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  1. Mel, I agree with you and I wish I could remember who that guy was. I used to have that movie, but as with many other items of mine, it got lost when I lost my house and now I have to get it in DVD. But right now, I am busy collecting Gerry's movies. My daughter says that Gerry doesn't look like a "Gerry", it seems too informal for such a handsome man. I agree, and since I call Him Our Man, I can let everyone else call Him what they want. I also agree with someone else on our website, that He can pull off almost any look and still be the most gorgeous hunk of Manhood on the Planet. am so glad that he is sooooo busy, but I would love to know that hew would be at the convention next summer and if I could save enough and also rent a "scooter' to get around with, I'd love to come. I'll try to check in on it. Talk at ya later. Loving Our Man forever, Joanna
  2. Betts, Thanks for the info. I'm sorry that it "appears" that as Gerry gets more famous, that we may all be forgotten. He has to know that there are those of us here in the good ole' USA that would be glad to filter mail and answer letters for Him and save the ones that He really needs to see. The ones that are general, a form letter could be dictated by him and copied out with His signature and sent on. I"m retired and I would Love to do that for Him. I know He is as busy as hell, thank God, but someone in His group of helpers could put out an e-mail to ask for support from us Fans. I don't want Him to lose fans because He is busy. I want Him to stay busy. The public is fickle, and there are so many awesome looking guys coming into thier own as well as Gerry. I myself will always Love Him as I have for almost 11 years. That will not change. But I am worried He will lose touch to the point that we will no longer be important. He is my First and only Movie Star "Crush", and He will always be. Let's hope that since he is so busy that when He gets through with the movies He is making right now, that He will have time to read some of His fan mail and get back with Us who Love Him so much. Thanks Betts for reading and writing back. It is much appreciated. Joanna
  3. Hi ladyfran, I was reading your cute note about our Gerry. Yes, the man looks awesome no matter what his weight. I think what I love about him is his "human" side. The looks are an extra wonderful part of him. I could listen to him talk for hours and never get bored. I mostly like to watch his mouth when he talks, it relaxes me and makes me wish that I could see him some day and just talk. I'm not stupid and I know this is in the realm of "impossibl dreams"! But, it would be great. I am new at this computer gig, so I don't have pics of Our Man, but since this is an old computer and about to be re-built for me, I am going to have Gerrry pics for my screen saver and my computer guy is going to teach me how to do "stuff". Loving You All, Joanna
  4. Hi GALS, I just read all the Gerryisms and found that someone remembered us older GALS! Thank you so much. I have a guestion that is making me worried. My friend just called me and told me that the ornaments that I made for Gerry and His Mum(for Gerry's Birthday and for his Mum for Christmas) will never get to him personnally. That they are given away to charities. And also, that the letter I write to him will also not get to him, even when he is resting between movies. Is this true? I know he is very busy, thank God, but I had hoped that he would someday get to read his own mail. Even if it isn't for a year. But the ornaments I hand made have his name and his Mum's on them and they are not meant for anyone else. If he will never get to even see them, then I will do something else with them. Please let me know if this is true. I know he gets a lot of gifts and he could never keep them all. But I have no money to take trips and see him in person and can only buy one movie at a time, as I am on disability and can only afford them that way. This was the only way I could tell him how much I love Him and His work and also to thank his wonderful Mum for giving us Him. Please GALS let me know if this is indeed true! Thanking You ahead of time for the help, Joanna
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