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  1. OH Man I totally agree about Maryann!! I also can't abide that chick that 'made' Bill! Forget her name at the moment. And oh yeah, Erick is a doll and Skarsgard is utterly perfect in the role. I adore the gal that plays Sookie. And I love that name. She was soo good in X-Men. I know her name, but the ol' lady brain is going to sleep and I forget all I want to say!! But I love the show and I am so glad it's going to keep on going.

    Hugs GALS,


  2. :wave: Sweet Susan,

    You need to take a minute and smell the roses GAL. We need you so much here. You raise our spirits and keep us "legal"!! And that darlin' hubby of yours is gonna get lonesome without his lady! Be careful and take care of yourself for all of us and hubby especially!!

    Oh, and tell your j/k he doesn't get the time off when you need him to work!! lol, lol, lol!!

    Hugs Sweet Susan~ :wuv:


  3. For reasons that are irrelevant, my daughter and I watched three weeks of "Trueblood" Sunday night and it wasn't enough for me. There are only three more episodes to go and I am on tenter hooks about them. My daughter also says that there is too much departure from the books to really follow the story on TV. I'm glad. Now she can't know all of it before me!!! lol, lol, lol!!

    But I sure like this show!!


  4. Jobella,

    Good luck with the ultra full life. I know it's hard, but as April says, "you can do it"! I'm so proud of you for going back to school. Get while the getting is easiest. Even though it's not easy. Later in life is way much harder. I will keep you in my prayers always for strength and lots and lots of patience to get through it all. A nurse is a wonderful being. I love all my nurses most all the time when I am in the hospital. They make me feel cared about. You will be an awesome nurse. I can feel it!!

    Hugs Sweet Lady,


  5. Suzie and Libby, :yay:

    Thanks for the wonderful and uplifting pictures. The beautiful vista of where you are, has to be breathtaking!! To me the most beautiful part of where you are is that Gerry sees the same thing when he goes home and that he gazed upon when he was a wee laddie. Just to be where he lived and breathed and walked to me would be enough to light my fires of love for this incredibly entrancing man! I know....Jo..you are NUTS!!!! I could have worse addictions. Alcohol, drugs.....you know. But if this beautiful man is my only addiction...I'm a very lucky woman for it!!

    Gotta run. Coffee is ready and I am thirsty and hungry, What I would love for breakfast can't be here, as he is making a movie!! :naughty: So coffee and cereal is all I get!!

    Hugs ALL,


  6. MORNIN" GALS!!!

    Coffee is a brewing' and I have to see our incredible man to start my day off right. He isn't mine here, but he is mine in my heart. OMG!! What a beautifuly adorable face to wake up to in the mornin'. A glorious man with a wee lil' boy in his heart that makes a woman want to cuddle and hold him 'til death do us part!!

    I just had to say HI for the day. Makin' a wee chicken salad for my daughter's jewelry party this afternoon and have to dress decently ;) . I hate to dress up when it's hot out!!! But for her I will. Besides she is a pretty awesome daughter as daughter's go. I am so blessed! Awesome family, awesome friends, awesome man!!! I speak of the G-Man of course. :drool1:

    Well, coffee is ready and I must drink so I can get me arse movin'.

    Hugs All :kiss:


  7. :hearts: Hey Nancy,

    I totally agree. I will look for any small fluffy dog at a shelter when I can get one. My heart goes out to abandoned animals. How any body can just abandon an innocent animal is so beyond me. They should be abandoned too!!

    I just saw the LAC trailer and OMG the G-Man is phenominal!! I am so glad he chose to take that role instead of the lawyer!! Gerry is so incredible. Lord in heaven, what a man You have made. Thank You Father!!! Sooooo much!! I will definitely go see this one in the theatre as well as Gamer. I don't care if I have to take a cab!! Gerry is so awesome, he makes me shiver when I watch him. And let me tell you GALS, he is so intense when he tells Foxx to let him go or else!! I would not like to be on the receiving end of his anger. But that's our Gerry!! He is getting better and better as he plys his craft. Besides getting more gorgeous as the years go by! The man is totally, incredibly awesome!! God in heaven I love this entrancing man sooooo much!!

