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  1. For me there is no contest as to who is the sexiest Dracula, heck, who is the sexiest man in this universe!! Our incredible Gerry!! Gerry's portrayal was so awesome and his head movements, ie: on the plane when he seems confused by the bullets and then when he sees the big screen with the partially nekkid girls and the screaming band, I love his look! But I think Gerry is awesome as Dracula and I still vote him #1!! Joanna
  2. Ahh Mike...you just have to hand out numbers LOL yeah, even better idea. i will ask the front desk for 100 copies of a key to MY room and we will put one each in the "welcome" goodie bags! NOW THAT ALONE IS WORTH COMING TO VEGAS FOR!!!! Joanna
  3. Me arse is going to try and be there this next year with our 'Gerry' for auction!! Otherwise, 'Gerry' will be there anyway!! He is in his last stage before the bronze pour and I am totally exhausted from meeting deadlines!!! But Gerry is on his way to becoming immortalized in bronze!!! Like he needs anymore immortalization!!! I am sooooo excited, I hope my savings will allow me to pay total at one time. I'll let you know when I talk to my daughter tomorrow!! I am looking forward to being with my GALS at last!! Joanna
  4. A verra quick HI!!! Just got home from school and I am exhausted but happy!!! Did four coats of silica on our man and he is beginning to look like a long white bunch of sand!! Dipping and coating has to be done by Friday afternoon and you can only do the procedure every four hours. Sooooooooo.........needless to say, I am going to bed to get up early to go back to school and do 'Gerry' four times tomorrow and twice on Friday and then............................YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Our man is on his way to becoming immortalized in bronze!!!!! As if he needs any more immortalization!! I am soooo happy, there are no words to describe my happiness. I truly Thank my Kathy for helping me with the pics on line and I truly Thank You as well Sue, and April, for your praise. It means so much to me. I am sorry I have been so absent from the site, but the time element for this project was terribly tight!! But our beautiful man is coming to fruition soon!!! I Love You All, Jo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Busy day with the 'Gerry' tomorrow. Today I am finishing a few ornaments for a few GALS and want to get them out asap. Am also making ornaments for the 1st Annual Birthday Celebration in Chicago for our Gerry!! I am so excited to be going, and finally get to meet some of the Gerry women!! More pics of the 'Gerry' will be on soon!! Hugs Everyone and Thank You all for the wonderful words of encouragement!! Jo
  6. I joined twitter a bit back and I would love to be more active after I finish 'Gerry'!!! My ID is Jo3244!!
  7. Sorry Sweet CassieGz, I mistook you for a different Cassie. But I sure wish you were coming to the party too!!! Thanks for the encouragement!! Joanna
  8. Thank You Cassie. I can hardly wait to meet you on the 24Th. We are going to have so much fun. And I have wanted to meet you for two years!!! Now, we will have to get together more often. I am so excited!!! 'Gerry' looks better today and I will take some pics, but my arm is hurting and it's hard for me to type right now. But I wanted to Thank You for the compliment. It makes me feel sooooo good! Hugs Gal, Jo
  9. HI!!!! A quick note. 'Gerry' is coming along much better. He is in proportion and his boots are bigger and his right arm is on with hisa sword. I burned my right arm very badly and cannot put it down to type as it sits on the burn and it sorta kinda hurts a lot!! But I am still finishing the 'Gerry' and he will be smoothed out tomorrow at school with the kerosene. Can't do that here as it smells too much and is hard on my daughter, sto that process will take place a school and then the second statue for the auction will be started. It won't take as long as I will be making it smaller and I sort of know what the heck I am doing now!!! You know, practice makes perfect!! And what a man to practice on!!! Do totally believe me, this is truly a labor of love!!!! This burn is 3" long and on the underside of my arm and it hurts so much, I wish I could be a baby and cry!! But that won't help. So I just keep it open at home asnd cover it at school. It will be okay, I'm just whineing!! (sp) Okay, back to work. I will have this statue done today or else. His head and body look so good, I can hardly wait to see it in bronze, on a white marble stand!! "Gerry' is looking good!! Hugs Everyone!! Jo
  10. I'm sorry Gerry!! I have no 'earth'while words to say to you that could ever come close to how happy and beautiful you make me feel just by being you!! I will try by saying Thank You for your voice that brought me to you so long ago and your adorable face that entranced me and your dazzling smile that made my heart fall in love with you when I saw you smile!! I thought it was twelve years ago and my Grand Baby says it was only 10 years ago early this year and it will be eleven the beginning of next year! But to tell the truth, it seems like I have never not loved you. You have given me countless hours of viewing pleasure and given me many, many friends that have grown to be very important to me in my life. For all you have given me just by being magnificent, incredible you, I truly THANK YOU forever and for always, and wish you very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and wish we were there!!! Your Lil' Joanna
