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  1. Morning Gals, I just saw that pic of Gerry in fedora. I agree with all comments about Him. He only gets better looking as He gets older too!!! Last Saturday I received two movies of Gerry that I bought on line and I have net-flix, and another movie of Him came that day. Three movies of Gerry in one day,OMG!!!!! I was so thrilled I could hardly go run errands, all I wanted to do was stay home and enjoy Gerry!!!! But I did errands and when I got home, I disappeared in my "Gnome Home" and watched Gerry all the rest of the day,evening and night!!! He is so thrilling to watch. Love the Man, Joanna : :cleavage2
  2. Hi Donnie, I agree with you about the box office stuff. I'm so proud of Our Gerry but many other actors make one actor look so good. I am prejudiced about Gerry, but I notice that other actors are pretty good as well. I'm more than happy that Gerry is finally getting His due. He deserves it. Brad Pitt has made some pretty good movies, "13 Monkey's" with the equally great actor Bruce Willis, and they were both very good in their roles. But, I look forward to Our Gerry making movies that put Him in such roles that test His ability to act. He has done some pretty great roles, but there is depth to this Man that has not been plumbed yet. Gerry's got IT!!!, all the way. Look out world, Herrrrrrrressssss Gerry!!!!! Love to All, Joanna
  3. Love It!!!!! Gerry is, was, and always will be WHITE-HOT!!! I agree about the accent. Why can't they just let Him talk the way does. The world is becoming smaller and everyone is mixing together more. He can, and should, be able to keep His accent. It's a beautiful part of His charm,(not that He needs any help in that department). But the way He talks should not have to be an issue. He talks great. Let the writers work around His accent. Not all the movies He makes have to have an American accent, He's not an American!!!! His acting ability is what counts, and He does that pretty darn good!!! And as for the movie "Crank", that was a dirty trick to Jason Statham. He is a great actor with an awesome body. He was so good in "Transporter" 1 and 2. He needs more movies like that. I'd like to see Gerry, Jason, and Alex O'Loughlin, make a movie together as Buds, and good guys. Wow, what a rush!!!! Love the Gerry Man forever and ever, Joanna
  4. Dear God Gals, I hope I haven't done anything or said anything upsetting!!! I only want to have a good place to talk about Our Man with a great bunch of Gals who feel the same. I did mention that if there was ever anything I could do to help, I could do it, but that's the old lady in me wanting to have friends that understand how I feel about Gerry and not make fun of me. I'm sorry if I made anyone think I was trying to get info or pushing myself into their lives. I just want to be able to be there if needed for Gerry and His Gals. Thank You, Joanna
  5. Dear Susan, I hope I may call you Susan. Thank you for the alert. This person has not asked me for anything and not told me anything that is detrimental to us or Gerry. But I will be very careful if, for no other reason, but to protect Gerry and of course, us. I truly Thank you Gals so much for this website to talk about Gerry. I cannot talk to anyone else, as they think I am wacky!! My daughter says "you'll get over it". I don't think so!! I still remember the first words I ever heard Gerry speak and I will never forget that He was smiling that cute smile an telling Billy, His brother in the movie, "so the first day that he arrived------!!! Gerry was trying to give Billy an example of what not to say to the Queen. Anyway, you've seen the movie and you know what I mean. That adorable smile and accent and that quirk He has with His mouth. Fell and am still falling. He's the Greatest!!!! I Love You Gals for what you have done for Gerry. You are so wonderful to me also, Joanna
  6. Hi Susan, I read most all the blogs that were directed to the convention and enjoyed them immensly. I saw a YouTube piece from a newscast in New York, I think, pertaining to Gerry's fan base and how He is the only actor to have a convention for Him by His fans!!! It made me so thrilled!! You are the most fortunate woman in the world to get to go to the convention. I am totally jealous. I can still love Gerry from here in ILL. He's still beautiful no matter where I am. I don't know if you have read any of my e-mails, but I have watched Gerry grow into the fantastic actor He is and is still becoming, since 1997 when I fell in love with Him when He started to talk to Bill Connelly in the movie "Mrs. Brown". That accent and quirk He has with His mouth, when it goes to the left, OMG!!! That was it!! And ever since I have watched for movies of Him and enjoyed seeing Him grow in every way. He is the most all around awesome Man, Person and Human being I have been privileged to watch. What you said about Him and Tonya, was so nice, I wish I could put into words the way I feel about Him too. Tonya sounds like a wonderful assistant. Why is she "former" assistant? I can't believe Gerry would let her go. She sounds too wonderful to lose! I'll let you go now and look forward to e-mailing you again soon. And also, if there is anything I can do to help in anyway, let me know. I told "becozy" that I am "retired" and even though I go to school, I can be a help to anyone that needs it. Love to all you wonderful "MOD GALS", Your friend, Joanna
