I ruin my VHS tape. It's twelve years old and I am so afraid it's going to break or some such disaster!! But, it's my first time for this incredible man and it's when I fell in total love with Gerry. So of course it's very special to me. But I can't watch his movies without going straight to the parts with him in them. And watch him over and over and over again. He is so incredibly awesome to watch work!!! His crystal green eyes to drown in, and his awesomely expressive eyebrows and that beautiful perfect mouth and his height, 14" taller than me!!! I love it!!! His awesome arms. I'm sorry I do go on I guess! But this man is so, so, so perfect to me in everyway a man can be perfect!!! Yes, I have him on a pedestal and by the good Lord in heaven, that's where he staying for me!!! He's been there for twelve years and I have seen no reason to take him off it yet!!! After all this time, I doubt I ever will take him down!!! At my age all I see and hear about him is a total joy for me. He is my ALL!! What a man!!!!! So enjoy the G-Man as much as you want to. He is totally enjoyable!!! Hugs Sweetie, 's Jo
  11. Mornin' Raina Snow, How are you today!! My doctor told me that a flu bug was going around and I got my flu shot. I am praying for you sweetie. I hope today finds you better. Watch that falling stuff!!! Been there done that and I know how terrible you feel and sore. Thank God you didn't break any bones!!! I know what you mean about the Gerry cards. I received a few and I was so thrilled I couldn't keep from squealing with delight at the awesome pictures of Gerry. My daughter showed me about photo paper and I have been learning to make photo pictures of Gerry for my cards next Christmas. They are so awesome and he is so incredible, the cards are just going to be wonderful. You take care of you for us!! Hugs, Jo
  12. Lish!!!! I absolutely love your avatar!!! I have been sitting here looking and reading all the avatars and siggy's and piggy siggy's and trading cards. I never realized what yours said before!! I laughed so hard, my Grand daughter asked me what was so funny now about Gerry!!!??? She knows me!!! I showed her your avatar about Gerry being "famished" and she had to laugh too!!! But, she and I agree, Gerry shouldn't be too very famished!! He is such an incredibly, awesomely, handsome man and so much fun, he probably isn't lonely too often or famished either. But, if he is, I'm sure there are a whole lot of us that would love to "feed" him! A couple of hugs and some kind words and I think the G-Man is happy for a good while. He is so generous and kind, I know he has a lot of friends. I sure would love to be in that number!!! If I learn how to put pics on here, I will send you a fairy pic that is one of my favorites. I love the fairy realm too!! I made a fairy pic and a unicorn pic and framed them for my Grand daughter's neices for Christmas. I actually got a 'Thank You' card back from Susie Q for her and her sister Laura Pie. Susie is 7 and Laura is 5!! The pleasure was mine to do. I love to make people happy!!! Gotta go! Hugs Lovely Lish!!! Jo
  13. Morning Peggy, I loved your Christmas card! Thank you so very much for thinking of me. I have all the ones from the GALS put away in a special place to look at as the years go by and remember how lucky I am to be a member of this wonderful site and have made some very special friends here. I live for the sites that are about this incredible man!!! Your card is the very first GALS card ever!!! You are such a wonderful friend to have thought of me. Thank You so much. Write anytime you wish and I will write back asap!!! Anywhere, snail mail or e-mail. I am your friend forever. Hugs, Jo
  14. Sweet Sue, I am ecstatic over Dan'l's CAT!!! He is still in our prayers and on the prayer list at the church everyday!!!! God love him and you as well!!! I agree, William is cute eye candy too!! But, how do I ever transfer my love and addiction for the G-Man to another? I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E!!!!!! I got it bad!! You'd think after all these years it would have calmed down!! But he just gets better and more handsome and incredible with each new role he does. I have a whole bunch of Gerry's movies and I never watch the whole movie. Just the parts with him in them. I FF so much, my Grand daughter asks why I don't just make a bunch of DVD's with only the parts with Gerry in them!! I told her If I could, I would!! My computer 'Favorites" has so many You Tubes of Gerry, I'm surprised it still has room for anything else!! But, I only want my computer to keep in touch with my GALS and other wonderful sites of Gerry. I know, "you're sick Jo!" Anyway, I just wanted to say HI and let you know I am still praying for this year to be a wonderful, pain free and awesome year for you and Danl'. You Are Special Sue! AOGJo
