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  1. I DID IT!! YAY!!!! I made the G-Man bigger!! I mean my siggy of him!! I told you, if it can be fooked up!, then I will fook it up!! I looked in the properties section, and sure enough, I copied the thumbnail!! I followed Kathy's explicit directions and got it right....finally!!! Thank You everyone and now I can enjoy my beautiful siggy of our beautiful man!!! Joanna
  2. Thank You Songbird!! I am learning and it's fun!! Joanna
  3. My Twitter ID is....Jo3244!! I am so glad to be there too! My daughter and all my Bunco gals are there and a few friends as well. So, off I go to make more super friends. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I got shot by my daughter and few of my bestest friends with chocolate milk in the forehead and other various places and it's so fun to shoot back!! I got my sweetie 'gay' guy in the forehead with perfume!!! Jo
  4. Thank You Susan~ Maybe I did something wrong somewhere. Because I see it small too. I think I had better have, either you or Bethy change it for me and see if that works. So pm me and let me know what to do. Thank You. The siggy is so awesome, in full size it's a real stunner. Of course Gerry is the 'real stunner' here!! How can a gorgeous man be even more gorgeous as he ages?? Or am I so obsessivly blind, I can only see the beauty of this incredibly awesome man?? Probably both!! But the man makes me feel so good!! Just to see his face and that is nothing to what happens to me when I see him smile!!!!! Let me know what I need to do to make our Gerry the proper size. Thank You again Susan~, Jo
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOOOOUUUUU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOOOOOUUUU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LADY ELISSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY TOOOOOOO YOOOOUUU!!!!!!!! Be very glad you can't hear me sing that to you!!!! Hugs Birthday GAL, and kudos on making our incredible Gerry more known. Joanna
  6. Mornin' Everybody, Got my cuppa joe and am answering e's and then back to finishing baby blanket. Soooooo much to do today and yet will love doing it all!! But, it's pretty chilly today and even though have a pool heater, the air is way too cool to swim. We really never had a summer and I hate it. But at least it was better for people that have nothing to help them keep cool. So all in all it's still a good summer. Just needed to say HI and let you all know how much you all mean to me. Hugs Everybody, Jo
  7. Hey Cutie Guy!! I am already a member. So can I still be asking to be followed by any one here? Or is everyone already signed up with someone else, like you?? Jo
  8. Hey Holly!! Does this mean I can't invite any of my friends from GALS to also follow me on twitter? Jo
  9. Just stopping by to say HI!!! Am taking a rest from making blankets for a wee moment!! Hugs To ALL!! Jo
  10. Kathy, I love your siggy. This picture is so-so-so great and I love Zach's line. Kathy. I love your siggy as well. Gerry's gorgeous arms are always a beautiful sight to behold. And the line in the siggy is totally awesome. Very deep! Makes you think that it is something Gerry would say. Again, Thank You for all the help!! Jo
  11. OKAY!!!!!!! I am so happy right now, if Gerry was here I'd pick him up and love him to death!! And I am 14" shorter than him!! I got my new siggy on and with Kathy's help I got it right!! Thank You my Sweet Lady Kathryn and my Lady Frannie. I absolutely LOVE him!! Your Friend, Jo
  12. Good Mornin' Everybody!! Waiting for the coffee to finish perkin'. Nancy and Mousie I know whereof you speaketh. All my IV's at the hospital have to go in the back of my hands. I have rolling veins and my veins in my hands are very easy to get to. So after they keep trying my arms, they finally listen to me and put it in the back of my hands like I tell them the first time. I had so many bruises in my arms, that the kids teased me at school when I went back after my heart attack!!! lol, lol, lol!! So be careful Nancy and Mousie, You might get teased too!! HA, HA, HA!!! Hugs GALS, Jo
  13. Sweet Susan, You need to take a minute and smell the roses GAL. We need you so much here. You raise our spirits and keep us "legal"!! And that darlin' hubby of yours is gonna get lonesome without his lady! Be careful and take care of yourself for all of us and hubby especially!! Oh, and tell your j/k he doesn't get the time off when you need him to work!! lol, lol, lol!! Hugs Sweet Susan~ Jo
