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  1. I am not sure where I should post this..but here it is anyway. I need for everyone to know that 'Gerry' will be at the convention for sure...BUT I will not!!!! WAH!!!! Need two new knees!!! BUT,,,the good Lord willin' and the crik don't rise..I will be there next year!! I PRAY!!!!! On to getting the address to send him to to and the day that is best for him to arrive. Joanna
  2. Once again our man does his best to help with anything he can possibly help with. Hia hybrid is almost as beautiful as he is. The man is incredible!!! Is there no end to the good this man does for all concerned. He is looking absolutely gorgeous with his hair a wee bit longer. I also love his beard!! Sexy is too mild a word for this incredibly entrancing man. He still amazes me after all these years. I still find more beautiful and wonderful things to love about Gerry and his kindness to others and in all situations. The man is amazing to me. I am so proud of him in all ways a woman can be that is just an admirer of him and his abilities. Hugs to Our Gerry, Joanna
  3. You are an awesome lady. Thank you so verra much for BEING!!!

  4. Hi every body!!! Sooooo sorry I have been away for so long. I have finished an afghan for Irish's new grandson and finishing one for B2 and learning a new project. Everyone will be getting one for Christmas as well as the GALS that are due an ornament. Dayna's is still sitting in my roomn to be mailed!!!! I am sometimes so lazy!!! But as you can all see, 'Gerry' 1 is almost ready to be mailed. I must get permission to mail it to Susan~or to whomever would like to take him to the convention. I will be on line again this year probably with my legs up from knee surgeries. Tore my left knee up real bad at school. Can barely get up stairs. Real pain in the arse!!! But 'Gerry' will be there at the convention for absolute and sure. So save your money, it's for charity. And.......for the love of this incredible man of my heart, that we all love so verra much!! The 'Gerry'2 is near it's finishing for the bronze pour in November of this year!! He will be mailed as soon as he is finished. At that time I will get with Dayna to find out where I should send this one that is specifically for Gerry himself. Have also been helping to get ready for my Beautiful Grand daughter's wedding in October!!! I am making a skull for her as a gift. I know...what the heck is that for!!?? I will ask Kathy to put pics of it on so you can see what it's all about. It matches the one on the back of her left arm. It has a smile and eyelashes and her piercings and I am putting a Topaz tear drop shaped stone on her left cheek where she has a dimple when she smiles. It is for a bookend or for anything she wants to do with it!! She has a lot of books and I felt that would be acool idea as well as something no one else will be giving her. So now you know what I have been doing to keep me from my fav GALS. I am sooooo sorry, please forgive me. I have totally missed you all so verra much!!! More pics coming of 'Gerry' 1 as he gets to the finish point to be mailed. Love You ALL!!! Joanna
  5. Hi Everybody!!!!!!! I have missed you all soooo much and now that my e-mail is working again, at least for the time being, I am back as much as possible. I will be at school a lot this week. I just got home from Palm Springs, CA today and just checked my e-mail. I am so happy to see this new film being made and starring out Gerry. He will be awesome as the preacher. He has such a way with children and his personality is forceful enough that he will be very believeable as the preacher. This looks so good and I am very anxious to see it!!
  6. Oh Man Alive!!!

    This is soooooo new!! I just got my e-mail fixed and am just back from Palm Springs, CA today and took a moment to look at e-mails. I'm sorry I took soooo long to answer your e-mail message. But that suggy is from the most awesome lady Frannie made special for Lil; Ol' Me. Frannie is one of the most awesome ladies here in the siggy makin...