    Get a Gander at the trailer. You'll love it. Gerry is an awesome action man as well as an adorable rom-com man too!! The man can do it ALL!! :wuv:


  8. I just saw a guy that could pass for a younger Gerry or at least his brother!! His name is Luke Bryan and he is a country singer. I saw and heard him sing "Do I?" and he was wonderful. My Grand daughter noticed some similarities and called me in to see him. Yep he has so many of the mannerisms and some of the looks that Gerry portrays. But he is not our Gerry! NOBODY is our GERRY!!! But he is cute and he sings pretty swell!!

    Just thought I'd mention it!!


  9. Hey Lil' Mousie,

    You are welcome. I am still praying for ya Babe.

    I had a physical for a job with Nestle Co. and the doctor told me that I had a four inch lesion on my left lung. He asked me if I had had scarlett fever or a couple of other things. But I said no. I told him I was on a swimming and diving team for three years, and when I did turns under water when I first started to swim, I would swallow water and have to hold it in 'til I resurfaced when I could spit it out. He told me that that had caused the damage to my lung. I had to be careful and never smoke and be careful to not catch colds or take care of them right away as they could turn into pnemonia!! I took good care of myself, I thought!!! Then I go and have a stroke, and a heart attack!! Go figure!! But I am soooo glad I never smoked. I have perfect lips albeit thinner. But no pucker marks and lines around them. I am lucky. So when I get to hug that gorgeous man and ask for my wee kiss, he will have nice lips to enjoy!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! You see then lol's? I had to laugh at that one myself!!!!!

    But seriously Sweet GAL, you be careful and take care. We need you. :wuv:

    Your Friend, :kiss:


  10. OOOPS!!!

    I never noticed the faux pau!! I was too busy staring and drinking in the G-Man. Sorry about that!! Thanks for the heads up!! I have only been able to see the TUT once. No car and no $$$$. But when it comes out on DVD, my Debbie is getting me a copy!! Then we are going to have a Gerry night!! :woo:

    Love that man!! YUMMM!!


  11. Oh Mousie,

    I am so happy :yay::yay::yay: . See, prayers really do work!! You just let us prayer warriors know when you need them and we will be there for you. As well as for all our GALS!!

    A lesion is a wound or injury you sustained in some way. Your 'guyney' will help you understand better. But Thank You dear Father for watching over pur Mousie.

    Bless You Sweetie, :wuv:


  12. Oh, BTW Cat...I love that picture of Gerry with his beautiful hair curling around his gorfeous ears. I have that one on the cover of my caledar that I carry in my purse. One woman at the Jewel asked me if that was my boyfriend and man was he gorgeous. I wished I could have said yes. But I told her he is Gerry Butler and she almost said "who" but I stopped her and told her he played in "300" and recently PSILY, and instantly she knew who he was. She still thought he was gorgeous. I told her she has damn good taste in men!!

    Then we laughed together and drooled a wee bit as well!! A few of the other gals at the store came over and they instantly knew who he was too and they were drooling as well. God in heaven I love this man!!

    Just wanted you to know, I do notice the siggy's too. Some of them are so awesome, they bely simple words for description. I am so happy with mine that it's going to be hard to change when fall comes and then winter.

    Just had to comment about your siggy too. I love those curls around Gerry's ear. He has such beautiful hair!!

    Hugs Sweet 'Kitty' Cat!!

    Your Friend Jo

  13. Hey, I hope everyone's week is going well.

    I'm having a CT scan tomorrow on my abdomen to see if the Crohn's disease has advanced. I'm nervous for the results, I hope everything is okay. :scared:


    Mousie :wuv:


    Bless you Mousie and I will pray hard for you tonight and tomorrow and on and on!! We need sweet Lil' you here. Our 'family' would miss one of it's bestest memembers if you got too sick to be here. So, I will pray verra, verra hard for you.

