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  1. Congatulations Great Grama!! It's so wonderful isn't it?? Another tiny miracle of the Lord. Here for you to love and have and to hold and kiss and hug!!! I love It!!!!!!! Hugs Great Grama! Jo
  2. Sweet Andrea, As Sue said, you sound like you are already "WISE" and never, ever do anything that could come back on you later and hurt you in anyway in your future. N...E...V...E...R...! He will always get away with it and you will end up suffering for his stupidity. And if your Gram is as wise as I think she is, she will tell you, no man is worth it if he wants you to something that's wrong. Get a new man and a new friend Baby Girl. You're too good for him. I will put you in my prayers as well as increasing them for our Beautiful Earth Angel Sue's hubby Dan'l, and her as well. Hang in there Sweet Lady, Jo
  3. Thank You Peggy!! Isn't it awesome and as I said "Entrancing" as our man is! Those eyes are so beautiful not to mention the man himself. When I saw that wallpaper, it literally took my breath away!!!! Frannie did an extremly awesome job and I am soooo happy. I am going to make her a marbelized ornament to say Thank You sooooo very much for such an awesome sight to wake up to in the morning. He is also my wallpaper for a while. But my siggy is too, too, too awesome for words. And as you know he will be there for several months. Frannie is awesome!!! Jo!!
  4. OMG!!! You GALS are so much fun! Just reading the fun, I am living it too! Dear God in heaven I hope I can be there next year. Probably not, but I can still hope! Landa, I am thinking about your cookies and wishing I could have had a "Gerry" cookie too! You GALS be careful 'how' you bite him. I am soooo proud of you all and to Dayna and Susan and KB and all the rest of the GALS that made such a beautiful convention for such a beautiful man. Kudos to you ALL!! Jo
  5. MORNIN" I am laughing and crying at the same time here!! Landa, those cookies were awesome. What an artist you are! And the time and patience required are positivley, you! Just looking at them, I want to eat one too!! You are awesome!!!!!! Jo
  6. Oh Susan~ The decorations are so beautiful and I know how much work went into all the preparations. Been there, done that for Weddings and party's when I was an event planner a looong time ago. So much has changed in the years, except all the work and caring that goes into the event. You GALS are awesome and so talented. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I wish I could have been there. With any luck and as you all know that is not so good this year, I will be there next year. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!!! I LOVE the pics of the GALS!!! Now I get to see some of the wonderful women that I have come to love and adore!! Thank you so much!! Jo
  7. GOOD MOOOOOORRNING GALS!!!!!!!! Well to start out this message. May I say 'Thank You" so much for the new siggy Frannie. I know Beachie will not be too upset with me as I imposed on Frannie because of a wallpaper that literally took my breath away when I saw it!!!! LITERALLY!!!!! I truly did gasp with absolute delight!! That man does literally plant peace in my soul and has lite a flame in my heart! It has burned for over twelve years and I don't forsee it going out until I pass on into the great unknown. And as you all know, I keep my siggy's up a lonnnnnnnng time. I have kept my Beachie siggy for a later date as well as My Becozy siggy. When I fall in love with anything, I am in for the long run 'til the end!! Example, The G-Man!!!! I will tout his praises for as long as I live!! I have watched this incredible man work sooo hard to get where he is and I will pray he goes higher and stays there. Gerry deserves it sooooo much!! Dear God, I am so proud of him and all my GALS!!! I am so blessed!! Again, THANK YOU FRANNIE!!!!! And I will never, ever forget my BEACHIE and BARB siggy's, EVER!!! I am so happy and excited!! Hugs My GALS!!!!! 's Ocean Gal Always, Jo
  8. HI Everybody! I am soooo sorry I could not keep up with all the streaming and posts. It will be better if I am there next year. Our flood made soo much work for us, as I am sure some of my GALS totally know from personal experience and some who know because they are empathetic enough to understand the ramifications of the loss and devastation of personal, non-replaceable items. And having just had a heart attack and on new meds, I get tired very fast and have to rest. I don't like to stop when I am on a roll of doing anything. But that is not the way anymore. I so wanted to sit at the computer and live the weekend with all of our GALS! But at least I get to enjoy what has been posted and I truly thank you all for the opportunity to be able to share some moments with you. I am soooo proud to belong to this group of phenominal women. Thank you for allowing me this privilege. Dayna and Barb and Holly and all mods and Susan~ too, are awesome women. Iam tuly honored. Love Ya ALL Much, Jo
  9. [ b]I'm sorry Holly for not saying Thank You as well. You and Barb and Stuart are awesome. Thank You all so much. Jo[/b]
  10. Oh, I almost forgot! What is a URL?? I want to submit a story and it wants a URL! I don't know what to put in that space so I can submit my story on the Justintv site. Jo
