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  1. Awww Jo. You need a big bear hug!!!!!.........from this guy... Made you smile! Raz OMG Raz, I didn't know this was here!! Thank you sooooooo much GAL!!! I am still hugging Gerry!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM! What a hug!!!! It kinda makes up for the fact that I can't come next year!!! But my heart will be there and maybe someone can call me and lift a drink for me!!! My number is in the address forum. I am so mad that I have to have this done. But it's getting worse and my doc is angry that I begged to wait until May. But the statuette is too, too, too important to me. At least I will be there in spirit and 'Gerry' will be there for me. Prayerfully he will fetch a good price for Gerry's charities. Thank You so much Raz for the wonderful hug, and forgive me for returning the 'e'. You are wonderful. Jo
  2. I'm with Lisa!!! Am courious if he is getting near as much as the women!? None of my business what the amount is, just better be pretty darn good. He really is a big Box Office draw. He is the only reason I saw RnR and will be the only reason I see TUT and the Aniston thingy. He makes the movies worth the price and the time. Gerry makes the whole darn movie for me!! I just hope he is appreciated for his talent. He is such an all around guy and really coming up in the world of films. Personnaly, I want to see him in whatever he wants to be in!! I just want to see him and hear that awesome voice and his lil' boy giggle!!! Hugs Everybody!! Jo
  3. HEY!!!! I'm going to be 65 in March and I am still pretty young!!! I love being around the young people in school and hanging a bit with my daughter's friends that are in their early fourties. I do wish though, that I was 38 going on 38 going on 38!!!!! That man is to die for!!!! Oh, to be 38 and look like I did at 38!!!!!!! Although I am short, I'd carry my own little step ladder to get to hug that incredible man and get a growly in the neck and lil' peck on the lips!!!!! It'd be worth the trouble of hauling that thing around for that!! When I fell lonely and down, I just watch that awesome man in one of the movies I have of him and get right back up out of the depression hole. Gerry is awe inspiring!! Hugs to All my GALS and PALS. And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and LOTS OF LOVE. 's OCEAN GAL Joanna ]
  4. I have a couple of friends from IMDb and they warned me about the "snarkiness" on Gerry!! I cannot read that kind of s--t about this incredible man. He is a fantastic actor and he gets better in his craft and his looks as he gets older. He is a beautiful man. I mean how many men can look absolutely gorgeously hot in sepia and a beat up hoodie???????? Not many. But Gerry is still the only one for me. He makes my tummy flutter and my heart beat faster just hearing his voice!!! I don't go to any site that bum raps our man. Gerry has incredible eyes, and They really show their intensity in his sepia photo. That man can tell me to 'come Joanna' and I'll say, 'as fast as my lil' chubby legs can go Gerry!!!' Gerry and I are twelve years old this year and still going strong. So those other dorks can just shut up about him. We are his army and I am proud to be a private in this army of awesome GALS!!! Hugs, Joanna
  5. Although I am always happy to see GB achieve these media lists, I am surprised because in moments of weakness when I have visited his page at IMDB, the snarkiness of the posts are so unrelenting and ugly that one would think he was the most hated celebrity in Hollywood. I agree with you Xan! I won't go to many other sites anymore because of the "snarkiness" of the comments toward our Gerry. The man is amazing and asolutely gorgeous. I don't care what he wears or does. He is always right in style with the other people around him and he is wonderful to us. His 'real' fans. And after all, he is European and they are not as politically correct as we are and yet he is fitting in pretty darn well! So all the stupid comments about his clothes and his attitude make me so mad. He is just trying to be a guy in Hollywood and do the job he loves so much! Personnaly, I think he is incredible and does a darn fine job of being a fantstic actor and gorgeous man! He'll be moving right up there as time goes by. He is so yummy!
  6. I Love seeing Gerry as the tough/cute guy!! I agree with what Kathy said about never knowing what you'll see Gerry in next. He's like a beautiful surprise gift. Aways a wonderful surprise!!! What a gorgeousd gift!! Jo
  7. I add my Thanks too Barb. I know how much time and effort goes into the searching and downloading all the wonderful news about our incredible Gerry that you do for us and I am very grateful. Thank you so very much Jo
  8. This is the most beautiful ode to our man I have ever had the pleasure to read. This is wonderful D. You are so talented! KUDOS GAL!!!! Jo
  9. Our Man is again proving his moving up the ladder ability. He just gets better and better as he gets older. The man is too incredible for words. Can't help loving that man!!! AOGJo
  10. Wonderful article Barb. Thanks so much for all the hard work and time you put in to give this to us. Hugs Sweet Lady Barb, Jo
  11. Alex O' Loughln is a verrrrrry sexy vamp. I am so angry that they took "Moonlight" off, I barely ever watch our channel 2 anymore. Whatever that is! I don't care!!!! I watched "Ghost Whisperer" also and now they have killed her husband and she wants him to cross into the light. When he is gone, so am I!!!!! Changes are okay, but two big changes at once in one show!!! Not for me. And not good changes in my opinion. Only my !!!! But I am still in love with the Gerry vamp, because it's Gerry. That's me.
