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  1. Lady E!!, You are awesome GAL!! Hence the "Lady E!". I give everyone I love and adore nicknames. Usually they are cute, in your case and Kathy's and a few others, they are regal! You deserve a regal nickname like my Lady Kathryn!! For our Dr, Em, I call her Queen D. Barb is Queenie B. Susan is Queen Susan~, I could go on but you get the idea. I call Lisa, 'phoenixgirl', "Lily Bug" because that is the same name as my beloved adopted daughter Lisa. I know, "you're a goof ball Jo!!" But that is my way of showing my love and admiration to those that are so good to me. My cat that I had to give up was named "Smore's" I called her Smorsie! Dear God I loved that baby. She was something else. She drove my daughter crazy while I was in the hospital with my stroke for three weeks. She paced the house and meowed constantly!!! My daughter, to encourage me to work hard to get home, told me if I didn't get home soon, she was going to make a pair of slippers out of Smorsie. One would have a head and the other a tail!!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL! Animals have a way of knowing when their mistress or master is gone, that they miss them and want them back!!! But I did work hard and got home and 95% recovered, after 21 days since the stroke and complete paralization of left side. God has His way of changing your life to make it better. He sure changed mine and I am so happy, all around. You take care of yourself. The kitties need you very much. God Bless and love you and your family!! Jo
  2. Lady E!!! You are so wonderful to take in stray cats. I give you kudos and lots of !! Most people would NEVER do that. Just either push them back out or poison them to get rid of them. Me, I take them in in a flash too! Dogs and cats are my loves. I hope they all take to living inside with you. It's safer for them. Hugs Sweet Lady E!! Jo
  3. Hey "Kitty" Cat, What the heck do you mean "no baby"? Did I miss something somewhere? It's like me to do that. But I am hoping you didn't mean you. I know you are too smart for that to happen. If it happens, I will be happy to have you move here by me so I can watch the wee barin 'til they reach the running stage. I don't run anymore. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! Heck, my daughter paid me $35.00 to do a jumping jack because it was so hilarious, not just funny, totally hilarious!!!! I wouldn't do it and she offered to pay for a Christmas gift for me to make for my handicapped girl friend. And I did it and my daughter and her friend laughed so hard, it had to be ten minutes or more before they stopped. After they got their breath, they hugged me said they were not laughing at me, but with me because I was laughing so hard as well. Believe me, it was verra, verra, verra, verra funny!!! You take care Sweetie and let me know if there is anything besides prayers you need. Hugs and Lots of Purring, Jo
  4. You are a delightful 'trip' Sapphyre!!! If there are jobs by you and April decides to move by you, you will both have a ball!! You are such a delight to read. You'd have such a good time together gushing over the G-Man. I am praying for you to get the job you want, but you are smart to keep the one you have until you get the one you really want. Good Luck Sweetie. Your Jo
  5. OMG April, That is the lamest excuse for not hiring someone I ever heard. It's too bad you can't sue them for discrimination. Hard to prove. Although, if you put that on the application, there is NO excuse on their part. It's rather flimsy. It's the managments world right now, but it will turn again and people will be the power again. But jobs and places of employment are nothing like they were anymore. You can't count on turning the same door knob for your work life anymore. They make sure of that. But the "pendulum" swings both ways all the time. Right now it's on the side of business and someday, the Lord only knows when, it will swing back for the people. You hang in there sweet one and we will all pray for you. HARD!!!! Hugs Always, Jo
  6. Peggy, My son had a Chinese Akita, Keyo. He died of old age three years ago and Rob wanted a Cane Corso. He waited two years for the one he finally got last October. He will be as big as a Rotweiler but all black except for a tiny white flame mark on his chest. Came to find out that since my son waited patiently for his sog of choice for two years and called every month for an update, they sold him a show quality dog. And OMG you can see it in Higgs when he stands looking out at something. He is a sweetheart to family and yet people are totally terrified of him just seeing him. He is beautiful. It's an Italian breed and so smart, it's kinda scary. But I have been handling him since he was eight weeks old. Even though he is only ten months old, he is huge and beautiful. I'll get a pic. He has an egg a day mixed with this special food just for dogs of breed type. It costs a fortune. But Rob wants Higgs to be