  7. Thank You GALS soooooooo much!!! I called my Borders and they have the Journal mag and I am going tommorro to pick it up. I have a super guy that holds them for me. I am going to call him and ask him about the W mag as well. If anyone finds it anywhere, please let me know!!!! Love Ya All Much and have missed being here soooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Hugs, Jo
  8. I'm sorry I have been gone for sooooo long! My e-mail was so screwed up and I finally biatched enough that someone listened!! I missed the magazines Gerry is supposed to be in right now. I hope I am not too late for the ones of him on the cover. Can someone help me????? PLEASE!!!!! Back soon, Jo
  9. Thank You Sweet Sue, I am very proud that Jose' took the initiative to go and put the ring she liked aside and pay for it all on his own and picked it up Friday for the weekend that they had together. They spent the weekend at the hotel and he got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him! She was soooo shocked he had gone and gotten the ring all on his own, she screamed and attacked him with happiness. I am so happy and I just wanted to share this happiness with all those that I care about in my life. So. Thank You again and please share in my happiness for these two beautiful kids. And Thank You for the compliment about my Dana, Sue. I am biased, but I think my baby girl is the most beautiful grand girl ever. Joanna
  10. In my opinion, an "article" like this should just be taken for what it is ... fun and sexy. [/b][/color][/font] "Fun and sexy"!! JUst like our Gerry!!! And I love his wee belly. It's yummmmmy looking!! But then, Gerry is yummmmmmy looking no matter what!!! I NEVER, EVER read or listen to ANY junk talk about our man. EVER!!!!! The man is the bomb for me and I will fight for him any day with my wee pink cane!! I can be lethal with that aluminum cane. So they had better watch out for the wee pudgy ol' woman when they bum rap our guy!!! After all, it's twelve years this year, of absolute love and adoration for me for this incredible man!!! Good Lord the man is sexy!! I love those gorgeous legs too!! So muscular and well formed. He has beautiful feet too!! Heck he has beautiful everything in my eyes. And I am so glad to see he is enjoying himself, AT LAST!!! 's Ocean Gal Joanna
  11. Guess where I will be tomorrow morning in the cold and driving my cold old car to??? Border's to get my magazine!!!! Using up my Borders' gift card like fury mad. But on this man I'd use anything I could find to buy anything with him in it on it or of it!!! 's Ocean Gal ,Joanna
  12. Back from breakfast with my daughter. I got the check before her HAH!!!! She always tries to get it first. I beat her to it this time. I told her Merry Christmas Baby!!! Thank You Sue. I love the view here and now that I have some breakfast on my tummy, I can handle a few Gerritas. These things are potent!! Who's the awesome car-bender, ooops I mean bartender??? I sure need these things because I won't be going again mext year!!!!!! If I don't get to go in 2011, I will cry a river of tears. This is terrible!! But at least I am with a super bunch of GALS here. And I know all you GALS that are going will have a super wonderful time. Well, back to finishing tiny ornmaments for my daughter's office party on Wednesday!!! I am ornamented out---sorta!!! Hugs GALS, Jo
  13. Good Mornin' GALS, I have been soooo busy with school and the bronzing of 'Gerry' for possible auction at the comvention mext year, that getting to be on line has been a virtual impossibility!! Now that he is on his way to being finished, I get a wee bit of time to say HI and read up on the happenin's!!! I can't go to the convention next year but I wll be there in spirit and in virtual con if it is available again!! That was fun, not as much fun as being there, but alot of fun anyway!! OH, pass me a "HUGE" Gerrita and some of those snacks you brought from Costso, please. Is there a chair I can have to sit in? I'm not able to get around as much as I used to, but to be able to sit with my special GALS is an honor beyond measure. If I get a bit tipsy and start to cry, slap me up-side the head and tell me it's all okay Jo, you'll get to LV soon!! Hopefully 'Gerry' will be accepted for auction and that part of me will be there!!! (for pics of the nearly finished 'Gerry', go to the art section) If all goes well this year, I will be able to get my surgeries that had to be put off becasue of the heart attack last April. Here's to praying all goes well this year!!! (raises Gerrita) I sooooooo very much want to meet you wonderful GALS. Hugs to ALL, Jo
  14. Again I say....He is totally, phenominaly incredible. The man is so Human and yet so wonderful as an actor. I totally love and adore the very thought of him let alone the beauty of him as a person. That voice still entrances me beyond words. He makes me so proud he is my first, last and only movies star crush. I pray for him every day along with all my family, friends and GALS as well. I am also waiting with baited breath for his next roles. And if he doesn't get an oscar, someone is not seeing the right movies. Love to All, Joanna