  14. Jobella, Good luck with the ultra full life. I know it's hard, but as April says, "you can do it"! I'm so proud of you for going back to school. Get while the getting is easiest. Even though it's not easy. Later in life is way much harder. I will keep you in my prayers always for strength and lots and lots of patience to get through it all. A nurse is a wonderful being. I love all my nurses most all the time when I am in the hospital. They make me feel cared about. You will be an awesome nurse. I can feel it!! Hugs Sweet Lady, Joanna
  15. Suzie and Libby, Thanks for the wonderful and uplifting pictures. The beautiful vista of where you are, has to be breathtaking!! To me the most beautiful part of where you are is that Gerry sees the same thing when he goes home and that he gazed upon when he was a wee laddie. Just to be where he lived and breathed and walked to me would be enough to light my fires of love for this incredibly entrancing man! I know....Jo..you are NUTS!!!! I could have worse addictions. Alcohol, drugs.....you know. But if this beautiful man is my only addiction...I'm a very lucky woman for it!! Gotta run. Coffee is ready and I am thirsty and hungry, What I would love for breakfast can't be here, as he is making a movie!! So coffee and cereal is all I get!! Hugs ALL, Joanna
  16. MORNIN" GALS!!! Coffee is a brewing' and I have to see our incredible man to start my day off right. He isn't mine here, but he is mine in my heart. OMG!! What a beautifuly adorable face to wake up to in the mornin'. A glorious man with a wee lil' boy in his heart that makes a woman want to cuddle and hold him 'til death do us part!! I just had to say HI for the day. Makin' a wee chicken salad for my daughter's jewelry party this afternoon and have to dress decently . I hate to dress up when it's hot out!!! But for her I will. Besides she is a pretty awesome daughter as daughter's go. I am so blessed! Awesome family, awesome friends, awesome man!!! I speak of the G-Man of course. Well, coffee is ready and I must drink so I can get me arse movin'. Hugs All Jo
  17. Hey Nancy, I totally agree. I will look for any small fluffy dog at a shelter when I can get one. My heart goes out to abandoned animals. How any body can just abandon an innocent animal is so beyond me. They should be abandoned too!! I just saw the LAC trailer and OMG the G-Man is phenominal!! I am so glad he chose to take that role instead of the lawyer!! Gerry is so incredible. Lord in heaven, what a man You have made. Thank You Father!!! Sooooo much!! I will definitely go see this one in the theatre as well as Gamer. I don't care if I have to take a cab!! Gerry is so awesome, he makes me shiver when I watch him. And let me tell you GALS, he is so intense when he tells Foxx to let him go or else!! I would not like to be on the receiving end of his anger. But that's our Gerry!! He is getting better and better as he plys his craft. Besides getting more gorgeous as the years go by! The man is totally, incredibly awesome!! God in heaven I love this entrancing man sooooo much!! Get a Gander at the trailer. You'll love it. Gerry is an awesome action man as well as an adorable rom-com man too!! The man can do it ALL!! Jo
  18. I just saw a guy that could pass for a younger Gerry or at least his brother!! His name is Luke Bryan and he is a country singer. I saw and heard him sing "Do I?" and he was wonderful. My Grand daughter noticed some similarities and called me in to see him. Yep he has so many of the mannerisms and some of the looks that Gerry portrays. But he is not our Gerry! NOBODY is our GERRY!!! But he is cute and he sings pretty swell!! Just thought I'd mention it!! Jo
  19. Hey Lil' Mousie, You are welcome. I am still praying for ya Babe. I had a physical for a job with Nestle Co. and the doctor told me that I had a four inch lesion on my left lung. He asked me if I had had scarlett fever or a couple of other things. But I said no. I told him I was on a swimming and diving team for three years, and when I did turns under water when I first started to swim, I would swallow water and have to hold it in 'til I resurfaced when I could spit it out. He told me that that had caused the damage to my lung. I had to be careful and never smoke and be careful to not catch colds or take care of them right away as they could turn into pnemonia!! I took good care of myself, I thought!!! Then I go and have a stroke, and a heart attack!! Go figure!! But I am soooo glad I never smoked. I have perfect lips albeit thinner. But no pucker marks and lines around them. I am lucky. So when I get to hug that gorgeous man and ask for my wee kiss, he will have nice lips to enjoy!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! You see then lol's? I had to laugh at that one myself!!!!! But seriously Sweet GAL, you be careful and take care. We need you. Your Friend, Jo