totally healthy. He takes him in for his check ups on schedule. He really loves his dog. We always treated our animals like family and they gave as good as we gave. I love animals. When we are in the pool Higgs stands on the side of the pool and watches us and you can see he wants to jump in. He loves water!! But the pool has a liner and we are afraid he will tear it. So, Rob douses him down with the hose and he is so adorable trying to eat the water!!! LOL, LOL, LOL!!! His name is Higgs-Bosun. My son named him after the two scientists doing the Big Bang experiment (in Sweden I think is )! They say they are trying to recreat the "God Particle". So Rob says if the world should come to an end, Higgsy will be there to save us, because he is the God Particle!!! We all laugh and so does Rob. But Higgsy is beautiful and very regal looking even though at this time he is an obnoxiuos snot. But he is wonderful and well worth the trouble of getting him raised. Loyalty is a prevalent part of this dog. Total protection of owner and family and property. Very obedient when trained properly. Will not attack unless told to . Rob is traing him all the time. Keyo was an awesome dog. I loved him so much, I cried my eyes out when he died of old age. It killed my son. He was despondent for a long time. You son's Akita will be an awesome dog if trained patiently and carefully. Keyo was totally loyal to my son. Hugs Peggy, Jo
  7. Me Too Anne, At least someone got a job!! My poor Grand Baby can't get one and neither can my daughter's fiance. He's been out of work since December!! His prideis taking a hell of a beating. But we love him and he is truly needed in our lives. So we just tell him as often as possible. Good Luck Darlin'!! Jo
  8. HEY April, I just went back to the Gallery with your post. Thank You so much. I sure needed that pick me up right now. I smiled and loved every minute of Gerry and he wee darlin' nieces. They are so beautiful and they love their Uncle. But, I do too!!!! Or, I guess we all do!! Every time I look at this incredible man I ask myself why???? Why do I still love him so much. He is not the classically gorgeous handsome studly man. But there is some quality about this awesome man that makes him look so much more handsome and virile and sexy and positivly magnificently beautiful, that my love for him has grown and grown over the last twelve years. And he still makes me catch my breath every, single time I see him appear on the screen in a movie, any movie, I am watching of his. Or a picture of his anywhere he is appearing. Kathy sent me a DVD of "Mrs. Brown" so I could put my VHS tape away of "Mrs. Brown" to preserve it and not ruin it from palying it so much. It's twelve years old!!! I put it away in a plastic bag and sealed it up and put it in my 'Gerry' gallery! My gallery is getting very full and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! So, thank you for the smiles. I need them right now. Everyone is gone for the next four days and I am all alone. So, I have to carry the phone around with me everywhere I go and if I don't answer by the fourth ring, they will call back and if I don't answer by the fourth ring the second time, they are calling the police to come to the house. This is kinda silly. But, I can't go near the back stairs or go down to the basement or else. They are so afraid of my falling again. I am too. So I go verra slowly. Heck I don't want to fall either!! That hurt---a lot!!!! Now I have to have back surgery because I fell down the stairs and messed up my vertebra. Need surgery, which I was getting but can't have because of my meds from the heart attack in April. GOD, I sound like a MESS! But I feel so okay, just my legs don't want to work so good right now because of the pinched nerve!! I HATE THIS!!! But those pics were so sweet and I had to smile over the smiles of the wee babes and their big gorgeous uncle Gerry. I love pics like that. Your Are Sweet!! Jo
  9. OH Sue, I am so happy for you. "Bonnie" is so adorable. I am also jealous as well. "No Animals Allowed here"!! Instructions from the head 'witchy pooh'!! But I'd rather live with my daughter right now than be alone. So, it's okay for now. But that lil' Baby Doll puppy is the MOST!! She will fall in love with you because of the lovely woman you are and she will feel that kindness from you. Enjoy her for me too. I love dogs and cats soooo much. But I can live without them while I am here with my daughter. But when I move into a retirement center, I am going to get a wee doggie. I think I will just go to the shelter and get one that is small and will stay small. I can't really see spending so much money on a dog when there are so many that truly need a loving home which I will provide. So, I re-thought my idea about a Bishon Freise (sp) and now I will save a puppy instead. Like you are doing with Wee Bonnie!! God Bless you my Earth Angel, Sue! Jo