  12. As for Gerry's "Do Me" strut!!!! OMGosh, I agree with that totally. And yes, he got 'done' while those girls were looking and wanting and whatever else they were doing as that incredibly awesome man "just walked" HAH!!!! through that store. If I saw a man that looked like Gerry "walking" through a store I was in, I'd have an o-----m just thinking of the way he could make love to me. That Gerry is not to be underestimated!!! He has sexy writen all over that incredinle face of his. Probably a lot of ohter places as well, but I'll leave that to your imaginations. Mine's working over time right now. Gotta go and do some baking just to stop thinking about that scene of Gerry and all the other scenes of Gerry!!! OMGosh!! I need a !!!!!!!! And the way he says, "we are all so much more complicated than our names"!!! OMG. I love his mouth when he says that. You may not be able to see his entire mouth but Gerry has that consumate ability to portray what he wants you to 'see' even if you aren't looking head on!!! The man is incredible!!!!! AOGJo
  13. I know what, to me, constitutes a sexy movie and that is ANY movie with Gerry in it!!! I know I am predjudiced!!!! But the man is the only sexy human on two feet for me. And Gerry in "300"!!!!! OMG, the man makes my heart flip and my tummy flutter. And seeing him almost totally in the 'alogether' makes me have heart palpitations. But then I get those when I hear his voice anyway!!!! And as for the comments from the men about "300" not having enough nude scenes of Lena Heady.!, TUFF, almost all the other movies made now, the women have practically most of their chest falling out of their blouses. More handsome male chests for me. I want equal time for the gorgeous men. This is only my opinion!!!!! Just needed to put my in!!!!! Love to ALL, AOGJo
  14. Again, not the best pic of Gerry in Drac 2000. He had some awesome pics in that movie. And as for the eyes. Christopher Plummer said it so succinctly, "such intensity in the eyes from such a young man!!!!!" Our Gerry has the most intense eyes. Just look at the new sepia pic of him and see the intensity of his beautiful eyes. The man is gorgeous, as anything!!
  15. I am sorry I won't be there in June. I am crying tears of unhappiess. I will be recovering from back surgery. I can't have it during the cold months, as I won't be able to get around in the bad weather. So, besides the loss of the $$$$ for the trip and everything else, I will not be able to get around as well as I would like by then. Anyway, I want to wish everyone a wonderful time and our Gerry a very, very Happy Birthday!!!! I love him in his baseball "c**k" hat!!!! He is truly "the 'c**k' of the Walk!!!!" in it! Love Ya All and will miss you all terribly!!! AOGJo
  16. Well said Moira. Gerry's sense of humor and his lil' boy giggle and that mouth!!!!!!! I love his mouth!!! But that accent and OMG, that dazzling smile!!!! Gerry is basicaly the most incredibly, awesome man it has been my pleasure to hear, see and totally admire as a man and actor!!! And those 'sweet cheeks'! It's a wonder that that woman pinched them. They are soooo cute!!! But invasion of privacy!! I'll say so!!! You Go GAL!!! I agree about the Daniel comment that he barely ever smiles as Bond. But he has vastly improved since Croft. He is a very excellent actor, and he is being sold short here. Of course!! But, no one will ever, ever, ever even be able to look up and see the bottom of Gerry's shoes! I have him so high on my list of fabulous men. Hope he doesn't get a nose bleed!!!! I haven't seen the Sony advert yet, but my daughter talked me into watching 'CR', Daniel was superb!!! All around, superb!!! The man is class! But, I'm sorry, Gerry is the "IT" man for me. Believe me!! I have tried to replace him!! James Purefoy, Alex O'Loughlin, Joe Flanigan, Adrian Paul, Mark Frankel, to name a few. But, although they are all gorgeous and talented men, they don't have what Gerry has that made me fall in love with him twelve years ago!!! I look at Gery and I STILL get little flutters in my tummy!!!! The man is the "TOTAL" of all that my heart loves in the male species, of which I am a great, intense admirer. (Men, Yum!!!!) Gerry!!! VERY YUM!!!!! Hugs Gal, AOGJo
  17. There is no contest when it comes to the Gerry man!!! He is always ahead of all the rest and they will never, ever catch up!! There is no man that is anywhere near this man in anyway!! Do I sound prejudiced?? Yes, I am !!!! This month is the beginning of my twelfth year of absolute fan-love of this beautiful man!!!! Gerry is the most fabulous man on the face of this planet, to me. There is no one to equal Gerry in my eyes. He is an all around actor, a consumate actor, in my book!!!! Help!!!! I love this incredible man waaaaaay tooooooo much!!!! Gerry is my ALL!! I mean, look at the man in a hoodie, in sepia!!! Only the most incredibly, gorgeous man can look that hot in that way!!! He makes me melt!! AOGJo