  20. OOOPS!!! I never noticed the faux pau!! I was too busy staring and drinking in the G-Man. Sorry about that!! Thanks for the heads up!! I have only been able to see the TUT once. No car and no $$$$. But when it comes out on DVD, my Debbie is getting me a copy!! Then we are going to have a Gerry night!! Love that man!! YUMMM!! Jo
  21. Oh Mousie, I am so happy . See, prayers really do work!! You just let us prayer warriors know when you need them and we will be there for you. As well as for all our GALS!! A lesion is a wound or injury you sustained in some way. Your 'guyney' will help you understand better. But Thank You dear Father for watching over pur Mousie. Bless You Sweetie, Jo
  22. Oh, BTW Cat...I love that picture of Gerry with his beautiful hair curling around his gorfeous ears. I have that one on the cover of my caledar that I carry in my purse. One woman at the Jewel asked me if that was my boyfriend and man was he gorgeous. I wished I could have said yes. But I told her he is Gerry Butler and she almost said "who" but I stopped her and told her he played in "300" and recently PSILY, and instantly she knew who he was. She still thought he was gorgeous. I told her she has damn good taste in men!! Then we laughed together and drooled a wee bit as well!! A few of the other gals at the store came over and they instantly knew who he was too and they were drooling as well. God in heaven I love this man!! Just wanted you to know, I do notice the siggy's too. Some of them are so awesome, they bely simple words for description. I am so happy with mine that it's going to be hard to change when fall comes and then winter. Just had to comment about your siggy too. I love those curls around Gerry's ear. He has such beautiful hair!! Hugs Sweet 'Kitty' Cat!! Your Friend Jo
  23. Bless you Mousie and I will pray hard for you tonight and tomorrow and on and on!! We need sweet Lil' you here. Our 'family' would miss one of it's bestest memembers if you got too sick to be here. So, I will pray verra, verra hard for you. Hugs and lots of Love Sweet Mousie, Jo
  24. Our Frannie rocks big time. She has the touch. But so do becozy and beachie gals. I have had three siggy's and each one is absolutely the most beautiful siggys ever. Doesn't this one capture that gorgeous man's beautiful come-hither eyes?? He is just too too!! Barb and Beachie and Frannie hit it right on the mark for me! They seem to just be able to 'feel' me and what I would love and, yep, they hit it every time. I fall in love with my siggy's and can't change them very well. Even though I love absolutely every picture of this incredibly entrancing man, there are some that just knock me right over and make me gasp with total delight. Did you get to see the photo I chose that Barb matted and framed for my prize? He is so beautiful in it. I love his eyes so much and a part of his hand with his bracelet is in it and OMG that arm with that man hair on it makes me drool knowing that there is more of that man that is a total delight to the eye. Man Candy at it's incredibly best!! Barb did a fantastic job. I have the best friends ever here. Tracy won a picture too and I have yet to know which one. I have to go and ask her. I got myself a camera this week and I am 'learning' it!! I'll get with someone to help me put pics on as soon as I learn how to make the pics good. I have one already of my Grand Daughter and she just had her hair colored in time for school. It's bright redish pink!! Her teachers love to guess what color is next. She is such a girlie girl and if I said that to her, she'd kill me dead!!!!! But she is young and we don't mind because she gets awesome grades and we figure when she gets older, maybe in her 50's!! lol, lol, lol!! she'll stop coloring it!! Really, she is a good kid and we know it's for fun. Well, bed time and boy am I tired. Lots of house work today. Hugs Sweet One, Jo
  25. Hey 'Kitty Cat', That "someone" was dorky me!! I do that sometimes. But I am happy to hear all is well and hug them puppies for me too!! And I am jealous of your new laptop!! Hugs 'Kitty Cat", Jo
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