  10. Hey Cat, Thanks for the HI. Miss being here as much as I would like. Trying to finish a baby afghan this week to mail out to someone special before the week is over. Frantic!!! But it keeps me from getting to be on GALS as much as I want to. OH well, at least I can sneak a peak every so often and get to post sometimes. Better than not at all! I'd die without getting to see this gorgeous hunk of male pulchritude as often as possible. OMG, what a man!!! Well, gotta go to the store and since I have to wait for a ride, have to go when the driver wants me to go!! Back Later with Lots of Hugs and to look at pics. Jo
  11. Suzie!!!!!, You have an awesome trip Suzie GAL, and give Anna and Moira our love and you especially have fun, fun, fun!! I am so happy for you. This is great!! Isn't this site awesome????? The wonderful women and friends I have made here fill my life with such happiness and love. I'll be watching for pics and posts about your wonderful time. Hugs Sweet Suzie, Your Friend Always, Jo
  12. Hey Everybody!!! Got my VC pic on Wednesday afternoon and had to e-mail Barb and Thank her sooooo much. Gerry is so beautiful and Barb did a fantastic job on the matteing and framing. Again, Thank You Barb! Gerry is so incredible, I had to sit down and write to her just to let her know how special she is to have taken so much time and put so much love into my pic of Gerry. Every time I see him I will think of my GALS and especially Barb. God in heaven, I love it here. I don't know how to post a pic here yet, I will learn soon. But maybe when Barb has a moment, she could show the pic she made for me. It's so awesome and he is so gorgeous, it takes my breath away everytime I see it!! And a part of his awesomly gorgeous hand and wrist is in the pic and I love Gerry's hands and arms and, and, and, I love every lil' thing about this man. Just somethings are a wee bit more special. Like his face, eyes, mouth, nose, lips, ears, neck, chest, shoulders, torso, hips, legs, feet................I guess that's everything. I hope!! Yep, all of him. Yeah, all of him is pretty special. I love the way he walks and how he struts without really strutting and how his beautiful feet walk straight and not out like a duck. His long gorgeous arms hang down by his sides and move with him so gracefully. There is soooooo much more about Gerry that I have noticed over the almost thirteen years I have watched this incredible man ply his craft so well and meet and greet his public in such am adorable way. He is almost, but not entirely, too good to be true. But I thank God in heaven everyday for giving Gerry to us to love and enjoy. And because of this wonderful man, I have made some of the most beautiful friends I have ever had the privlege to get to call friends. Thank You Gerry and especially, Dayna and Barb and all the MODS for this wonderful site. Hugs and Lots of Love to You All!! Your Joanna
  13. DQ, Thanks bunches GAL. Frannie is the bomb!! She made it and when I saw Gerry like that, I totally had to gasp! He is sooooo come hither and swim with me cool looking!! I love my siggy's. Bee made my first one and I had that one for a verra long time and then when I saw Gerry in sepia, Beachie and I thought up an appropriate siggy with Gerry in hoodies! Beachie is awesome as well as Bee and Frannie. These GALS are so good, you give them a wee bit of an idea and they are fantastic. So, THANK YOU to my Frannie for the beautiful siggy. Gerry will be there for a good bit of time. Or, at least until fall comes. Hugs "Sweet" GAL, Jo
  14. Hi Susan~ Thanks Susan~ just knowing you care about us is enough for me and makes me feel better. Thanks again Special Susan! Now Frannie, What happened????? I have been so busy cleaning and cooking and as you know with my bum back and right knee that is to be replaced next year. I can totally feel your pain too!!! And it takes me forever to get things done so it takes me longer to do things than it used to. I HATE IT!!!!! I will pray a wee bit harder for you Frannie. I still have my wet Gerry on my screen. Everytime I touch my mouse, I get a hitch in my throat. He is so gorgeous and then when I post, I get the hitch again. This man STILL makes me catch my breath and I get all tumbly in my tummy. He makes me gasp with delight every single time I see or hear him. My Lord in heaven, I am so totally immersed in this incredbly entrancing man, I need HELP!!!! So I totally thank you a million times for the awesome views of this beautiful man. Geeze, you'd think I would have gotten used to seeing and hearing him after almost thirteen years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a whit!!!!!! Gerry still makes me tremble with..................oh, how do I say this? Well, you ALL know what I feel. I have often wondered how come I can still feel this way and even more so after all this time. I think it's because Gerry is not only so entrancing and has such an awesome ability to make you feel his character, but that there are so many facets to him and he is able to bring those many personalities to his craft and make us love him as anyone he is. But truth be told, I love him in the action movies the most. Yet any movie he is in is O...K...A...Y with me. Just to get to see him and hear him is all I care about. I can accept this gloious man no matter what he wants to do. I have babbled on again, ssoory! But Frannie you take care of yourself and I will try and be on more now that the party is over. (Thank God!!!!) Love Ya, Jo
