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  1. Good Mornin' GALS!!! I have been reading some of the posts about Memorial Day!! I haven't told this to very many GALS, but I think it needs to be said and I am going to cry, so just bear with me. I am sure other GALS have had a similar experience or know someone that has. I am so proud of the comments that have been made regarding the lack of caring for our troops from the younger people. They have no idea of what our troops are going through. War is hell, no matter what!! My experience was very upsetting and my son was truly hurt by the unenthusiastic regard for what Memorial Day stands for. My son served in the Navy as a Damage Control/ Fireman Officer. Before he even went to the Gulf he volunteered to help remove victums from the crushed cars on the Nimitz Bridge from the eathguake in California back in the early 90's. He received a Humanitarian Medal for his efforts and he did think it was that big a deal. He just felt that they needed help and I had taught him to always give a helping hand when he saw it was needed. Just like Gerry said when he saved that little boy from drowning. It's something that had to be done. Then he was shipped out to the Gulf on a ship called the Iwoa Jima. An older ship from the second WW. So many things were so old and so wrong with the ship, as Damage Control/Fireman officer, Rob was responsible along with a few other men, to keep the ship afloat!!! Then the worst happened. The boiler exploded and ten men were literally melted to death. Two of those men my son had just sent down to train on machines in the boiler room. He went back to get the books and papers needed to train them as they were suppoesed to look over the machines they were going to be trained on. When the boiler exploded, my son had just stepped away from the hatch and barley missed being a victim But the guys he was supposed to train were literally melted to death and my son held one of the guys in his arms 'til he passed away. My son has suffered this Post War depression for all these years since that day. He feels, even now, that he killed those two guys. And even though he has had therapy and countless sessions with a military therapist, he still harbors feelings of guilt that it should have been him instead of or as well as them. It took 6 hours of absolute horror 'til we finally learned that my son was not a victim of the explosion. But he still was a victim. He has finally begun to work out his issues and become more social as his new girl friend has been a huge help in this respect. She is Chinese and an LPN working toward her RN. She absolutely loves my son and he absolutely loves her and helps with her 14 year old son who is having "teenage issues" and the father is such a jerk and offers no support of any kind. My son helps with finances and is being the strong father figure this boy desperately needs. We went to lunch together yesterday and he spoke about the lack of caring for our troops. He feels that the young people have no concept of what the guys and gals are going through to keep this country free!!! If they don't fight there, then we will have to fiight here on our own land. Young people, some, are totally oblivious of how hard it is to keep this country from having a war on our on land. Not all of course, but so many, it literally hurts to know it!! My son, Rob, is the only surviving son out of three and when he went into the service, I prayed so hard not to lose him and our Lord heard my prayers. That is why I am such a great believer in the power of prayer. Thank You all for hearing my story. And yes, I cried a lot for the rememberance of this incident. I look at my son and thank God all the time for giving me back my baby boy!!! And I celebrate Memorial Day in honor of my son and all the troops, past and present that fought and are still fighting to keep this country I love so much, FREE!!!!! Love and Hugs, Jo
  2. GOOD MORNING GALS!!! Just started my day with the site and vote for our G-Man!!! What a way to start the day!!! The only thing that would be better than seeing that incredible man's face on my side table and walls and computer would be next to me on my own pillow!!! OMG, did I say that? If I keep that up, I'll need a !! This man does incredibly entrancing things to my mind!!! Never mind my body!! Back to "E"s. HUgs ALL!!, 's Ocean Gal Jo
  3. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY GALS!!!!!! I said it on the voting thread but then I got to go with my family to breakfast, and I love you ALL!, but I love to go out with my babies and it's even more wonderful that they are proud enough of me to ask so often. I don't always go, but today we have a guest!! My Grand daughter Dana's friend Pam is here with her baby Sarah and Sarah is one today!!!!! Pics will be coming. Pam calls me Grama Jo like my own Grand daughter does. I hope Sarah will call me Grama Jo when she gets to talking more. She is, of course, a beautifuly expressive baby girl. I absolutely love and adore her. I am going to work on my son's blanket and finish a scarf for my daughter Ginger for Christmas and if the sun ever shines, I am going to finish 'Gerry' outside. He will be easier to work on in the hot sun as he is in wax for the bronze pour which I missed because of my heart attack!! I will have more pics of 'Gerry' as I go along. After all I have to make the booklet of what has been done so far. I think he looks awesome. And I am fussy!!!! Well, going in to watch "True Blood: with my daughter Suzy and crotchet!!!! Hugs and Lots of Love to All my GALS!!!! Jo
