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  1. GOOD MORNIN" GALS!!!!!! Just got my eyes full of this gorgeous man in YELLOW!!!! OMG, Gerry is so handsome, he takes my breath away. And if I could wish myself anywhere, it would be in Gerry's lap going for a ride with "Daddy"!!! I am so proud to see Gerry spending time with Lolita. I get concerned that she doesn't get enough time with her Poppa Gerry. But, I am sure he spends as much time as possible with his Baby Girl. He is so beautiful with his hair a wee bit longer and dark and OMG, yes, Cat, the grey at the temples is sooooooo sexy!! Gerry gets better and better and better in every way possible as he ages so beautifuly. He makes me shiver with delight. The man is..............words escape me at this moment just thinking of being in his lap like Lolita!!! Very lucky baby girl. I know!!!! Words about Gerry escaping Jo!! HAH!!! I had to watch "Dracula 2000" last night with the commentary on to hear the comments regarding Gerry. I especially love the comment about 'jail' when he walks through the record store. I absolutely love and adore him in that movie. He is so tall and expressive and unbelievably gorgeous. But as the director said, "Gerry is a gentleman!" If I were there, I can't guarantee that I would have been able to have been so controlled as the girls were!!!!!!! I would have jumped his awesome body and got lost in his beautiful face and hair!!! OMG!!! I am beginning to need a !!!! You'd think after twelve years, Gerry-desire would have toned down a wee bit!! But not a chance!! The man is more gorgeous than ever and I am lovin' him more than ever!!! WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!!! Bye!! Got errands to run and you all know how I hate to drive and even go out of the house. YUCKKK!!! Later GALS, Jo
  2. AGAIN PAIGE!!! CONGRAT'S BABE!!!! 'Tis proud I am of yee!!! And I am sure you will do verra weel in your future pursuits. Pretend that this is from Gerry!! But I am sure he would be proud of you as much as we are. Bless you and take care and get some sleep darlin' GAL!!! Hugs, Jo
  3. Sweet Suzie, I am not sure how to post pics on here and the re-vised pics of 'Gerry' are not here yet. I can't get hold of Tyler to tell him to bring the new pics of 'Gerry' in wax, that we improved his legs on. The camera of my grand daughter's is at her Mom's and they keep forgetting to bring it back home. I am going to have to save and get myself a camera of my own. Heck, I'll call my son, he has a new camera and I'll get him to take the pics and then I'll learn how to put them here. 'Gerry' will be ready for the bronze pour in October or November even though I have to make four pieces for the pour to make sure at least two turn out. One for the convention next June and one for Gerry himself. So, save, save, save it's for charity. My donation to GALS. I was hoping to have his ready for his 40th birthday, but it won't be ready until after his birthday is over. Our Awesome Susan~ is going to try and get it to him sometime when she is at a premier sometime in the future. God in heaven, Susan~ is so wonderful to offer that to me. So, I am going to go and call my son and get him to bring his camera over and set up 'Gerry' for pics. He looks so good now that we extended his legs. But do please remember, he is going to have a kilt on and a sword in in his right hand and a dagger at his side with a studded belt over his shoulder and around his waist. A true Highlander!!! Hugs Sweet Suzie, Your Friend, Jo
  4. Frannie!!! Thought you'd get a laugh, GIANT LAUGH out of that!!!! I am cheating right now. Finishing off the coffe and just peaked in to see what's going on in 'puter land. Soooooooo I am hurrying to say "HI" and enjoying the laughs too. I have to pulllll, no, ripppppp myself away from here becasue all I can do is stare at that gorgeous man to the left of my screen. Dear Lord help me!!! Just to think of seeing this awesome man walking down the street with that thin little shirt with those awesome abs showig up so seductivly makes my heart flip flop with total love. OMG, he is too beautiful to be real!!!!! And to add to my everlasting sadness, I see that it is 15 days 'til I DON"T get to meet the GALS that mean more to me than I can ever say!!! And to compound the felony, I can't have the surgery on my back or my blown out knee this year because of the Plavix I am on and can't stop taking for a year!! Doctors said "NO", or I might as well have another heart attack and get it over with. I would totally hemorage to death or my heart stents would clog up and I would kick the proverbial bucket!!! And I 'got' things to do before I pass on to the realm of non existence here on this plane of earthdom. At least finish 'Gerry' before I go!! Got to go Frannie. I want to to change my siggy soon. Just love it so, it's hard to decide what to replace it with. GAH!!!!! I am a dork!!!! Love Ya much Fantastic Frannie, Jo