  15. Thanks Sandy, When I think about Gerry, my heart feels so wonderful. To know how totally right I was about him so many years ago. And he has turned out to be so much more than I thought he would be. I love to hear all the beautiful things everyone saya about him. He is truly and incredible man all the way. I hardly ever remember my night dreams but I dream about him all the time in the day time!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. I know, 'Jo, you are a weirdo!!!' But Gerry makes my life so wonderful and he isn't in it more than as a movie star!! But if he were mine, and OMG do I wish he was, I would always be there and he would never have to worry that he would not be the only one. And I don't care about all the women that are in his life. I would KNOW he would be coming home to me and I would never let him down. The man is more than 'just a guy', he is truly a 'friend'. He is an inspriation and all the good he inspires is so awesome and I don't think he really even realizes how influential he is as 'just a man'!! I don't doubt his word about his relationships, but he also isn't a "kiss and tell" type of man and if he wants anyone to know about his relationships, he will tell. He is, as has been mentioned, concentrating totally on his career. Gerry knows this flame will slowly come to rest quietly in a few years and NOW is the time to concentrate on his career. Relationships can get in the way sometimes. I personnaly don't think Gerry wants a permanent relationship with someone in the 'glitzy, glittery' world. When he settles down, he will want to be by his family and want his woman to be happy staying at home with him. I feel he will want to have family always around and as she will be his wife, he will want her to always be around and not running all over the world making films. My opinion only!! And a feeling I have about this magnificent man of my heart!! OMG!!! I love loving this incredibly entrancing man!! Li' Jo
  16. Thank You Frannie, I totally agree about him keeping his women under wraps. He has a private life as well as anyone else. When a CEO from a large corporation goes home he gets privacy. And after Gerry gives us so much of himself in his movies and in his premier engagements, he has a right to be by himself or with a secret someone that can take the mantal (?) of stardom off his back and let him be himself. No being anything or anyone but himself. And by the Lord in heaven, he has more than arned it in my eyes. I would never want to always be out there in the limelight if I knew he was coming home to me and he was ALL MINE!!!!! No one would ever have to know about me. I am his "Sanctuary" and not his wanna-be-movie-starlett in the background trying to get into pictures through him. NEVER, EVER!!!!! Just to HAVE HIM, would be more than enough for me. WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!!!! And as I have always said, I love to love this incredible man. He is so....so.....so....unlike any man I have ever seen or heard in all my 65 years of life. Gerry truly is a gift from the powers that be. He is EVERYTHING good about what a real man is!! Love to love Ya Gerry. You Lil' Joanna
  17. THANK YOU LORD for an honest man that looks like he could have a different woman every day of his life and yet doesn't. He is truly an incredible man!!!!!! Even more human than I thought he was when I first saw him in "Mrs. Brown"! He struck me that way when I saw him and his Lil' boy ways and yet his serious side made him so much more human and touchable than any other actor I had or have ever seen. The man is totally incredibly entrancing. I love to love this magnificent man! Jo
  18. OMG Suzie, I love that!!! I'm 5' tall too. But I am also 5' wide!!! Just kidding. I'm working on getting down and lost 4 more pounds this last week. I'm down to 200lb. Have fifty to go for surgery next April. Hopefully lose a lot more than that!! But at least 50 for the knee to be done. I'm on Plavix so no surgeries this year. Can't stop the med or my heart will reject the stents. I got things I want to do before I die. One of them is get a hug and a wee kiss from that incredibly awesome man of my dreams for going on 13 years!!!!! Suzie, I love Gerry more now than I did to start with and I fell for that gorgeous hunk of manhood hard when I heard that awesome voice, saw that dazzling smile and that quirk he has to the left side of his beautiful face. I have never changed my mind once in all this time. Gerry is incredibly entrancing. I told Kathy I know why I love him so much. We were supposed to be for each other and he over slept when God called our names to be born and now he is too young for me. I always lose out!!! Oh well, at least I can enjoy him on the 'silver' screen. Dear God, I love this beautiful man soooooo much, it's frightening!! Suzie, you are a darlin'. I want so much to get to go to the next convention. I want more than anything, except hugging Gerry, to meet all these wonderful GALS. So, loss of weight is a total must!! Love Ya Sweet Suzie, Jo