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jobella!!! I am so proud to be a member here. I have made the most awesome friends I have ever had in my life from GALS. Hugs, Jo
  5. Nancy, I used to work for a Security co. and the new Ameritec building was my site. It's now AT&T. It is so huge inside and whenever someone would leave a door open for delivery, the place was always full of birds. We had real trees in the atrium and they would live in the tress until the guys came in with BB guns to shoot them down. I told my boss I would not let them in for that to tell them to come on another night I wasn't there. I hurt so much to see them carrying the dead birds out. But they were a pain in the proverbial arse for the employees. But I still hated to see it. So I know how you felt. Just wanted to comment. Hugs, Jo
  6. Thank you Judy!! I will admit, I am so tired so much of the time, it's a forced issue just to get going some times. But too much to do to lay around. So, prayers are very welcome. Thank You Again, my Sweet Judy, Jo
  7. Oh EA Sue, Mine are too!! They still look beautiful and the fragrance is awesome. As for "E"'s, you enjoy your babies, all of them and don't you worry your beautiful head about me. I know you are in heaven right now and it's so nice there, we are waiting patiently and can wait as long as you need us to, especially me. Just know we are all so happy for you, that all we care about is the thought of all those new pics of everybody. I still have the old ones and the newer ones you sent me and the awesome one of Bryan with B2 in the air. I love that one so much!!! It's so sweet, like the other GALS have said. You have a great time and talk to us when you have time. Love Ya Always, 's Jo
  8. Sweet Sue, My 'EA', I am so happy to hear that my faith was rewarded!!! I knew our Lord would never let you down. I am ecstatic!!!! How are your flowers holding up?? Mine from my son are still doing pretty well and when I look at the Star Gazer Lillies, I think of yours along with the others. Just always keep the wee card and you will always know how we feel about you. Give wee B2 a giant hug from us and always remember, you are a very special lady as are all the other GALS here. I am so happy for you and Dan amd Bryan and his new gal. It's so wonderful to be having them come for a very much needed visit. Have a great time. Love and Giant Hugs from, Jo
  9. SCHOOL'S OUT--SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!! Now I can spend some more time with my GALS!!!! I have missed so much. Not as much as I would have if it weren't for Kathy. I will be having Kathy post some newer pics of the 'Gerry' as I continue to prep him for the brtonze pour I missed because of my heart attack. This method is called, "The lost wax method of bronzing" so when you see 'Gerry' in black wax, it is not meant as any more than that he is being prepped for this method of making a bronze figure. The silcone covering I will add in August, will be heated and the wax will be melted out, leaving a molded effect for the bronze to be poured into and then the hard silicone will be chipped away to reveal a bronze statue of our Gerry in his kilt and boots and all his beautiful glory. I have to say I am sorta proud of my statue. Even thoug it is my very first statue of anyone, but even more because it really looks like our Gerry, or as much like him as possible in this medium. I am so sorry I have been gone more than I wanted to be, but two classes for an ol' lady like me is a wee bit hard. But I did it and I am so glad I did it!! I received an "A" for my class, even though I missed three sessions because of the heart attack. I still went back and did the best I could. My teacher said most other people just don't go back. They just give up!! I was stunned!! When my doctor told me I could drive and I could go back to school, I was there, asap!!! Besides I am proud to be making a beautiful momento for auction for my GALS and the charity of their choice. This site is too important to me now. I have made some of the most awesomely beautiful friends I could have ever wanted to have in my life. I love everyone of you GALS and if we still have a few PALS, I apprecaite knowing them too. Well, I just wanted to say HI and let everyone know how much I missed them and that I am looking forward to getting on the site more. I have 11 afghans to make this summer, so I will be pretty busy. Because I have that many afghans to make, my daughter said she was okay with me not taking classes this summer!! I told her, I didn't care what she thought anyway. But we were teasing each other, She just worries that I will turn into an old lady that complains that she never goes anywhere or sees anyone and is lonely!! I have my GALS and my friends from GALS and school. I will never truly be lonely!!! Well, I have to go and clean out my car so my daughter can use it for the next couple of days. Love to All my GALS, 's Ocean Gal, Jo
  10. Well, I lost out again!!!! I called Borders to check if the magazines were out yet last week and she told me that they would not be out until Monday. I called on Monday and they were already out last week!!!!!! She misunderstood me when I said the dates of the 18th. I could just cry I am going to try and order them from the companies that put them out on the third of June. I hope I can get them that log after they are gone off the stands. I am soooooooo sad !! But thanks for the update about the mags that Gerry is in. I just feel terrible. Jo
  11. I can't remember Jennifer St. Giles' on line name. HELP!!!! I have a very important message for her and I want her to read it as soon as possible. Jo