  5. My Beautiful Earth Angel, Sue, I have been remiss in posts to you, but please forgive me and know that you and Dan'l are ALWAYS in my prayers daily. As are all the GALS are in constant prayer mode for each other and Dan'l. With all these prayer warriors, it's no wonder I survived a heart attack with minimal (to me) damage. And to be praised by my teacher for coming back to finish school, that is so astounding to me, I am still rocked by it!!! But the Lord must have some special plan for me to be sparing me so often and I am not one to ask "why me God?" I just ask that he let me know, sorta, what it is. WAIT--------I KNOW!!!------Maybe I'm going to meet Gerry and he is going to fall in love with a short, chubby ol' woman, me, and we will be married and all the crap talk will be over about his love life because they will be laughing so hard about it, they will finally shut the heck up!! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you notice the lonnnng guffaw and extensive amout of laughing I had to do!!! I'll be lucky to even get to see the glorious man from afar, let alone meet him or get a growly hug from him. Those things happen to "other" people. But, I just wanted to let you know I am never further than the phone or the computer if you ever need ANYTHING I can do or give. I love my new "EA" Sis very much. Tell Dan'l I have a special place in my heart for him and the rest of your family as well. But I will be careful of saying I love you, because I am such a stunningly gorgeous woman that Sue will get jealous and come out here to Elgin and pound the heck out of me ! Oh boy I am just a real NUT today!!! Love and Giant Hugs my Sweet "EA"!!! Jo
  6. Awesome Anna, You DESERVE a "Butler"!!! With all that you have gone through, you deserve all the good things that you can get in this life. I love your story. Children ar the blessings the Lord bestows on us to save our souls and make life worth living. If I didn't have my children and grand children and great grand child, and all my awesome friends, I would rahter be dead, because it would be just like that anyway. I NEED my people in my life and as you so succinctly put it!!!, "May the Good Lord rain His blessings down on all you Gal-friends"!! Very beautifully stated. Love Ya GAL. You have a beautiful heart! Your Jo
  7. Mornin' GALS Poppin' in to say Hi and comment on our man's hair!! OMG!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The man is 'sexy' personified, and I have always loved his hair longer and curly like that, but fashion rules and he has to do what he has to do. But I don't care how he wears it (except that mini mohawk junk!!!!!!) The man is too refined and elegantly masculin for that childish style.) Kathy-Forbes Girl, knows how un-utterably busy I am, that she sends updates and awesome pics of the G-Man to me so I can work on the afghans and ornaments, pretty soon, and 'Gerry' as well. Kathy pointed out that someone noticed that you can see Gerry's awesommmmmmmmme abs, opps, 'scuze me, got a wee bit 'finger'tied there for a wee bit. There is not one iota of male-ness about this incredible man that I don't absolutely love and adore, but his tummy area is so beautifuly gorgeous to me, that I get all fluttery in my tummy and am so hard put to keep my hands from reaching out to touch his gorgeous chest!!!!!!!!! I AM A NUT!!!!!!!! CERTIFIED!!!!! I also have another friend that knows I am as busy as a herd of squirrels getting ready for a reeeaaalllly bad winter, that also sends me pics and updates of Gerry. Kathy is always first with those updates and pics, but the idea that someone cares enough for me to do that is so awesomely wonderful, that my heart and mind reel from the love. I am cheating right now, but I stopped to get a re-fresh on the coffe and thought I'd just for the heck of it check if there was anything on the computer worth my time and I find my Kathy and my GALS. Definitely worth my time. And new pics and updates about our Gerry ARE ALWAYS WORTH MY TIME!!!! I also need to keep up with the good news and sometimes the bad news But I have to address more "HI"'s and get me arse back to work or no one will have any afghans by the time winter comes. Know this my GALS, I need you ALL to keep me sane where Gerry is concerned. Please keep in touch. Love and Hugs, 's Ocean Gal Forever, Jo
  9. Thanks Anna for the reminder of how gorgeous our Gerry was and how he has gotten even more gorgeous as the years go by. He has such beautiful feet!! And those legs are so...........OMG!! I love this man's everything!!! To me, Gerry is the most perfect man I have ever had the pleasure to fall in love with. Everything about him is totally drool worthy . But that dazzling smile gets me all the time. The rest of this incredibly entrancing man is just a fantastic added attraction. I am drooling verra bad and my Mop boys are having a verrrrraaaa hard time trying to get it all mopped up. Some days this beautiful man makes me need a !!!! Today is one of those days. I need one reeeeeaaaalll bad right now, since I have been watching the trailer for "Gamer" so many times. I'm going to wear it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to "Gamer" one last time and then back to afghans. Love Ya ALL, Jo