  11. OMG! You GALS are sooooo And I love it!! Off to bed! I am soooo tired. This ol' lady is too old for all this late night frolicking! I'll leave that to all you gorgeous young "HENS"!! I'm taking my photo of our Gerry as the "C**k of the Walk" and going to sleep and I'll see you all in the morn!! Hugs and Love to All My 'GALS' friends. Jo
  12. Thank you, you wonderful people that make it easy for us semi computer illierates (ME) to go where the action is happening. Have to go out for 'stuff' for the 'stuff' that is not flood damaged. Be back in a bit! Bye! Jo
  13. OMG!! That was so beautiful!! So like the Gerry I fell in love with. He is warm and so human!! That is one of my first thoughts of this incredible man. His HUMANITY!!! Gerry is a one of a kind man! So I, of course, loose out on getting one sorta, kinda like him with his awesome good looks and his Lil' boy personality in a gorgeous man's body! Oh well, that's me!! But, at least I can totall enjoy this Gerry!! Thank you so much. I love the streaming video! I get to see some of my special GALS, in between cleaning up. Thank you BC, I told my daughter that she is being thought about and it made her feel so good. She is horribly down right now! Go and have a super duper good time GAL. Love Ya All, Jo
  14. I was supposed to be there this year and go to Scotland this fall and then since I couldn't go to the convention in LV, I was going to Palm Springs, CA and guess what??? Because I had to have a stooooooopid heart attack! I can't go anywhere anyhow!!! So I sit here almost wanting to cry. But this streaming thread is so awesome, Thank You so much!! I am very happy to be with my GALS at least this much!! Now to get me arse down on my chubby knees and pray for my GALS to be better and my luck to change and win a prize!! And get it!! Don't somebody forget to have a drink for me! I can't have anything to drink, another reason to be sad!! BUT!! I am alive and that I am very grateful for! I can still be with the GALS I need so much. Hugs My Sistah's' And Becozy, !! Tell Dayna I said Thank you for starting this wonderful place I LIVE at! Jo
  15. Sweet Tracy, Know you are in my prayers starting right this very minute!! I am so sorry time just slips right away with the everyday junk that takes up the time I want to use to 'talk' to my GALS. Especially you! You are one of the longest running fans I first met here in this Gerry haven of fan-love and devotion! You should not have any problems, you are too sweet to be suffering from anything. I will pray HARD for my sweet Tracy Baby. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! Tell hubby he is a wonderful man and he deserves you! Back to the Cafe' and watch "Dr. Who, the Tom Baker years. I started it last night and had to stop to go and get my car for my daughter to use as they lost their car as well as their house. He can't find a job. I guess this an everyday happening now to so many, it is a real shame today in this country as well as elsewhere. Hugs and Lots of Love, My Sweet Tracy!! Your Jo and friend forever!
  16. GOOD MORNIN"!!! This is soooo exciting and I am going to work me arse off learnin' how to see everyone!! But I know one thing for sure, every single GAL will be one of the most beautiful people I will ever see. I sorta feel like I'm there! Love and lots of Hugs and have a lot of fun for us that can't be there. I love my GALS!!! 's Ocean GAL forever, Jo
  17. OH BOY!!! I love it!! was watching Dr. Who, Tom Baker years. He is my second most favorite Dr. Who. John Pertwee being the first. I have always been a fan of Dr. Who and now it has gotten even more fun to see. I am so happy to be able to do this. Thank You sooo much Becozy and Scotmanstuart! I am so happy that I get to come to the 'convention'!! See ya all tomorrow morning and on and off during the day as I clean up the damage from the flood. First time we have had a flood in 25 years of living in this house. Thank God for that! Hugs to ALL, Joanna
  19. HI!!!! If me chubby Lil' arse can't be with my bestest GALS there in person, this is the very best, next to being there I can think of. I am sooooo anxious to see all my beautiful GAL friends. Maybe next year if all goes well, I'll be there too!! Otherwise 'Gerry' the statue will be there for me. Please someone have a drink for me and kiss a poster too, of the incredible beautiful Gerry man in my name! I already am so jealous that I am not meeting my Gal friends. You ALL have a super great time and good luck on the raffles and all else that is happening! Gotta go before I start crying!!! Love to All and I'll be here whenever I can. Jo