  15. I am sitting here trying to read all the posts that I get so far behind on and you know what!!~??? I can hardly read the posts for ALL the fantastic pictures, siggy's and avatars of this incredibly, awesomely, gorgeous man!!!!! Each one seems to get better and better. Especially the ones of this gorgeous man's chest!! He has the most gloriously beautiful smile and then you look at the rest of him and the smile is like the cherry on top of the most beautiful cake ever created!!!! Gerry is just so incredible to me. I have such a hard time reading all the posts because I can hardly take my eyes off HIM!!! I know I should change my avatar of Gerry dancing in PSILY, like blue jean said, oooooo--eeeee! I think she means he must be pretty tired!!!!! But, I can't think of another to replace it that is as good as that one!!! Any suggestions? Anyone? But not my siggy!! I absolutely love and adore my new siggy. You have to be one absolutely, gorgeously, awesomely handsome man to look good in a sepia colored photo!!! And Gerry has it all!!!! There are some absolutely fantasticaly talented GALS here!!! My sweet 'bethy' and 'beachie' are two of the most talented and patient women it is my pleasure to be associated with!!! Dear Lord, they are so patient with me, and helpful!! My siggy from 'bethy' was awesome!! I was hard pressed to replace it!!! But, when I saw that sepia of the G-Man, I almost died!!! How beautiful he looked. Yes, beautiful!!! His incredble eyes and nose and that mouth!!! His lips are absolutely perfect and the photographer was so talented to be able to catch Gerry so well!!! I know, I know!! I am a babbler over this man! I'm sorry if it gets on anyone nerves, but Gerry does this to me even after twelve years!!! He just gets more handsome and sweeter every year!!!! I love the phots and videos of him on the beach with his pals!! He is just so much like a lil' boy with his pals!!! He waits for the guy to ask for the help and he doesn't just take the cell phone out of the guy's hand and start telling 'whatever'!!! He waits and helps as needed. He is incredible!!!! Okay, enough Jo!!! I'm sorry I just meant to say "HI" and let eveyone know I'm sorry I am so far behind. I am making ornaments for my daughter for gifts next Christmas and I just get so into them, I lose track of time. I made some for Gerry and sent them and I don't think they are going to make it to him un-broken!!! I don't think I packed them properly for pressure! I sent one to one of the GALS here and it didn't get there un-broken! It was the pileing on top of it that shattered it!! Not the kicking around of it!!! So, Gerry's probably won't get there un-broken either. The pressure of the other packages will press the bubble wrap down and cause them to shatter. Oh well, I'll just start them over again and pack them properly this time. I just hate the loss of $35.00 for mailing!!!! Ouch!!! But Gerry is worth it. I would put the pictures on line if I knew how to put them on here! I am still learning so if anyone can direct me, I'll put them on for everyone to see them. Well, enough from the ol' lady here and I am letting some ornaments dry so I can finish marbelizing them. Let me know if anyone can help me put Gerry's ornaments on for all to see if interested. Love and Hugs to All my GALS! 's Ocean Gal Joanna
  16. I hope not!!! I love to see him do that Lil' dance!!! He is so gorgeous!! And when his eyes go up, all I can think is how I'd jump him right at that moment!! And that beautiful body!!! I love Gerry's chest!!, and his adorable tummy!!!! The man is "IT"!!!!!! My ALL!! If I could get the whole dance of that scene on there, I'd do it!!! But I am still a baby on the computer!!! So, I settle for the bit I have! He is too, too gorgeous doing that!! It's hard for me to change. I fell head over heels in love with Bethy's siggy and it took me almost a year to change to the one I have now that Beachie made for me. I absolutely love that sepia of Gerry!!!! I am not a big changing person from what I love. Someday I'll see a new possible avatar and I'll get the powers that be to help me change it!!! But right now. I love to see our Gerry dance!! He is incredible!!! If he gets too tired, I'll volunteer to give him a free massage!!! Did I say that naughty thing? OOPS!! Hugs Sweetie, Joanna
  17. Raina Snow, I am praying for the stupid rain to stop long enough for the work to get done for you. I hate the rain when it's all the time!!! We have had a lot of snow and since I don't HAVE to drive in it like I used to, I love it!!! But not for my Grand daughter and my children. People drive like idiots usually. But worse when it is snowing!! They think because they have four wheel drive that it's okay to drive worse then they usually do!!! But, I have my prayer wheel going for the GALS here, I love ya all!! You take care of yourself lovely lady and I will not forget you for a minute!!! Hugs, Joanna