  15. Can our Gerry get any more beautiful and famous?? AT LAst he is getting his just dues. He is getting so well know now that all I have to say is Gerard or Gerry Butler and everyone instantly knows who I am talking about. It feels soooooooooo good!! I totally love it. And to have people come up and see our statuette and instantly know it looks like Gerry is the greatest feeling to me as this is my very first ever statue. Of course, as time goes by and I do him more, he will get better. I am going to try and see if we can get someone with hands sorta' like Gerry's to make a bronze of his hands. That will be almosty totally impossible. But since I can't go to him and get his hands in plaster for the mold and he can't come here, I have to start looking at men's hands to try and get someone that just might be close!! That'll be the day!!! If I can do it, then they will also be for auction if approved and some lucky woman will get Gerry's hands to call her own. My ultimate goal is a bust of Gerry in the future. I will be learning how to go about making one next semester and I will make my Grand daughter. That will give me the practice and then I will work on Gerry's head, over and over during the summer until I have him as perfect as possible. That sounds so goofy!! "work on his head"! But as good as he looks right now as the statuette, I want him to look so good, he looks like you kiss him!!!!!! 'Course, I look at his pics and think that, so this had better be a darn good bust!!! Hugs All. And sorry for the absence. I have missed soooo much and so many!! Your Verra Busy, Jo
  16. OMGosh, I have been missing out on soooooooooooo much because of school and guess what????....I'm going to do it all over again next semester!!! But the 'Gerry' Has come verr far. Look at him in the art section. But my sweet Kathy has been keeping me up on as much as possible while I polish and grind the man for the convention auction if he is accepted. I know sounds so awful!!! But I love the way he looks. I also love the interviews where Gerry seems to be talking to us or me, whatever the case may be. I also was floored by his remark that he hasd to depend on his "Personal;ity" for his role in RnR!! His personality is awesome. He is wonderful and so entrancing. He brings you right into his characters all the time. That is one of the qualities that attracted me to him and has kept me with him for going on 12 year this next year. His gorgeous eyes and beautiful face and his awesome to-die-for body not withstanding. But Thank You for this Becozy!! You Rock!! Jo
  17. On my way to school and just stopped in to say HI!! Talk about a real artist!!!!!! The drawing of our G-Man is absolutely beautiful and so well done. You are a real artist '300' GAL!! I just love to do things with my hands and this came to my mind and I have had soooooo much fun doing it. A booklet will be made of the entire process from start to finish. One for Gerry and the other for the auction if approved. I am very excited at how this had turned out. Since it is my first ever, I just pray Gerry doesn't look at it and say, "that doesn't look like me"!!! I just pray he accepts it in the manner in which it has been made, for only him because we love him and are so very proud of him. He can put it up next to his Academy Award he will win next year. The man is incredibly, phenominal!! I am soooooooooooo proud of him. Off I Go!!! Jo
  18. Thank You Kathy, I am verra tired and am going to hit the bath and actually fix my hair for tomorrow. No 'Gerry' work on Thanksgiving. Just ornaments. School is closed 'til Monday!! I hope the pics are clear enough. I am by no means a pro, so I am unable to capture the true beauty of the work. These pics are very non-complimentary. 'Gerry' actually looks a lot better in person. But our Gerry looks a lot better in everyway possible and I hope he understands that this is my very first statue in my life and that I did my very best to capture his beautiful face and his awesome body as best as I was able. But nothing can ever be as beautiful and sexy and handsome and adorable as the "real" man himself. This truly will be our Academy Award to our man. Love and Thanks and a verra Happy Thanksgiving to All my Gals. 's Ocean Gal, Joanna]
  19. The heck with the movie, did anyone other than me get into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series? I am absolutely in love with it. I have all of the show on DVD and pretty much cycle through the seasons constantly! I thought David Boreanaz playing Angel was one of the sexiest vampires ever! Dare I say he even makes the violence sexier than Gerry? It's close... Steph Hey Steph, My Daughter got me interested in "Buffy" when I came to live with her after my stroke and we would sit together and watch a few episodes every few nights. It was wonderful and I really got caught up. We have all the series DVD's as well. She loves to collect series. But my heart still belongs to Gerry as Dracula. Not saying the others are not right up there, but I am so totally in love with this incredible man, that I am a wee bit blind to other actors. Joanna
  20. OMG!!! I haven't been here in a while. I am soooooooo sorry!! I brought 'Gerry' home today to finish polishing him up and fileing down his boots and I'll start working on the marble bases for him. He is so heavy, I have a hard time carrying him. About 30 or more pounds of bronze and that's not the marble either. I just stopped for a rest from the day and just had to check e-mails before I get busy on 'Gerry'. I loved Gerry as Dracula because he was so gorgeously handsome!! Well, that's not all, but he made Dracula seem almost adorable!! That beautiful curly hair and those beautiful green/blue eyes. Dear Lord, if Gerry put his hand out to me to make me a vampire, you had better know I would run into those gorgeous arms as fast as I could run and I can't run!!!! I loved the way he would tilt his head when he encountered something he never knew about before in his day. And I will always love that walk through the music store!! The man is truly, totally and awesomely incredible. Lord in heaven help me, I love this incredible man waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo much!!! Just talking about him like this and seeing him in my minds eye gives me goosbumps of pure pleasure. I am also a very great lover of Alex O'Loughlin and David Boreanaz. They were both pretty awesome vamps. Well, enough of a break. Back to work on the 'Gerry'! Hugs to all and I'll be back as I can. Sooooooooooooo much work, sooooooooo little time. I AM TIRED!!!!!! Jo