  18. I seem to be waaaaaaay out in left field somehow!! I have not received anything from GALS for almost a month!!! Somehow I have been....................I don't know what's happened? I just came on to update the 'Gerry' info because he is not going o be ready until May of '09! They are not going to have the November bronze pour because the teacher that does it is out for the rest of the semester. Don't know why???? Heard rumors, but no absolutes, and now it is too late to do the pour. 'Gerry' is ready,we just have to figure out how we want to do it!!! But, he will be ready for the convention if he is accepted. Pics will be coming as soon as I learn how to make a pic clearer. I printed out info and my daughter and I will be talking and monies will be coming. I am so excited about meeting you GALS and bringing 'Gerry' and his booklet. I have been walking and exercizing to be able to wear normal shoes and get dressed up with all you wonderful GALS! Golly, I have missed you ALL sooooooooo much!!! School takes up sooooooo much time and am making 3 baby blankets and two large afgans. All at the same tme.!!!! I'm going crazy!!!!! Love to ALL, AOGJoanna
  19. HI kanga, You are one smart track rater!!! The G-Man is the most incredible man I have ever had the pleasure to fall in lust with. He has it all and does it reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal well. November begins my 12th year of absolute fan-cination of this incredible man!! And what a fan-cination it has been !!!!!! This has been one verrrrrrry interesting ride!!!! But you stay with us, it's going to keep being an incredible ride!!!! AOGJO
  20. Not Gerry .... but Andy. Thank you Patsy! I was so worried. But now I feel bad about Andy and I hope he is okay! Just weight loss not health issues. Hugs GAL, Jo
  21. Where are the pics of our Gerry being all skinny and grey??? I don't remember seeing them!!! Does he look tired too???? Jo
  22. NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please, pleassssssssss!!! DON'T ANYBODY SHAVE GERRY'S HEAD. HE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND IT IS SO LUSHIOUS THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! A TAD LONGER WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER, but no shaving of the Gerry head can be allowed!!!! Or it better grow out overnight!! I love the increible man anyway he is, but he doesn't have the face for a near bald head. It makes his face look fat!!! And Gerry is by no means fat!!!! Some men are absolutely stunning with a bald head. Not Gerry. One of his most beautiful features is that beautiful, curly hair. Short as it is with the awesome touches of grey, just make me swoooooon with desire!!! The man is too incredible for words. My opinion only, again!! AOGJoanna
  23. HEyes, Thank you. I like what you say too. I love what PGirl put in about that lil' boy giggle. One of the most endearing qualities about this incredible man. I didn't read the entire article yet. Too busy racing the time to get 'Gerry' done in time for the bronze pour. He will be ready to mold next Tuesday. A bit of touch up and then prep him for the pour on November, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!!!!, 13Th!!! And L1956, I totally agree!!!! I'll take that beautiful package anytime, anyday over anyone. Can you just see a 5' tall gal getting hugged by a gorgeous man 14" taller than her!!! Oh, to get smoothered by Gerry moobs!!! OOPS!!! Those are thoughts for somewhere else! But, I love the tall men. All I can do is look, but what a beautiful sight for these old eyes. Yummy hunny! Gotta go and finish other 'e's. Then get back to work on the G-Man. I'm having fun listening to a Scotsman named "Big Nelly May" sung by Alex Beaton!!! I love his wonderful Scots voice while he sings songs from Scotland. Love Ya All, Jo
  24. I pretty much totally agree with ALL statements. I only have mine to add and that is that Gerry is his own man and when he finds a gal he wants to date, exclusivley, he will tell when they both agree to let it be known! Besides, I told him to wait until he gets back to Scotland, and we tell his Mum and then we can tell everyone else we're engaged!!!!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL,!! You'll notice the looooooooooong laugh about that one!!!!!! I couldn't catch that man if he was blind and had no feelings in his fingers!!!!! But, I still enjoy the very thought of him, The very sight of him, leaves me weak!!! Love Ya All, Jo
  25. I know I am probably going to get yelled at or spanked for this!!! But what the "H" is going on with Gerry's movies?????? Or am I just too interested in Gerry to know that this is a common occurence in filmdom!!!??? Is he too hard to work with? (doubt it! he's too funny) or are these movies being dreampt up by someone with no financial backing to start with? I am scared that Gerry isn't going to get to make "Burns" and that is one of the most beautiful stories that I can think of for our beautiful man!!! I accept him in ANY role he takes on, but so many roles seem to have fallen by the way side, or am I just feeling this because I love him so much and want him to be happy doing the thing he so loves to do? I know, I could be totally wrong, but it's how I feel!! I want our Gerry to do what he wants and I can't stand it when I see so many potential roles falling off the end of the table that were slated for Gerry. And to be honest, I am sooo looking forward to seeing him in LAC as the vigilante!! What an intense role for his incredible acting abilty!!! One more thing! What part does Gerry play in "Watchmen"? Or is he even still in it? I'm behind on the times. Please, please don't, don't, don't misunderstand me!! ANYONE!!!! I am only asking about this because I am confused!!!! (normal state of mind for an ol' lady, like me!!!) Love and Hugs ALL Jo
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