  7. Hi 'Paige', I know what you mean, but it does happen more often than we know and we are only aware because of Our Man. Also, why the H does He always have to die so much??? I know He probably doesn't die as much as I think, but it sure hurts when He does. Thank God it's only in the movies. Let's just hope that they get the other movies that were coming up and are now on hold, straightened out. I think if they would start putting in more "unknowns" that are up and coming, we'd get more movies done. Believe me, if I had money to give to get Gerry in more movies, I'd do it. I think the "Burns" movie is supposed to be on hold(maybe) because of lack of money. That's what I heard. May not be true(hope not). I am so looking forward to seeing Him in that movie!! But, I look forward to seeing Him in any movie. The Man is awesome in every way He can be awesome in!!! Thanks for the chance to say Hi!!! Write soon, Joanna
  8. Hi Donnie, I have a pretty good idea of how His day goes. Up early, eat a quick breakfast, makeup and wardrobe department. On set, take and retake of scenes that are frought with many hazards due to the content of the film. Gerry spent 4 to 6 hours having them apply makeup in the Phantom, and although the "Game" may not need that much makeup, it still takes time to look the way the actors do. And as you and I both know, Gerry puts Himself into His roles to such a degree that it must truly wear Him down. I just know that He looked very tired in the pics from the Victorias Secret show. Us fans love Him so much that I only pray that He will be okay, health wise. He is too awesome a man and actor to lose. You have a wonderful week and if you celebrate the upcoming holidays, may you have a wonderful time. Write soon, Joanna
  9. This is for everyone that remarked about the fact that Gerry was not mentioned in some goofy magazine. Yes it's goofy if they can't see that Gerry is so awesome. But anyway, Gerry is getting up there in the movie biz and He will always be Our Man. We just have to keep pushing Him to those that are still not aware of what an awesome actor we have coming forth. Gerry is the greatest. And I wish they would stop making Him talk with an American accent! I'm American, but it was His accent and that cute quirk to the left side of His mouth that hooked me from the "Mrs. Brown" movie, 'til this day and 'til I die. Gerry is such a great actor, that unfortunately he will become a "commodity". He has the ability to make you feel the character that He is playing, good, bad or whatever!! That is not always an easy accomplishment for an actor. He's got that ability. But whatever He wants, no matter what it may be, He deserves it. Gerry we Love You. Joanna
  10. Thanks "Brumie" for the uphift. I worry too much about Gerry, like a Mother hen. That's me!! I just know that as Gerry gets rolling, He may think "I better not show signs of slowing down"!!! He is so commited. God Love Him. I have watched Him grow for 11 years and he gets better constantly. He is an awesome actor. I just watched "Shooters" again and I can't get over how Gerry can change so quickly and so convincingly, I was amazed all over again. I know, I'm horribly prejudiced when it comes to Gerry, but He is awesome. I also watched "The Cherry Orchard" for the first time and when I saw the credits I was so mad, they spelled Gerry's name wrong. Gerald!! But His acting was Him Himself. Love Him always!!Gotta go, we are going to my other daughter's for Thanksgiving dinner and this is one of those days when I actually try to look like a woman. You know, makeup, jewelry, nice clothes, you know the bit!! I usually am working on some art project and paint and cement and such, ruins clothes, as you would guess, so I usually look like a bag of old clothes in a chair!!!! Again, Thanks, and write soon, Joanna
  11. Hi Donnie, And Thank You for the great wish. I'll have a wonderful day with my family. I don't have to cook amymore!!!! It's fun. My daughter is great. Anyway, I agree that probably the Vic show was right on top of other things that Our Man was doing and,yep!, He probably wishes He were in bed sleeping. But Gerry is such a hardworking and commited Man, He is also so thoughtful of others feelings that He would give up something for Himself to make others happy. God Love the Man. I know He is an adult, but I still worry about Him, like a Mom would worry about her son. Gerry and my son are the same age and I worry about my son alot. But, as you say, He is very intelligent and works so hard, that I think I am sure that He will take a rest. I'm so glad to hear about other movies that are in the works for Him. I'm disappointed about the ones that appear to be falling thrpugh. But Gerry is an awesome actor, as you say, more will come His way. Joanna
  12. Lisa,You are so on the mark about GC, and I agree, Gerry is a big box office draw for a lot of people, and I keep pushing Him as the gorgeous Man that He is and the awesome actor He is. He gets better with age in everyway possible. I see how much He has grown since Mrs. Brown. He was cute, now He is absolutely the most beautiful Man on the face of this world. Has been, will always be because of His humility, human side, humour, intelligence and all around Nice Guy. Love Him forever, Joanna