  11. Thanks GALS, 'Gerry' is looking better as of today. I enlarged his boots to be more in proportion to his legs and body. His left arm is being re-aligned and my friend Lambert touched up 'Gerry's' mouth yeterday as well. He is going to be awesome. He doesn't look so good in black wax and taking photos are difficult being as the flash shines off the wax and distorts the impact of the true features of him. But he will be finished tomorrow and his right arm with his sword will be attached as well. Hopefully the second one will be started Friday and finished in a week. It should be much easier as I have the first one to work from and he was the hardest! But I will go to school everyday 'til the second one is finished. I am so excited by this project that is finally coming to fruition. It's been a very hard and long climb to make this come into being for this wonderfuly, incredible man. I am so proud of him and am looking forward to more good things coming from him!!! I will post pics of the "finished" wax figure on the weekend!! Hugs All, Jo
  12. Kathy just told me about this section and I just wanted to say Thank You so much for the feed back and I am ecstatic to see My Earth Angel back on. I am sorry I have been so busy doing 'Gerry' and making afghans for all my family and friends and I have a beautiful baby afghan being readied for someone very special in my life and her new grandson, Finn!!!! Kathy received hers and she is having a tough time hanging on to it 'till Christmas!! LOL,LOL,LOL!!! I am also getting ready to do ornaments for my GALS that I owe them to and that is going to be done soon as I get finished with 'Gerry' and he is prepped and begun to be dipped for the pour. Then it's full out on ornaments and blankets. Please understand as you look at 'Gerry', he is still far from being ready. I have to enlarge his boots to be in proportion to the rest of his body. I will attach his other arm and sword after I smooth him out with the kerosene when I can get the time alone. But do please believe me, he will be as perfect as possible and I already know Gerry will never find fault with the statuette as he is not that kind of person. I also have found two perfect booklets for the process to be recorded. I will start putting them together after the New Year when I will have scads of time. But right now, it's all about 'Gerry'. I am a wee bit proud of what he is beginning to look like. He looks kinda weird in black wax but when he is poured in bronze, and mounted on white marble and polished like gold, he will be awesome as the real Gerry is!! Well, almost as awesome as the real Gerry!! But I asked Kathy to put the nearing to finish pics on so everyone could get an idea of what to expect and start saving their money. He is already over 10" high and he will be on a white marble base. So he will be heavy. And the booklet will be leather and have all the pics and all the explanations of the 'Gerry' statuettes 'life' along the way including pictures. All acknowledgements of all who helped me will also be in the booklet and the place where he was made will also be pictured and explained. The actual pouring of 'Gerry' will also be in the booklet and that alone is very exciting to see. Thank You all so much for the encouragement in this phenominal undertaking and the patience you have all given me. This truly is a total "Labor of Love" and I am so glad I a can give our Gerry something to thannk him for being such and awesome and incredible man in all ways, not just as an actor, but as the most HUMAN actor ever. Love Yal All, Jo
  13. Mornin', I sure hope that our awesomly incredible man remembers how he said, "At the end of the day what matters is that you do your best in every job you do." Because when he gets his statue, I hope he will remember, I didn't have "HIM" to copy from, only a bazillion pics!! But soon, 'he' will be a reality!!! I am trying so hard for our man and his charities and to make my Dr.M and Susan~ and all the rest of my GAL friends proud to have a piece that looks as much like our man as possible. Pics will be on soon, of the prepared statue in black wax ready to be preped for the silicone sealing and bronze pouring. All procedures will be included in the booklet!! But in my own mind, I think the statue looks pretty darn good and a lot of the students and a few of the older students as well, have commented that it looks as much like Gerry as possible without having him himself to work from!! I am soooo excited to be doing this small thing for our site and I am soooo very proud to be a member of GALS and truth be told, I am very happy with being here. This may not belong here, but it just came over me to say what I was thinking!! Sorry if it's in the wrong place. Hugs to All, and have a great day!! 's Ocean Gal Forever, Joanna
  14. If I see him I'm gonna try to send him your way...Can I give him a kiss before leaving him all to you? If that astrological profile is right, which I hope not, my life with Gerry would be a real hell... I hope it was totally wrong, ehehehe Hey GAL!! Your "pic" is just fine!! Gerry looks fantabulous as usual. Hard to mess up a damn good looking man!! Jo