  19. HAAALLLLLOOOOO Suzie, I see you and hear you. Can you see me and hear me??? Listen you gorgeous Gal, it's that mold from that 'let-om' no-tel motel that has temporairly got your sweet self discombobulated! We are here!! Well, back to fixing up my room. Almost done and if it weren't for Kathy, I would probably work me arse into the hospital!! I want my room to look good for the party and my daughter says there will be a lot of people that have never been to our house before and I KNOW she will be showing them the "Gnome Home"!!! Yep, she calls me her Gnome!! Everyone at her job just laughs now and still feels sorry for me. but I love it that she has this cute pet name for her Mom! You should see the gnome stuff everyone sends me all the time because they feel sorry for me!! It's amazing. Love Ya Suzie, Jo
  20. OMG Suzie, I am so glad you and hubby are alright. Heat can mess with your health so bad. 'Course, mold is a bad thing too! But you are home and I'm glad. We need our Suzie. I NEED SUZIE!! I need to read your wonderful posts and see your name here. I know I don't get here as much as I would love to get here. But, we are having the "Hat Party" next week and I took this time to organize my craft stuff to make the ornaments I will be making, getting boxes ready and clean my room and finished the flooded basement and.......OMG!!...I am already tired just thinking of all I have done and still have to do!!! Take care of our Suzie and family, Hugs and Lots of Love, Jo
  21. WELCOME NEWBIE!!! You have come to the right place Darlin". This is the greatest place to be to find out about the G-Man and get all his awesome pics. And our Gerry is one of the very most beautiful, wonderful, magnificent men to grace the 'silver' screen. Being so totally gorgeous is an aside that is just a beautiful extra for us. Gerry is ALL the great things you hear about him. He is freindly to everyone and he is just so gorgeous, he takes my breath away when I see him ply his craft for our entertainment!! So, Lilith, welcome and enjoy!!! 's Ocean Gal Forever, Joanna
  22. OMG!!! See!! This is what cleaning non-stop can do to an ol' lady like me. I missed this about your son!!! I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY Frannie!!! But since I pray all the time for my GALS and their families and loved ones, my wee prayers are still working. PLEASE FORGIVE THIS STUPID OL' LADY!!!!! You know I would never, ever ignore anything to do with my special Lady Fran! I know where of you are coming from. It's like a lost kid that took off to play with a friend and after frantically searching and screa,ing their name to the high heavens and then they walk around the corner with a big grin on theri face because they have had fun playing wiht their friend!! The relief is awesome and then the anger sets in. I know, been there done that. You kick his wee arse around for us too! God is a slendid God!!! I thank Him everyday for all that I have. Love to You and Yours Frannie, Jo
  23. Well, tomorrow Dan'l and I will head down to San Francisco....it's going to be really hard on my hubby...he's in a lot of pain ... so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. hugs to all. love, Sue[/color][/b] My Earth Angel and her Special Man, My prayers are in full force today as I clean my room and all I can think about is my GALS and who is not feeling well, and who is having problems and you and Danl' are at the top of the list today along with Tracy and Hubby for a wonderful day!! But I NEVER forget ALL my GALS. Please forgive me for being away for soooo long. So much to do and organize and throw away and clean. Must be done by next Wednesday. Shopping for Hat Party onThursday for Saturday and cook all day Friday for it. But OMG we have so much fun and I love having people over. Everyone treats me so nice. I sure wish you and Dan were coming here Sue instead of having to go the other way and Dan'l was feeling better. You will both be in my prayers today as you are everyday. Dear God I love you two. I wish I could make Dan's pain go away with a blink of my eye. You know the kind of blink Gerry does!! The baby wink! (Dear God he is so adorable.) I am praying you have a good as possible trip. Love Ya Both, Jo
  24. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! MY TERIFFIC TRACY AND HUBBY!!!! I hope you geet to do something special and that you are feeling well enough to do it!! I'll put some extra prayers in for you today!! Love you both. Jo
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