    Hugs and lots of Love Sweet Mousie, :wuv:


  14. Our Frannie rocks big time.

    She has the touch. But so do becozy and beachie gals. I have had three siggy's and each one is absolutely the most beautiful siggys ever. Doesn't this one capture that gorgeous man's beautiful come-hither eyes?? He is just too too!! Barb and Beachie and Frannie hit it right on the mark for me! They seem to just be able to 'feel' me and what I would love and, yep, they hit it every time. I fall in love with my siggy's and can't change them very well. Even though I love absolutely every picture of this incredibly entrancing man, there are some that just knock me right over and make me gasp with total delight. Did you get to see the photo I chose that Barb matted and framed for my prize? He is so beautiful in it. I love his eyes so much and a part of his hand with his bracelet is in it and OMG that arm with that man hair on it makes me drool knowing that there is more of that man that is a total delight to the eye. Man Candy at it's incredibly best!! Barb did a fantastic job. I have the best friends ever here. Tracy won a picture too and I have yet to know which one. I have to go and ask her.

    I got myself a camera this week and I am 'learning' it!! I'll get with someone to help me put pics on as soon as I learn how to make the pics good. I have one already of my Grand Daughter and she just had her hair colored in time for school. It's bright redish pink!! Her teachers love to guess what color is next. She is such a girlie girl and if I said that to her, she'd kill me dead!!!!! But she is young and we don't mind because she gets awesome grades and we figure when she gets older, maybe in her 50's!! lol, lol, lol!! she'll stop coloring it!! Really, she is a good kid and we know it's for fun.

    Well, bed time and boy am I tired. Lots of house work today.

    Hugs Sweet One,


  15. Someone misread a post and asked if there was a baby in my life - thank goodness No LOL

    Lots of cute puppies here - just want to hug them all.

    Sorry about the jobs thing April

    OK off to play with my new laptop.


    Hey 'Kitty Cat',

    That "someone" was dorky me!! I do that sometimes. But I am happy to hear all is well and hug them puppies for me too!!

    And I am jealous of your new laptop!!

    Hugs 'Kitty Cat",


  16. :wave: Thanks, Joanna. Yeah, my family and I are real suckers when it comes to animals. We're still feeding the mother cat. As soon as we can catch her we'll take her to be spayed, then release her to our backyard. As long as she keeps coming around after that, we'll keep feeding her. :)

    Lady E!!,

    You are awesome GAL!! Hence the "Lady E!". I give everyone I love and adore nicknames. Usually they are cute, in your case and Kathy's and a few others, they are regal! You deserve a regal nickname like my Lady Kathryn!! For our Dr, Em, I call her Queen D. Barb is Queenie B. Susan is Queen Susan~, I could go on but you get the idea. I call Lisa, 'phoenixgirl', "Lily Bug" because that is the same name as my beloved adopted daughter Lisa.

    I know, "you're a goof ball Jo!!" But that is my way of showing my love and admiration to those that are so good to me. My cat that I had to give up was named "Smore's" I called her Smorsie! Dear God I loved that baby. She was something else. She drove my daughter crazy while I was in the hospital with my stroke for three weeks. She paced the house and meowed constantly!!! My daughter, to encourage me to work hard to get home, told me if I didn't get home soon, she was going to make a pair of slippers out of Smorsie. One would have a head and the other a tail!!!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL! Animals have a way of knowing when their mistress or master is gone, that they miss them and want them back!!! But I did work hard and got home and 95% recovered, after 21 days since the stroke and complete paralization of left side. God has His way of changing your life to make it better. He sure changed mine and I am so happy, all around.

    You take care of yourself. The kitties need you very much.

    God Bless and love you and your family!!


  17. :wave: Lady E!!!

    You are so wonderful to take in stray cats. I give you kudos and lots of :clap: !! Most people would NEVER do that. Just either push them back out or poison them to get rid of them. Me, I take them in in a flash too! Dogs and cats are my loves. I hope they all take to living inside with you. It's safer for them.

    Hugs Sweet Lady E!! :wuv:


  18. Hey "Kitty" Cat,

    What the heck do you mean "no baby"? Did I miss something somewhere? It's like me to do that. But I am hoping you didn't mean you. I know you are too smart for that to happen. If it happens, I will be happy to have you move here by me so I can watch the wee barin 'til they reach the running stage. I don't run anymore. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! Heck, my daughter paid me $35.00 to do a jumping jack because it was so hilarious, not just funny, totally hilarious!!!! I wouldn't do it and she offered to pay for a Christmas gift for me to make for my handicapped girl friend. And I did it and my daughter and her friend laughed so hard, it had to be ten minutes or more before they stopped. After they got their breath, they hugged me said they were not laughing at me, but with me because I was laughing so hard as well. Believe me, it was verra, verra, verra, verra funny!!!