  13. OMG, You are so right!!! What's the matter with Gerry's pubs!! We Gals need to be His pubs. Or at least let them know what a bunch of losers they are. Gerry is the Hottest Man on two feet, or anywhere else His gorgeous body is, sitting, laying down(be still my aching heart!!). So what is the matter with people??? I can hardly wait for PSILY. What an awesome Christmas gift!!!! I will never buy anything that doesn't have Gerry on, in, or about Him. I am an 11 year woman and still going strong!!!! Gerry's 1996 vet, Joanna
  14. Hi Iliessa, I just saw the "Jury" and I agree about how Gerry was so powerful in that part. I lived with an alcoholic for twenty-three years. It was horrible. I am so proud of Gerry, that's a sickness that's hard to kick. But, Gerry is strong and with our prayers He will never go back. We all love Him so much, that that should help. I want for Gerry all that is good and beautiful in life for Him and His family. He has worked so hard to get where He is and still going, that I do ask the Lord to help Gerry still keep going for Himself and family and Us!!! I have been in love with Gerry for 11 years and I will stay in love with Him forever. He's the MAN! He will do other parts well, but while He is still young enough to take the bumps and bruises of an action hero, He should go with the flow. Even Bruce Willis is still going strong, and I loved the last Die-Hard. Bruce is still a fantastic actor. But Gerry hits me in the heart, just like He did in Mrs. Brown. I also heard on a news show, that Gerry is the only actor to have a fan club convention for Him. Cool!!!!! He deserves It!!!! There are not enough words that are strong or clear enough to describe how wonderful Gerry is to me and to us all! Did you see "The Cherry Orchard"? They spelled Gerry's name Gerald!!!! Dorks!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe, Joanna
  15. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I'm in Illinois and the weather here is cold and wet and promises to be the same tomorrow. Yuck!!! I was sorry to see that there were no pics of the Man on the set of "Game". But, soon. I'm sorry to see that we won't be able to see the movie for more than a year. Ouch! But Gerry is worth the wait. I saw some pics of Him at the Victoria's Secret show and OMG He looks soooooo tired!!!! My heart was breaking as I"m sure His Mom's is also hurting for her Son. Things are appearing to crash around Him in the movie department. Capone is on hold, Burns is ?????, Escape is gone!! What the H is happening to our Gerry's life???? If I could write a movie for Him, I would. My artistic talent lies only in the hands on department. Particularly sculpture. I will be putting in loads of prayers for Our Man. I cannot stand to see all He has worked so hard for dissipate before His eyes. Gerry deserves more than that. Keep up the wonderful work Our Beautiful Man!!! We love you much. Joanna P.S. I live in the Usa in Elgin, Illinois and have been a lover of Gerrys' work since 1996 when I saw the cute quirk he has to the left side of His mouth, and the awesome accent!!! That was it for me and I have watched Him grow as the years pass. Thanks Everybody for this site.
  16. I'm sorry that I did not see this place to send Our Man Happy Birthday greetings. I wished Him Happy Birthday in my heart and many more. I watched every movie that I could get my hands on that day. A Gerry-athon all day. OMG it was great!!! Can't have Him, can dream Him. I chickened out on sending Him the ornaments I made for Him and His Mum. I am so afraid that he will not get them and they were hard work. Marbleizing is a very difficult process and I made a black and white mableized for Gerry and a dark purple and white marbleized for His Mum to say Thank You for the wonderful man that she is sharing with Us, His fans. By the way, did anyone notice that in "The Cherry Orchard" the credits spell Gerry's name wrong??? They spell it Gerald!!!!!! I was PO'd. Happy Thanksgiving to All You Great Fans, Joanna
  17. Dear Betts, I didn't send the ornaments to Gerry. I chickened out right now, maybe in December. I"m not sure. My daughter had a really cool party a couple of Saturday's ago, and because it was a theme party about some show her and her friends watch, I had to leave because I didn't watch the shows, nor do I want to. But one of the Gals coming would be mad if "Ma" was stuck in her room, which I would like to have been. But I went over to my other daughter's house and she introduced me to Torchwood. A new British show on TV. It was cool. Anyway, when I got home the party was winding down and my daughter said, that since I was such a good sport about leaving she had a gift for me. The gift(s) were fridge magnets. One was "Chillin' with my Gnommies", everybody calls me a little Gnome, because I'm only 5' tall and even my 13 year old Grandson is taller than me!!!! It's in good fun. She also gave me a magnet for Our Gerry, "Idon't have a Foul mouth, I just like to F__k alot. Gerry's favorite word!! I love it!!! But, I probably won't ever send it to Him unless HE personnally asks for it, which is very unlikely. But it's His when He wants it. Well, wanted to say Hi and this week is our Thanksgiving and I am, in prayer, Thanking God and Gerry's Mum for giving us Gerry. Also, I thank you all for having this webnet for us to tell how we feel about that awesome Man. Thanks Much, Joanna