  10. Thanks Suzie, I am sooooo busy before school gets started the last week of August. I have soooo many afghans to make. And a few touch ups on the final 'Gerry'!! I am waiting for my friend Tyler to bring the newer pics of the re-vised version of 'Gerry' that was poured in wax and we lengthened his legs to better proportion his body with his head and torso!! I have to say, he looks pretty darn okay!! And, since it's the very first time I have EVER made a human statue, I think he looks pretty darn good!! Final touches, of course will be made by a man that has done human faces for years. But from all he has been teaching me, I am not too unhappy with what I have done. I just pray it looks enough like Gerry that he knows it is him!!!!! But Gerry is such an incredible man unto himself that I know he will appreciate that someone cares enough about him to at lease attempt to make him his own "Academy Award". Susan~ told me she would try and at some point in the future get it to him. God in heaven, Susan~ is awesome. The woman is so wonderful to try and do that for me. How do you thank someone that is that fantastic???? Well back to work on afghans. Love and Hugs to You Suzie, Jo
  11. CONGRATULATIONS PAIGE!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo proud of you and I know everyone else is too! You are an awesome lady and to finish school is in it's self quite an accomplishment!! You Go Girl!!!!! Jo
  12. My Sweet Tracy, I have been on here some and some is so sporadic that I just skim a wee bit over posts and I want to sincerely beg your forgiveness for neglecting you a wee bit. I have started a prayer list with just my GALS on it. You are being worked on today and for the next few days with an intensity that will make up for my neglect of you. I love all my GALS here and you are amoung the first of those that took me under her wing. There is NOT ONE SINGLE GAL here that isn't absolutely fabulous to me. I must admit you hold a special place because of your love of the Archie man. As he is my very first sight, sound and hearing of this intensily incredible man of ours. Archie holds a very special place in my heart that is only made more intensly wonderful by Gerry's other roles. The man is incredibly entrancing!!! But you my sweet Tracy. I had no idea that health was getting so bad for you. I already started to pray for you right after I read your post, which is perfectly fine to read. You at least try to post. That alone is awesome sweet baby. You take it as easy as you can and do whatever you are told by the doc. Remember. sleep is nature's medicine. And a wee bit of chicken soup is good too!!! You will never, ever be forgotten as long as we are here for you. Take care special GAL Tracy, Your Old Friend forever, replies 's Ocean Gal, Jo
  13. I am dying to see Celtic Thunder here on our PBS!!! I saw them a few years back. Last year as a matter of fact and I think I told you GALS about my finding them. I love Paul Byrom's voice so much. He has some absolutely beautiful songs he wrote. I am so anxious to see Damien all 'growning' up. He was such a doll!! But, Paul is my favorite. His voice and his songs just move me so much. But all the guys are so awesome together. This year I am going to be able to donate and I am going to. Not too much, but at least enough to get a CD. They are so beautiful to close your eyes and listen to. But, even better to watch on DVD!!!! I want to get their CD's so much. I am looking forward to getting a new DVD player that holds more than one DVD so I can listen to CD's at night in my room and fall asleep. I hope today finds my GALS doing okay. I am still praying for all my GALS and Sue, for Dan'l the prayers never stop! I also never forget Chacha, or Sandra, or any of my friends here. I miss EM so much. I hope everything is okay with her. She is so important as are all the Mods here. My heart is growing fonder and fonder of our Susan!!! She is such an awesome lady. She is willing to help me get Gerry's statue to him after it is made. It won't be ready for his birthday, like I wanted him to have it for his 40TH. But it is meant for that. But I will send both to Susan~ and one she will put up for auction next year (so save up GALS) and the other is for our incredible man to know how much we love and need him. Every time he is lonely or depressed by the 'razzie, he can look at his statue and know how much we love and appreciate what he goes through for us. Dear Lord, I love this man tooooooooo much!!! Love and Hugs My Beautiful GALS, 's Ocean Gal, Jo
  14. Sweet Suzie, I have put Robert as well as Anna on the prayer list at church and I wll pray very hard for him myself as well. You never fear! Us prayer warriors are always here!! Love and Hugs Sweet Suzie!! Jo