  15. OMG!!! I love to read all the comments on who is the right person for this incredible man!! He will pair up pretty well Pisces! IF!!! They can not be dominated by him!! Pisces are loyal and loving and giving to a fault!! But easy to hurt if they don't have a strength of their own and unfortunaltely, only time and the school of hard knocks can make them that strong!! Been there, done that!! Thank God I am too old for him. I'd give that gorgeous hunk of male pulchritude a hell of a run for his money!! I read also that they are determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic. I KNOW we have seen all of these qualities come forth from this amazing man!! They can also be jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate. Yep, I've seen some of these qualities come forth when Gerry is pushed and other people are not sharing his time properly, ie: the little girl at the premier with the sign!! Gerry has no trouble saying "get Back". He is so kind hearted and yet his kindness sometimes gets out of focus of the 'razzies. But he is our man and he is damn good to us always. I also read that Scorpios are curious and great investigators. They want to know everything and everyone. When an answer is needed, they will find it. But,,,,some Scorpios only seem to see in black and white, and they have their own agenda and never fail to promote it!! Thank the Lord for that side of Gerry. We can look forward to having him in our lives with some pretty good movies for a good while. If anyone can make it happen, he can!! Scorpios are masters of their fates. They know only one way to live..on their own terms. They do not live life, they attack it!! When life hands them a loss, they don't waste time sulking, they continue on their path, sure they will eventually succeed. They are driven by their intense passions and desires and often they seem Imperious!! That's our man. But our Gerry has a heart of love and kindness for us and all his other fans. That's why so many people are so jealous of his success. The man is totally phenominal!! But I can see where it would be very hard to live with a man as strong in so many ways as Gerry is and yet he is so like a little boy at times, you can't help but adore and love him so much it actually hurts. Backing down from Gerry is hard and yet needed, but done in a way that screams "I LOVE YOU ANYWAY!! even though you just totally crushed my heart. He will make it up to you. You have to be patient and wait for him. Not an easy thing to do!!! But, suffice it to say, if I were around Gerry's age and still had the body I had then, me arse would be looking to hook up with that gorgeously awesome man!! And believe you me, I have been through hell and back and the wringer three times and I know how to handle a strong man like Gerry. I am just too darn old to do it anymore!! I pray he finds someone that can love him, NO MATTER WHAT!!! Because he will love that person also, very much!!! Hugs GALS. Time for bed!! Just needed to add my wee bit of change tonight!! Jo
  16. D, GAL you hit it on the head exactly!!! Gerry is the kind of man that needs his space, so to speak and if you are the clingy type or the whiney type, don't even think to get involved with him. He needs you to be there for him and he will always be there for you as well. I could see him getting fed up with a woman who was all me, me, me!! He needs you to love him at all times, not just when he gives you something. You have to be there for him when he is depressed as well as giddy with happiness. But understanding of his quiet times alone. And even harder to do is, not to be his "servant"!! He will hate a woman he can control totally. You have to have strength of character to deal with Gerry's strength and his moods. He is an artist and they get moody. But an understanding of "by myself" for a while is sooooo important to a man like Gerry. And to know you will be there when he is ready to talk or cuddle or make love, will go far in making a beautiful and lasting relationship. His woman will have to have her own outlets that can co-incide with his. Too much hanging on is no good for any relationship. And ready to go at a moments notice will be important or not being able to go this time because it's not going to be a good trip, has to be an understanding as well. Not a time to throw a fit and claim jealousy! When Gerry finds the right one, he will never cheat or hurt her. He is not that kind of man!! Where the hell was he when I needed a man like him!!! I always lose out!!!!! But at least I can love and adore and lust after this beautiful man here and in my heart 'til I die! Well, gotta go and get ready for school. Talk at Ya All later!! Hugs, GALS!!! Jo