  12. He is Stoick the Vast. He is Hiccups father and chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. I only know this because Dragon Slayer told us so. Appropriate, isn't it???? Dragon Slayer, How to Train Your Dragon, Gerry is a dragon, or voice of....get it??? Tee hee!!! Sorry, I am puch drunk from working on the G-Man's kilt and belts today. Wax is hard to cut!!!!! But, yeah I got the info from the Drangon Slayin' GAL!!!! Jo
  13. Thanks Barb, I hope they are only tweaking slightly anything with our Gerry in it!! The more I get to see of Gerry, the more I will like it!!! OMG, did I say that that way!! But you know what I mean!! Hugs Barb and Thanks again for the update. Jo
  14. Oh Yessssss, Any movie Gerry in in, I AM THERE!!!!! No waiting for anyone else to decide to go anymore. I'm hookin' up with Kayla in Peoria in July to see TUT!!! And if her family can put up with me, she might be coming up here for us to get together to go see game. Hope!!!!! Finally, someone close to enjoy our beautiful man together. I won't feel so bad when I squeel like Gerry's Lil' "Hands on Gerry" siggy piggy. I ALWAYS squeeeeeel when Gerry appears on screen. He evokes such emotion from me that all I can do is scream with delight and since I stuff my mouth with my fists, it sounds like a squeel!! But I don't care, I love this incredibly amazing man and he makes me happy just looking at him, let alone hearing all the wonderful things that people say about him!!! Newver fear, when Gerry is there, I am near as I can get!!! Joanna
  15. Jo, Game is currently scheduled to open on September 4th. I believe TUT is July 24th. Ren Ren, Thanks for the heads up. I am going to finally meet another GAL in Peoria and we are going to see "TUT" together and then we'll work on getting together for "Game". I am soooooo excited just to be meeting some GALS!!, and getting to go to see Gerry on the big screen as well I will be in heaven!!! Thank you so much GALS, I am so happy to be able to get to go away for a bit and all the treats with it. Seeing Gerry, meeting new GALS and going with them and hanging out a wee bit!!! Thank You so much Ren. Jo
  16. I come on to read the comments that are so glowing about this incredibly awesome man and I get caught up in all the awesome siggy's about Gerry and I have to leave and get a shower. He is sooooooo sexy. The man totally rocks volumes of masculinity. I can hardly wait for "Game" and, of course, anything he does. Just to hear his voice gives me thrills and goose bumps on my goose bumps. Thanks for the beautiful eye candy. Gerry is like "Man candy on a stick" and OMG I want a bite!! Did I just say that??? OMG, I DID!!!! Jo
  17. As you all know by now........if Gerry is in it, I'm there!! No matter what and no matter how long and no matter what can't get paid. I'm there!! Ahem.......(clearing throat in embarassement) I forgot when "Game" is coming out and when "Tut" is coming out exactly!!! I'm sorry, don't beat me too hard!! It's not like me to not know the where of's and when of's, of Gerry doings, but as I have been soo busy with school stuff and the 'Gerry' and all the arrangements for photographs of the process of the bronze pour, I get behind. So, HELP!! I think I know that "TUT" is coming out in July, my Kayla told me. But when is "Game"? I'm sorry, I appreciate the update. Thank You, Jo
  18. Barb, You are super lady!! Thank you soooooo much. I absolutely loved the trailer. As if you didn't know I would or any of us for that matter! Gerry is once again, as incredible as always. Again, Thank You so much!!!! ps. I just had to go and watch it some more!!!!! Jo
  19. Good thing you got there! It's gone now too!!! But OMG, Gerry is awesome in it. He is, of course, awesome in anything he does, to me. The man could make geico commercials and I would watch them. And I hate geico commercials!!!!!!!!!!! I just listened to Gerry singing Born to be lonely and Music of the night on my way home from picking up my just repaired Lil' car and I was in dream land. I love his voice!!! No matter what he is saying or singing. Gerry's voice was the first thing I ever fell in love with until I saw that amazingly dazzling smile and then it was set in Titanium!!!!! Never mind concrete. Gerry has me totally and forever 'til I die. Glad we few of us got to see that tiny trailer. OMG, I can hardly wait and I will have to save money for this one, because I am going to see it more than a few times. Just to watch that awesome body on that huge screen with those stunning eyes, and that awesome face. I think I had better go and get a Just the thought of that man and his attributes makes me swoon !!!! Jo
  20. OMG!!!!!!!! I found it on Movie Web!!!! Thank You soooooo much!! I knew it was going to be good because it has Gerry in it at his most potent acting ability. He.....is........Incredible!!!!!! Those eyes. I absolutely love those incredble eyes. There is absolutely nothing about this fantastic man that is not magnificently incredible. There are not enough words in the world's language pool to describe what Gerry does to me when I watch him ply his craft!! The man is...........................indescribable! Jo ps. why is US so far behind in showing a trailer?
  21. NOT ANYMORE!!!!! I wanted to see Gerry WHAAAAAAA!!!
  22. Hey TG!!! I know if it was me with the popcorn in my hand the wax container would melt!!! And my soda would boil!!!! The man is toooooooooo incredibly gorgeous! And I sit and stare at the screen and watch that awesome mouth! He has such a way of moving it when he talks that is positivley sexy. OMG, the man is Hugs, Jo
  24. I'll bet the if you hold the corn in your hand, it will pop all by itself while you watch Gerry do his 'stuff'!!! Jo
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