  15. Awesome Anna!!! Nope, no 'Gerry' yet!! 'Cause this ol' lady had a fookin' heart attack!!!!! I missed the pour by mere days!! But I am taking the Independent Study Group this fall and 'Gerry' will be poured in Oct/Nov. I have him almost ready to be poured. He is in black wax and I have to make two more of the black wax forms to make sure that at least two come out good. One for next years convention auction and one for Gerry himself. Susan~ told me if I can get it to her, she will try and present it to him at some point when she sees him. You know premire or such. Susan~ is super to do that for us. You have my prayers for your lovely eyes and the rest of your health. I missed reading your posts Anna. Please take care of yourself for us. We need you. Love and Hugs, Jo
  16. OMG, Anna, I missed seeing your posts too. I am sooooo glad to see you back and I am praying all is right and better in your world. Everyone here is so happy to see you back and that just enforces my love of this site to an inth degree. Add my happiness that you are back and hope it is forever. Much Hugs and Gladness Sweet Anna, Jo
  17. Afternoon GALS, Takin' a break from afghans and thought I'd check up on our man. Thanks to Forbes Girl I saw this "Gamer" trailer and have watched it so many times, if it was a tape, it would be worn out!!! But I can see so clearly why the movies want our man to be an action hero. But I am so thankful that the G-Man likes to be so versatile. He can be anyone!!! I am so glad too. He is such an awesome actor. You can live in his role to the extent that he makes you want to see he wins, even if he is not a good guy!! IE: Dracula 2000!!! If that man put his hand out to me, I would run into his arms so fast, I'd be a blur!!! And for this ol' cripple lady, that is a feat of monsterous proportions!!!! I read some of the comments about Gerry's apparel at the airport. I have only this to say about that. He is clean and comfortable and I love his shirt!!!! Because it is ON HIM!!!!!!! I know it is clean and he is comfy. That's all I care about, oh except, I bet a thousand dollars it's soooooooo soft!!!! I also adore his hat!!! He is such a doll!!! Ooops, I forgot about saying 'doll' about Gerry. He is NOT an empty headed plaything that you can dress and un-dress at will!!!! I am soooooooo bad!!! But our Gerry is such an awesome man, he makes "Gamer" look to be an awesome film. I can hardly wait to see it!!! Back to crocheting. I love ya all and miss ya much. Jo
  18. Darlin' Donnie, Your boyfriend is just jealous!!! Why? Couldn't tell ya except Gerry is so gorgeous no matter what, the guys that can't possibly be anything like him are jealous of him and insecure in themselves. You enjoy your love of this awesomly entrancing man and remember, we are here to support you in that love. Gerry is above and beyond incredible. He is the "IT" man of this century. Your Friend, Joanna
  19. Sue, Thank You for your prayers for my son. I am so sorry about your Dad and his friend. My past-away man friend, was in the Second WW and he was in New Guina (sp) and it continued to amaze him how he lived through it!! That is how he started drinking and he could never seem able to stop and it eventually killed him along with the cigarettes. But that was something the government gave our men to keep them busy and satisfied. Free cigaettes and many time, booze. War is hell on earth. All wars are. My son is so impressed about the women here and so happy that I have made friends as well. He says to tell you all, Thank You so much for praying for him. OMG, Sue, I love the clips of B2!!! But you already know I adore this wee sprite and all of your family is so special to me. It brought back memeories of my beautiful Dana when I would watch her, 21 years ago!!!!!!!!! And she would fall asleep sitting at the little table and watching TV while I fed her and she was so sleepy, she'd do just like B2 and I loved it then and still love to see it now. Especially wqith someone that is as adorable as B2. And I know the heart thingy!!! Dana is 21 and she still has my heart. Gotta go back and watch B2 again. Oh, I adore this wee lil' man. Love and Hugs, Jo
  20. Thank You Monique, It means a lot to me and to my son that people care. It hurts to have fought for your country and lost friends and then no one that you fought a war for, cares to even fly a flag. But, yes, you are right. It's all about a three day weekend and BBQ's and drinkin'. The few that care are almost all older people. But almost losing my son made a hell of a dent in my life and patriotism. I love my country and although I hate politicians, we still have a wonderful country. Again Thank You so much Sweet Monique. Hugs, Jo
  21. My Special Susan~ Thank You so much for this. My son just stopped by to show Higgs to me. He gained 8lb.s in one week!!! He is just a magnificent dog. He is truly getting so big and very hard to handle. But he knows his Grama and he is so affectionate. I told Rob about what all my GAL friends have said and he kinda teared up and told me say "Thank You all, and he really appreciates your prayers and that you care means so much to him. I also Thank You as well. It has been a really hard time for the past 11 years. But I pray a lot for my son and now I just add my GALS in there and all they mean to me. I truly do Thank You All very much. Hugs and lots of Love, Jo