  18. My Condolences on the loss of your friend Lady "E". I know this is a hard time for you! So close to the holidays and having to travel to something that is not a very happy get together, God Bless and take care of you and your family. God Bless and take good care of the family of your friend. Loss is always very hard! Hugs, Joanna
  19. OMG Lisa, I LOVE IT, just LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Water to a drowning man. That was cool!LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! Jo
  21. You said it Frannie!!!! Was..Is and will Always be the Ultra Alpha Male. Lisa added Alpha and I am so in agreement with ALL the GALS here. I wish I had sent that in to People mag, but I so very much Thank the wonderful person that did it for me. Jo
  22. Joanna, you described Gerry perfectly!!!! Gerry is all man . . . the alpha male that every other man on the planet should hope to be like. He drips sex appeal . . . and is just the most incredible man God created. Lisa[/b][/color][/font] Lisa, Thank You for the wonderful remark. I am so totally in love with this incredible man as a wanna be friend, that all other men pale in comparison for me. It's still his wonderful, funny, sexy, awesome voice that gets me everytime. I can be sitting on the computer and hear that adorable voice and I can't do anything else but sit and listen. Watching him talk and his giggle with that amazing smile and laughter so forthcoming from being happy, makes my world a beautiful place to live in. Gerry has been, is now, and ever shall be my only man. I like others, Alex O'Loughlin is pretty close but Gerry is ALL. I can't feel any of the things I feel from Gerry with any other actors. Just to see his face before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, makes my whole day absolutely wonderful. I am very happy to have him in movies and pictures. That is enough for me and if that's all I ever have, I am satisfied. Gerry is Incredible. Thanks Lisa, AOGJoanna
  23. OMG, Gerry is the most incredibly sexy man on two feet, in the Universe!!! Those crystal green to-drown-in eyes, that beautiful, soft scruffy, those incredible come-kiss-me lips that are perfectly shaped and so soft looking. That body , those awesome arms and those beautiful long legs. His wonderful hands and that dazzling smile that makes you think the sun just came out on a stormy day! OMG, let's not forget that awesome manly chest with just enough 'forest' to get dreamily lost in!!! There is NOTHING, NOTHING about this man that is not sexy and incredibly gorgeous. Gerry has all my votes for anything that says he is the most incredibly beautiful man I have ever seen, and at my age , that's a lot of pretty, handsome men!!! Gerry is the ULTRA MAN!!! AOGJoanna
  24. I am slightly new here but I also want to say WELCOME back Tonya. You have a heck of a job looking out for the G-Man. He can't always be the easiest man to work for. He is intelligent and strong more often than not and he likes things done his way. Hard job lovely, HARD! But Gerry is the most wonderful, fantastic and not to mention, most incredibly gogeous man on the face of this earth and he works so hard, he will not always be easy to work with, especially when it comes to his long hours and devotion to his craft. He is finally getting a little of his due. He is a wonderful man and I know he will be good to you as you are good to him. So welcome back Tonya. Hugs Gal, AOGJo
  25. Well It's about fooking time someone started getting their heads out of their proverbial butts. The man has been up and coming for so many years and he is the most incredibly gorgeous man on the face of this planet, to me, that it's about time someone started to notice him. I still think there is alot of jealousy in H-wood over Gerry's fan standing!! And the reference to his dating young women, that I heard some time back! If I was a man and looked half that good, I be picking up chicks to date too, age irrelevant!!! He is not married and he's not cheating on anyone. He gets more handsome as he ages and that body, , those arms those incredible long legs that absolutely to die for smile!!! Those incredible kiss-me lips and please, let's not forget those crystal green eyes to drown in!!! I mean what's not to be looking for???!!! He is becoming so accomplished in his acting ability you never know who he is going to be next, He's just incredible. He can play any one. And I agree, he is certainly to be watched, as we have all been doing for so long now!!! We know a darn good man when he comes along!!! AOGJo
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