    You take care Sweetie and let me know if there is anything besides prayers you need. :kiss:

    Hugs and Lots of Purring, :wuv:


  19. :hug1: April.

    That's retarded. You aren't being interviewed because you aren't local yet willing to move. GEESH! I mean I drove a long ways to the middle of nowhere with no cell phone signal when I interviewed for Wilson County. Williamson County & Franklin Special aren't anywhere near where I was living at the time and neither was Davidson!

    Hells bells if you have the ability to do it, come out here, we'll get ya a nice motel room & they can :kiss: your fanny as you go on interviews and politely explain you are willing to relocate and are eager to teach. Keep at it chika! When I was first hired, it was THREE DAYS before that first half day of school. I had the room with all the junk in it. It took my step mom & sis to help me clean the WHOLE thing out, decorate & prep everything for the kids. Heck my room wasn't done in time to meet the kids so I sat in the library. The first WHOLE day of school, FINALLY my room was ready.

    I'm about to head out to the Y & try and get on with the Fun Co as it's more stable than Hollywood Video BUT I just may pull in a few hours on a Saturday at Hollywood for extra money.

    WISH ME LUCK! I really need to get on at Fun Co because I have set hours PLUS benefits, not the same with Hollywood Video (grateful they hired me but I need health benefits & steady flow of pay).

    LOVE YA APRIL. PM me if you need anything.

    Hugs n' love to my GALSfriends :hugs:

    :wave: You are a delightful 'trip' Sapphyre!!! If there are jobs by you and April decides to move by you, you will both have a ball!! You are such

    a delight to read. You'd have such a good time together gushing over the G-Man. I am praying for you to get the job you want, but you are smart to keep the one you have until you get the one you really want. Good Luck Sweetie.

    Your Jo :wuv:

  20. OMG April,

    That is the lamest excuse for not hiring someone I ever heard. It's too bad you can't sue them for discrimination. Hard to prove. Although, if you put that on the application, there is NO excuse on their part. It's rather flimsy. It's the managments world right now, but it will turn again and people will be the power again. But jobs and places of employment are nothing like they were anymore. You can't count on turning the same door knob for your work life anymore. They make sure of that. But the "pendulum" swings both ways all the time. Right now it's on the side of business and someday, the Lord only knows when, it will swing back for the people.

    You hang in there sweet one and we will all pray for you. HARD!!!!

    Hugs Always,

    Jo :wuv:

  21. Peggy,

    My son had a Chinese Akita, Keyo. He died of old age three years ago and Rob wanted a Cane Corso. He waited two years for the one he finally got last October. He will be as big as a Rotweiler but all black except for a tiny white flame mark on his chest. Came to find out that since my son waited patiently for his sog of choice for two years and called every month for an update, they sold him a show quality dog. And OMG you can see it in Higgs when he stands looking out at something. He is a sweetheart to family and yet people are totally terrified of him just seeing him. He is beautiful. It's an Italian breed and so smart, it's kinda scary. But I have been handling him since he was eight weeks old. Even though he is only ten months old, he is huge and beautiful. I'll get a pic. He has an egg a day mixed with this special food just for dogs of breed type. It costs a fortune. But Rob wants Higgs to be totally healthy. He takes him in for his check ups on schedule. He really loves his dog. We always treated our animals like family and they gave as good as we gave. I love animals. When we are in the pool Higgs stands on the side of the pool and watches us and you can see he wants to jump in. He loves water!! But the pool has a liner and we are afraid he will tear it. So, Rob douses him down with the hose and he is so adorable trying to eat the water!!! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    His name is Higgs-Bosun. My son named him after the two scientists doing the Big Bang experiment (in Sweden I think is )! They say they are trying to recreat the "God Particle". So Rob says if the world should come to an end, Higgsy will be there to save us, because he is the God Particle!!! We all laugh and so does Rob. But Higgsy is beautiful and very regal looking even though at this time he is an obnoxiuos snot. But he is wonderful and well worth the trouble of getting him raised. Loyalty is a prevalent part of this dog. Total protection of owner and family and property. Very obedient when trained properly. Will not attack unless told to . Rob is traing him all the time. Keyo was an awesome dog. I loved him so much, I cried my eyes out when he died of old age. It killed my son. He was despondent for a long time. You son's Akita will be an awesome dog if trained patiently and carefully. Keyo was totally loyal to my son.