  22. Frannie!!!, Thank you so much. Sometimes I need that " ". And you are so right, Gerry makes me get all shivery inside and the very thought of hugging that gorgeous body and getting to snuggle my face into that to-die-for chest makes me 'neak in the wees! I mean weak in the knees!! Gerry makes me tounge tied!!! Just to think of hugging him gives me dreams of being young and pretty again, with the lovely body I used to have!!! God in heaven, this man is incredibly entrancing. Yep, I've got him on a pedatsal and I am keepin' him there. And our Gerry does not have "feet of clay"!!!! He is not a God or God like, that is why I fell in love with him. He is HUMAN!!!! The rest of the awesome trappings are an added bonus!!!! The man is "just a man" and what a man!!!!!! Love Ya GAL, Jo
  23. Sweet Amber, Believe you me GAL!!! There is no way that I can ever, ever forget the G-Man. I have loved this incredible man for twelve years and I am not about to stop!! He just gets better and better as he ages so beautifully!! The man is incredibly entrancing. There is nothing about this man that is not awesome. He has a gift and I saw it in "Mrs. Brown" when I first heard that awesomly sexy Scottish accent and then saw that dazzling smile. I died and went to Gerry heaven at that moment and I have lived there ever since. I am as proud of him as I am of my own son. My son is one year younger than Gerry and if you have read a few of the previous posts, you know how awesomly proud of my son I am. Gerry is around me at every place I live in!! By my computer there are three pics and two are of Gerry and the other is my son in his Navy Blues. In my room I have a desk with all of my beautiful Gerry "stuff" laid out and his calendar on the wall with my postage stamps and the few magazines I have been able to acquire. I have his beautiful manly face next to my bed and he is the last face I see at night and the first face I see in the morning. The man is my ALL!!!! So do believe me when I say, I NEVER forget how awesomly gorgeous this incredible man is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck on the job hunting!! My Grand daughter is going through the same crap!!! She is on break from college as well. She has two more semesters of welding to get her diploma and her certification. If you ever saw her, you think, "her, an industrial welder??????" She is a 5'2, alabaster white skined, blue eyed blond. She looks like she belongs in a Macy's!! But she hates waiting on the public. And she has piercings and a couple of tattoos. I especially love her new one on the back of her left arm. It's a smiling skull with eye lashes and piercings the same as hers. It is awesome. The other is her fiance's name, Jose', and yes he is the only man she will ever love for life. Believe me, no other man couild ever fill his shoes. They have been together for 4 1/2 years and they are getting married in October of 2010!!! I am so proud of her and him as well. He went to college for his certificates in auto repair. He has hopes to work at "Motor Werks" in Barrington. Yes, it's spelled right!! And eventually he wants his own place for car repair. He is the first to ever finish school or go to college in his family!!! Dana told him she loves him but she won't support him. He tries to support her while she is out of a job and she fights him on that!!! She knows us women pull part of the weight to make it easy for each other. They are damn good kids. I am understandably very proud. Well, I have babbled on and I am sorry. But I am so glad you are back and that you love our Gerry as much as we do. He is truly worth all the love he can get. Keep coming back sweet lady and let us know how the job hunt goes. Love and Prayers going out to you, Joanna
  24. Thank You Frannie, So much for the beautiful and loving words. I am going to see my son this weekend and I want you to know I will tell him that you Thank him and you are praying for him to continue to, finally, get back to a life as free as he can due to the circumstances. He is a wonderful son despite his growing up in a house of a verbally violent alcoholic. He doesn't drink very often nor do drugs. I am very blessed with my family and my friends, of which I count all my GALS. Your words touched me as much as the beautiful words from Blue Jean and Diane! It means so much to me that some of us still remember what Memorial Day is about. Hugs Sweet Ladies, Jo
  25. BJ , Thank You so much! My son is getting better and he says Thank You as well. It made him happy to know that my friends were feeling for Memorial Day and our troops as he was. Yeppers, he will always be my Baby Boy!!! Even though he is 39 this year. But I love him so much, triple times more. Hugs Sweet BJ!!, Jo
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