  20. The only roof I ever played on, my brother and I had an umbrella and we tried to 'float' down to the ground like "Tooter Turtle" did in the cartoons. HAH!!! I'm here to tell you, it doesn't work!! Like you needed me to tell you that!!! Anyway, I jumped off the roof becasue my scaredy cat brother wouldn't!! I broke my leg and he was the smart one and I was the stupid idiot that got the worst end of the deal. In a cast for the entire summer!!! BUMMER!!! So when I see that hunk of gorgeous man standing on that roof, my heart skips a beat. And I wish I were there to 'catch' him if he fell!! HAH!!! But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. And I wish a lot when it comes to this man!! The responsr to "Lovely and cool" from sweet Sue. Bah!! It's already the 18th of June and we have only had humid days and no real beautiful days that we can even get the pool ready for swimming. So, since I didn't get to go to Palm Springs and can't go to the convention next week and no surgeries until November, maybe, or as late as next April. I 'begged' my daughter to take the money I have saved and buy a pool heater and she did!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait for the guy to come and install it and show me how to run it!!! I'll only warm the water up enough to get in and then turn it off. I need to excersize and I love swimming!! I need to get some pounds off to wear my new suit by July 25th for the party here at the house and by the way, if you can get here, you can come!! Seriously, I mean it!! Just e-mail me that you will be in the Chicago area and I'll give you my adress and you can come and have a lot of fun and a whole lot of laughs. If you can get Gerry to come too, , bring him along!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL,LOL!!!!! That'll be the day!!! But seriously, you can come. We love having friends have a good time. Back to work on afghans. Love and Hugs to All, Jo
  21. Neofyght Babe, Becozy is the BOMB!!! That GAL has the touch. She will always be there to help you when you need it. The Mods here are spectacular and always, always very giving of their time to help us get our pics and such done. After all, how can we not have our Gerry to Gush and Lust over if we can't SEE him!! Again, WELCOME to the greatest site EVER!!! Jo
  22. OMG!!! Neo', You are so good. I can't even put my own avatar in without a total "recipe" from becozy. Thank God in heaven for these awesomly talented ladies, or my space would be totally nekkid! 'Course if it was nekkid Gerry that would be reeeal ooooookay!! OOPS!!! Anyway, WELCOME Newbie. I know you will love being here. The GALS always remember you and miss you when you are gone. We have a prayer wheel that turns on a constant basis and when it is needed, it turns faster and so many of the ladies here are more than wonderful, they are spectacular. I don't know if Gerry knows it, but just his very existence makes friends of so many people. He is so wonderfully awesome and he doesn't even know the good he accomplishes just by being alive!! The man is incredible. But I just wanted to welcome you here and let you know you will have a great time. Hugs neofyght!!!! 's Ocean Gal, Joanna
  23. OMG!!!! Suzie, You are awesome!! What a dream!! The only personal assistant job I want to do with Gerry is to take care of his BODY!!! Dress and undress and bathe and massage and that's all I can say right now. NOTHING else though. I am his Mum's age and he is like a beautiful, awesome son in my eyes. Sometimes he slips over on the other side of the line a wee bit, but for the most part, I love him like a wonderful, fantastic son I am sooooo proud of. That 'young' woman part of me takes over once in a while and I lust after this incredible man just like I used to do when I had a body and the energry to lust. But, as you say, that would be the hardest thing in the world to do, keep women and probably some men as well, off of Gerry's back, or front or side or......got to stop this!! There's that young woman in me wanting this incredibly entrancing man. Good luck on the "JOB"!! Hugs Sweet Suzie, Jo
  24. CONGRATS LADY E AND BELLA!!!!!!! If I make it to three years without getting me arse kicked off before then. I am going to celebrate!!!!! It will be thirteen years of absolute love and adoration for me with Gerry in my life this December. Dana reminded me we had the VHS tape at Christmas. She is pretty sure it was 1997!! I KNOW IT WAS!!!! I will always remember my day of fallling in love with this incredibly entrancing man because of his voice and then that dazzling smile that took my heart away forever!!! OMG, the lawn guys are here and it smells so beautiful when the grass is slightly wet and it gets cut. I love the smell!! I am able, thank you Lord, to mask the gas smell, and just smell the beautiful fragrance of the cut grass. I LOVE SPRING AND SUMMER!!!! Sorry for the aside, but I wanted to share this beautiful, natural fragrance with the people that I love soooooooo much!! Have a wonderful weekend. I love you GALS so much. Your Lil' Jo
  25. Cat, I LOVE Gerry's hair the way it curls by his ear in your pic. I have that pic on my calendar book. I love it when people that notice it ask me if that is my "boy friend????" OMG!!! I WISH!!!!! Then I go into my Gerry schpeel and when they don't know who I am talking about, (even NOW!!!) believe me, I TELL THEM!!!!!!! I now carry a pic of Gerry as King Leonidas and "THEN!!!!" they know who it is!!! Isn't it a shame that so many people only know who Gerry is becasue of King Leo?? But, I'd rather they knew who he is in any way!! He is to me and I am sure to all of us, the most incredibly entrancing man in the field of acting ever. At least to me. But I just had to say HI and let you know how I just love those curls of Gerry's. Thanks for reminding me of that pic, as it is out in my car in my school bag right now. Have a wonderful weekend GAL!!! , Jo
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