    Hugs Peggy,


  22. Loving all the new photos of Gerry, I swear that man gets more handsome each day, what a surprise when he popped up on Breakfast TV, I had switched on to go to the childrens chanel as TJ was here last week and when we heard him name we were transfixed, TJ shouted ' It's But-te ler on my TV', he told everyone we met, we got some funny looks from folk that day.

    Where does the time go? I get so little time for myself these days but we have some fun days planned for later in the month....grownup dates, boat trip down the canal with some fun people, a theatre visit, and a visit to London to ride the London Eye and a River Thames boat trip...I like boats!

    My heart is with you Sue, take care, God Bless,

    hugs for all,

    Anna X

    :wave: Anna X,

    I know what you mean about "where does the time go?" I wonder myself. My Grand daughter is going to be 22 in November and her wedding date, which seems like it was only yesterday that is was four years awy, is now l year and two months away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I am so jealous of you getting to have Suzie and Libby for a while and I hope we get lots of pics. You all deserve a good time together and I am so happy you will be having it!!

    Have a great time for us.

    Hugs and Lots of Love to ALL!!!!! :wuv:


  23. :wave: HEY April,

    I just went back to the Gallery with your post. Thank You so much. I sure needed that pick me up right now. I smiled and loved every minute of Gerry and he wee darlin' nieces. They are so beautiful and they love their Uncle. But, I do too!!!! :drool1: Or, I guess we all do!!

    Every time I look at this incredible man I ask myself why???? Why do I still love him so much. He is not the classically gorgeous handsome studly man. But there is some quality about this awesome man that makes him look so much more handsome and virile and sexy and positivly magnificently beautiful, that my love for him has grown and grown over the last twelve years. And he still makes me catch my breath every, single time I see him appear on the screen in a movie, any movie, I am watching of his. Or a picture of his anywhere he is appearing.

    Kathy sent me a DVD of "Mrs. Brown" so I could put my VHS tape away of "Mrs. Brown" to preserve it and not ruin it from palying it so much. It's twelve years old!!! I put it away in a plastic bag and sealed it up and put it in my 'Gerry' gallery! My gallery is getting very full and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    So, thank you for the smiles. I need them right now. Everyone is gone for the next four days and I am all alone. So, I have to carry the phone around with me everywhere I go and if I don't answer by the fourth ring, they will call back and if I don't answer by the fourth ring the second time, they are calling the police to come to the house. This is kinda silly. But, I can't go near the back stairs or go down to the basement or else. They are so afraid of my falling again. I am too. So I go verra slowly. Heck I don't want to fall either!! That hurt---a lot!!!! Now I have to have back surgery because I fell down the stairs and messed up my vertebra. Need surgery, which I was getting but can't have because of my meds from the heart attack in April. GOD, I sound like a MESS! But I feel so okay, just my legs don't want to work so good right now because of the pinched nerve!! I HATE THIS!!! But those pics were so sweet and I had to smile over the smiles of the wee babes and their big gorgeous uncle Gerry. I love pics like that.

    Your Are Sweet!! :wuv:


  24. :wave: OH Sue,

    I am so happy for you. "Bonnie" is so adorable. I am also jealous as well. "No Animals Allowed here"!! Instructions from the head 'witchy pooh'!! But I'd rather live with my daughter right now than be alone. So, it's okay for now. But that lil' Baby Doll puppy is the MOST!! She will fall in love with you because of the lovely woman you are and she will feel that kindness from you.

    Enjoy her for me too. I love dogs and cats soooo much. But I can live without them while I am here with my daughter. But when I move into a retirement center, I am going to get a wee doggie. I think I will just go to the shelter and get one that is small and will stay small. I can't really see spending so much money on a dog when there are so many that truly need a loving home which I will provide. So, I re-thought my idea about a Bishon Freise (sp) and now I will save a puppy instead. Like you are doing with Wee Bonnie!!

    God Bless you my Earth Angel, Sue!


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