  17. I LOVE IT!!!! Our G-Man has such good taste, he can wear (or not wear) anything and we will still love him!! And OMG!!! I love that shirt that he has on with that beautiful grey leather jacket. It shows his awesome chest and a wee bit of that hair on that awesome chest that turns me into a young woman again!! He makes me shiver with excitement!! I love this man's everything, but I especially love his beautiful chest!!! And his legs, and his eyes, and his mouth and his arms and his.............Dear Lord, I love Gerry's everything!!!!! Now where was I???? Oh yeah. Gerry looks awesome and I adore his hat. He is such a self confident man, he can come off wearing anything and the only reason anyone says anything derogatory is because they are totally jealous that Gerry can pull it off so well, and still be such a gorgeous man. Kudos!!!!!!! To our Gerry. If you want to meet a person of Gerry's ilk, you don't send "someone" over to tell him you want to meet him, YOU GO YOURSELF!!!!!! DUH!!! Besides our Gerry has better taste!! Hence, he loves US!!!! Verra smart man!!! Back to work on the next statue of our G-Man and then the pour on the 17th of November!! I am so excited. He looks so good. I am taking pictures as I go along and when I am finished, I will learn how to post them for you all to get an idea of what he is going to look like!! Start saving your pennies. He is going to be awesome, if I do say so myself!!! Hugs Everyone!!! Jo
  18. OMG Frannie, I am still reeling from this pic of the most beautiful chest of this incredibly gorgeous man!! OMG!! I am going to print this out and keep it in my folder and take it to class tomorrow to work from!! Dear Lord, Gerry is so awesomely beautiful. I love his everything, but his chest has always been a turn on for me. I know, I am a very girl!! But this man is a whole lot more than a 'piece of meat'!! He is THE man of my heart and dreams. I love every wee spec of this incredible man!! I'm sorry I didn't see this right away. But you beat me to him. I am satisfied with what I have. More than satisfied!! You are incredible the way you just knew what I would love. You and Bethy and my Lisa just have the perfect touch for siggy's. I am so in love with the ones I have had. I will not change him for a long time. He is positivley beautiful and if my legs could, I'd run into those arms as fast as he said the words and they were still echoing in the air!!! Hugs My Sweet Lady Fran,Jo
  19. and WELCOME Amanda, Yep, dis is dah place!! We are all Gerry fan-atics in some way or another. You will have some great fun here and read and see some awesome pictures of our incredibly awesome man! So, have fun Teach-ah!! Your new GAL pal, Joanna
  20. I am soooo sorry Darlin'. I for one will miss you horribly. You can always reach me at me e-mail if you feel down and out like I do sometimes. You are a special GAL and you have to do what you want to do when you need to do it!! So if you read our bye-bye's, just remember. I still love and need you!!!!! Jo
  21. I am soooo sorry to have been away for so long!! I feel like !!! I am soooo lonely today!! This is not a usual thing for me. But today, I feel sooooo down. And there isn't really a good reason to feel this way. I just do. I could say it's because there hasn't been any summer to speak of and I am depressed about that. But I think it's just being tired. Back in school and been working on 'Gerry'. He is looking fantastic. I am adding on to his legs and his awesome arms to make them more in proportion to his head and torso. As soon as I get his kilt on, I will take some pictures and send them to Kathy and she will put them on the site. But be aware, he is in black wax for the prep to dipping him in the slurry and silicone sand for the pour. I have to make at least two more to make sure you GALS get one for next year and one for Gerry for his 40Th birthday. It won't be ready for his birthday per se, but it will be in celebration of it when he finally gets it. I have a booklet that will explain all the procedures that go into making the statue of our man!! It will be verra interesting!!! Well, almost finished with the wee blanket I am making for a beautiful friend's grand baby girl. Then on to another blanket for another beautiful friend's grand baby. So much to do and so little time. Sometimes I love it!!! There, I feel better now and it's all because of my GALS!! Thanks for including me in this wonderful place. Hugs ALL, Joanna
  22. OH Our Suzie and Libby are back!!!!! Welcome home, even though you'd probably be glad to still be there. I know you had a good time with Libby and our UK GALS and our Scottish GALS!! You miss a lot when you are away for a wee bit!! New siggy's and pictures of our beautiful man!! They are totally yummy just like him!! I am so glad you both had the chance of a life time trip. You two were awesome reps for us here at home and from GALS!! Glad to have you both back. Hugs to you both. Jo
  23. Jobella, Darlin' GAL, you are the only one that knows what's best for you. Lil' ones take a lot of time and raising them is more important than anything right now! Your chance will come. Maybe take one of the Liberal art classes each semester until you can take all classes later. One step at a time sometimes works real well. If possible, take the class at night or on line. Some colleges offer that. Gotta be verra disciplined with your time. And verra selfish with it as well. But you'll make it, I know!! Good Luck Sweetie!! Hugs Sweet One, Jo
  24. My Kathy, !! I am so proud of myself right now, it has to be a sin!! But it will pass and I will revel in the glory of my tirumph by getting to stare at my siggy of this incredibly, entrancingly gorgeous man! And also dream of being able to 'run' into his arms and dream of him 'REALLY' saying those beautiful words!! I am a NUT!!! But what a nut over what a man!! Hugs 's Ocean Gal Forever, Jo
  25. THAT'S OUR APRIL!!!!! Ya gotta love that GAL!! I do!! Jo
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