  18. Hi jenn, Thank You for the update of Gerry's new movie. I am so excited about all His movies. I am slowly collecting His movies as I can afford them. My first movie with Gerry was the Mrs. Brown movie and when I watched Gerry talk I totaly fell in love with the Man. That was in 1996, and my love for Him has grown as He grows. I only know He gets better as He gets older. The Man is the most awesome actor I have had the pleasure to watch because of His ability to put His feeling across and make you, the watcher feel the pain, anguish, happiness, love,anything He does. Real feelings are a hard thing to portray and Gerry does it exceptionally well. I only this summer received my own computer and went right on to find out more about Him. My kids think I'm obsessed, Yep!!! I am!!!! Gerry has such carisma and intelligence and love for His acting and for us, He is Awesome!!! Can you tell how much I love this Beautiful Man. Thank you for sharing this update with us. Joanna, Gerry's Ocean Gal since 1996 Nov 19 2007 8:00 AM EST *mod edit: to separate the post from the quoted article*
  19. So are you Samwise. We love to hear from a Man also. Joanna
  20. I totally agree with you. I like him unconditionally. I think he's a wonderful person and a great actor. All positives for me. I love seeing photos of him. :tasty:
  21. Hi All, Saw pictures of Our Man in L.A. OMG, He is always awesome to look at, but He looks so tired, you can see it in his eyes. And He looks so strained. I know He is working so hard, but Dear God, don't let Him have a collapse. We need Him for Our Man to love and admire. I have been loving Him more and more for 11 years and it would kill me if I thought that He would have a collapse from over work! I will pray that He gets some rest soon. Thank You to all that get these picture for Us. I truly Love you for it. Joanna
  22. Good Morning to All the beautiful Gerry Fans!!!! I saw a statement that some one thought that River Phoenix was the guy that gave Indy the Fedora. It was River Phoenix that played young Indy and the Fedora was given to him by Richard Young. To make sure, I went and rented the movie "Last Crusade". But, I agree, Gerry would have made an Awesome Indy Jr. Jr.!!! But we have to keep pushing. We could get him for other similar movies. He needs to show more of that awesome body. I said in one fan letter that they show lots of female skin, but what about us gals that are not interested in female skin!!!. I want to see more of the King Leonidas type of skin and "clothes???" Yeow!!! And what happened to hair on a man's chest? My grandbaby says that it's not the style today and that guys shave it off!!! No, No, NO!!! That's not right!!! She says that she heard the saying "Grass doesn't grow on a busy playground", I say " not if it is well tended!!!" Hair, not too much, like Gerry' s or Pierce Brosnan or that new guy Alex O'Loughlin, that's enough. And it's sexy!!! (to me and alot of gals I know). Bye for now, anyone can write anytime, I will answer asap. Love to All You Gerry Fans, Joanna
  23. Hi Jon, I am new to the computer and sometimes I screw up. So if I don't put this in correct, please forgive me. But I agree so much with you about the Fans making the difference, and I try to tell everyone that Gerry will get to us when He can. I Thank God everyday that Gerry is making more movies for Us to see. And I have suggested that if help is needed for sending out mailings for Our Man, I would be happy to help, as I am retired and only go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.(I'm in a sculpture class.) Not much homework but what I get I am able to do fast. So, with time on my hands and acess to a computer, I can help alot. Could you tell me how I can get the awesome pictures of Gerry on the left side of My screen and although I am proud to be dubbed Archie's Ocean Gal, I would still like to have the recurring pictures of Him since He started out in films. I only received a computer this past couple of months and am still learning to use it. Which is why I have never been able to join Gerry's fan club before. Or started one in 1996!!!! when I saw Him in Mrs. Brown, running through the Ocean with Billy Connelly and as I watched Him talk and His ability to portray His feelings so well. I knew here was a new Leading Man coming up. I never knew it would be so high! He gets better with age and more handsome as He matures, but that accent and that beautiful quirk he has to his mouth when he talks, Dear God, I'm too old to feel this way about a Man I will never meet. But there it is, I do!!!!! Sorry to go on so, but it feels good to tell someone else that understands what I feel. Keep up the good work and Thanks to All that give us fans a place to talk about Our Man. Joanna P.S. What is the "Wrath of the Gods" about?? If Gerry's in it I want to know how to order it. Joanna
  24. River Phoenix played Young Indiana Jones, but the guy that gave Indy his hat was someone else. I'll look into it and get back with you gals. Joanna
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