  21. HI My GALS!! I have a special Thank you and Hi for Benedicte' and I have a letter for you to be mailed with your Christmas gift. So don't think I have ever forgotten you. I'll have Suzy translate your French message. It's good practice for her. And even more important, GET WELL MY BEAUTIFUL BENEDICTE. Sue, I am sooooo happy to see you posting again. I am the one that is so lax. But my excuse is 'Gerry'. I will go to school tomorrow with my Dremel and new parts to get our 'Gerry' cleaned up and have Jim break off two pieces of marble for our 'Gerry's' base so I can start smoothing them out and getting them put together to be drilled for setting 'Gerry' on. I am so happy to see you on my computer as well!! Frannie, I am soooooo sorry to be so far behind in my prayers for your wee Grandson. Please forgive me, you know I would never, ever forget you and yours. You are too special to me, and not just for my awesome siggy which BTW still gives me goose bumps of pure pleasure!! Prayers begin immediately!! All my special GALS deserve a special personal note and I apologize right now for not being able to do that at this moment!! If you ALL weren't there to encourage me and keep me going, this could never be a 'happening'!! I just pray our Gerry doesn't look at the statue and think, "This doesn't look like me!!!" But I am as sure as I can be, he will know in his heart that we love him and that this is our way of showing him everytime he looks at it!!! And never the last and positively NEVER the least, my special Kathy, without whom I would be soooooooo far behind on the Gerry scene, that it could be considered a positive SIN!!! Kathy has sent me all the updates and interviews and kept me in the KNOW!! I am making ornaments and blankets and getting myself ready to spend the day at school tomorrow and possibly Friday until our 'Gerry' looks as good as possible. I will warn you, his kilt is a wee bit shorter than the one you see him in at Glasgow!! But time was running short and he had to have longer legs, so I opted to do his legs longer and couldn't get the time to lenghten his kilt!!!!!!!!! But I figure some of the GALS would like him to have a shorter kilt than the one he had on in GLasgow!! Sorry, no anatomically correctness allowed!!!!! DARN!!!! But my Kathy makes me feel so good by sending me Gerry news that I can very quickly see and still enjoy while on the run. I am home today to finish ornaments and pack them up to take and mail out on the 3rd of December. Kathy knows that if I don't pack them correctly, they get squashed and shattered. Her wonderful hubby has given me valuable advice on the packing and I am using it!! SO, THANK YOU ALL, EVERY SINGLE LADY HERE FOR ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND KUDOS ON THIS "LABOR OF LOVE!!!. Your Joanna
  22. Now I like what Steph said. "A damn good action star"!! That our man is climbing so high after such hard work, is awesome. I love Gerry getting mentioned in such a complimentary way. He is damn good at all the roles he does. But that's the incredibly entrancing way about him. He can make you feel his characters, no matter who he plays. Gerry has become known now as the consumate actor and soon, he will be given his due by being known for all his abilities and characters. I personnaly feel that Gerry has always been number one in my book, but some people need more time to see what we see and have to have the proverbial brick wall fall on them. But my first glimpse of this incredible man with that awesome voice and that dazzling smile gave me shivers of delight and the intense desire to get more of him. Gerry as Archie made me have my very first movie star crush in my entire life at the age of 54!!!! But there is that incredible something that we really can't put an absolute name to that Gerry has. But he sure has a whole lot of it!!! And I love him for having it!!! I will always be Gerry's Joanna forever 'til I die! Love Ya Gerry, Your Joanna
  23. ME!!! "Whatever Gerry wants, Gerry should get!!!!!" I love him no matter what, who or how he plays whoever he plays. Just play them to the best of his ability and I am always there, no matter what!! He's my ultimate movie star man!!! Jo
  24. Mornin', I'm on my way to school to take more pics of 'Gerry' in another process of his coing to life as a bronze statue. Thought I'd check out what's been going on while I have been in the art world. I have voted for the few people that I like and the one person that I love, and now I want to know how often we can vote for our Gerry without it being "illegal"? I will vote as often as allowed while I am home, so please let me know!! More pics of our G-Man will be on the art section later this afternoon!! Enjoy!! Hugs To All, Jo
  25. Oh Yeah!!! I can't remember who #1 was either and that's how un-forgetable he was to me in compaison to Gerry!! I agree with Matreshka as well. Gerry made me feel for the villain. If he had put his hand out to me that way, I would have run as fast as I could into his arms!! And I can't run!!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! The man is incredible! Absolutely everything about Gerry is entrancingly wonderful!! He has that ability to make you not only feel his characters, but BE the character. The man is the ultimate actor, bar none in my book!! Oh and by the way, Welcome Matreshka to GALS. The most fun to be had on the computer. Awesome ladies here and very caring and kind!! I love it here. Joanna
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