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  1. WOW!!! A ten year span!!! That sounds intriging. But since Gerry gets more handsome as he gets older, it will be interesting to see how they make him look as he ages in the film.'Course, anger, worry, and being always on the defensive can age a person to no end. But our man is such an awesome actor he will carry it off pretty well. I am soooooo glad he plays such a varied and diverse amount of roles. It's so great to see him as so many different people. And his ability to do the various roles is absolutely marvelous. No wonder I love this incredible man so much!!! He is simply an INCREDIBLE actor!!!!!!! I am sitting on tenter hooks waiting for his next movie. I will probably have to go alone. But I really don't care, I get to squeal and drool and all the things I do when Gerry comes on the screen. He thrills me so. Love and Hugs to ALL my GALS, Jo
  2. What's this I read!!!!???? You are going to the "Kilt" thingy??? OMG, I am soooooooo jealous Lisa. I have to try and get into your adorable head for the weekend and pray our Gerry can be there!!! I will also pray you get a 'growly hug' and sweet kiss. Then I can feel it too!!! I........am..........a..........dreamer!!! But my dreams are very nice!! Truly though, I am so happy for you. And....... OKAY!!..........I AM totally jealous. The only good thing for me is........I am dressing 'Gerry' this week in his kilt, boots, belts and sword!!! At least I get to do that, even if it is only a statue!!! It's still him!!! Have a great time Sweetie and I am very, very happy for you. Hugs, Joanna
  3. NOW!!!!! What more can I add to all these comments??? NOT......A......BLESSED......THING!!!!!! But I will!!!! I have said it always and will always say it, Gerry is the most incredibly amazing man in my universe. Every time I read or see or hear about something he did or said, I am more dedicated to him, if that could be possible. The few things he says or does wrong, are so totally acceptable to me, they are not even worth mentioning twice. Gerry is kinder and more giving than a lot of movie stars I know, so the few 'oops' that happen with him, are insignificant to me. But, I would love to be on that set!!!! Do you need more expressions or is that enough? Anyway, back to dressing the 'Gerry' in a kilt!!!! 's Joanna
  4. Once again our Gerry proves he is the MAN!!!!!! Everyday I thank the Lord for all you GALS and our Gerry. He has got, someday, to know how he has been such a fantastic influence for so much good by just being himself. The man is incredible in all ways. Hugs Everybody, Jo
  5. I am going to clean it out right now!!!! Jo
  6. OMG, My Sweet Swannie, You know me enough by now to know anything said bad or derrogatory about our Gerry is fightin' words in my book. I just told the guy to keep his mouth shut and I never went back to that site to even see if he said anything else. Gerry can be whatever he wants to be and I know that as far as I am concerned I love this incredible man for what he gives me! The feeling of being honest and caring and damn good acting. He makes me feel like a woman and he makes me laugh and he thrills me to my very core. I need to scream his name whenever I see him and it's so hard to keep it inside. He is so beautiful in my eyes. I accept Gerry for ALL that he is and he can do and be anything he wants, because I know he is a good and caring man. Remember, he is my first movie star crush in my 65 years of life and my last. Gerry Butler has something about him that just hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks the first time I saw that smile in "Mrs. Brown" so long ago. Each time I see him I get flutters in my tummy and he makes me soooooo proud. Even after twelve years, it's still the same. That is one of the reasons I am working sooo hard on this statuette that will be ready' come hell or high water', for the Convention. I am taking him in next week for critique and then molding and final prep for the pour!! I am so excited about this, I pray that not only will he garner a good price if you auction him off, but the one I will send to him, he eventually gets. (If I can get him to you in time.) But never fear Swannie, I ignore those idiots that are talking through their bottoms. They are just jealous and when I look at Gerry I can see why!! He is the most gorgeous and incredible man ever!! 's Ocean Gal, Jo
  7. You hit it right Lisa!! What he is and what he does is HIS BUSINESS!!!! When I first started on the computer, a guy said about Gerry being gay, "I've had him and he is good"! I almost died and said back to him. "No one likes a "kiss and tell" person and even if Gerry Butler was gay, that is his business as his private life is his business. All Gerry owes us as his fans is a damn good performance as an actor. And by the good Lord in heaven, I think he does that each and every time. So keep your lies to yourself!!!" I was fuming! I love this man no matter what he is, does or becomes. He has been my crush for so long, I don't think there could ever be another. I look forward to everyday that there is a new article about him and new pics to drown my heart and my eyes in. What he shows us of himself, is A O K with me. I am satisfied totally. And the only reason I say 'Mum' is because at 25 years his senior and 14" shorter than him and too chubby as well, a friend would be an 'academy award' for me. I just need him in my life just the way I have him. And again, I am as proud of him as if he were my own son. Since Archie and beyond. You go Gerry and be your own man as you have been and always should be. We love Ya Gorgeous. Jo
  8. This incredibly awesome man deserves all the love he gets. But as Swannie says and as I have touted for this last few years, I would love to be a friend. He would be such an awesome friend. But a whoooooole lot of women would love to be Gerry's friend. He is so gorgeous, adorable, funny and intelligent!! What a combination in an actor, let alone a man. So, all us "MUM'S" can make him the most loved actor ever. He is too special to be unknown. I love it when I show his picture and the girls and women go ga-ga over him. I'm not at all jealous. I want the world of women to love this incredible man almost as much as we do. Gerry is so yummy and cute. Love Ya G-Man. Joanna
  9. You adorable surrogate Mum's stand in line! I have loved this incrdible man for twelve years now and I am 65 last Monday!! This is the ONLY actor I have ever had in my life to any extended extent. I make room for all that feel about him as I do. But twelve years of complete adoration and fan-love speaks highly for the talent of this wonderful man. I am content to dream of meeting him and getting a "growly hug" and sweet look from his beautiful eyes. But as for hooking up with him in any way other than as a friend, I am realistic enough to know it's never happening. With my weak leg and inability to stand in a crowd, my contentment extends to watching him on the screen of either the movies or my TV as my favorite and only adored actor. I love the comments about his privacy. I have advocated many times in previous posts that Gerry's private life is HIS business and it makes me so happy to hear echos of that precise sentiment here. I know there are people that profess "love" of this incredible man and truly don't mean it. But I think here there is at least 98% of us true fans that love and adore and respect our Gerry. He is truly the epitome of the real man in that he does respect his private life enough that no one really knows him that way and he is respected enough by his former dates to not discuss his private life with ANYONE! And I do think if he met one of his "true" fans and fell for her, it would be a wonderful thing to happen. And I also think she would be respectful of his wish to be 'sssssshhhhhh' of the fact until he was ready for the world to bombard them with cameras and gossip!! In my own way of thinking, he is protecting the gal he goes with from the 'razzie harrassing her to death. And they would, we all know that. I also respect his desire to do all the things he wants to do while he can. Gerry is an amazing man as many women that have acted with him have said many, many times. I am so proud of the women that I have turned on to him. Yesterday I showed a picture, well several pictures of him really!!, to some of the gal students in my class. They were so amazed that they realized they have seen him before and didn't really know him as Gerry Butler. They absolutely fell head over heels for him. Jessie looked at him in his sepia pic and she yelled, OMG, He is gorgeous!!! My heart swelled with pride, as if he were my own son!! The other gals came to see what she was talking about and they all made similar remarks. This is a young 19 year old bunch of gals, five new converts!!! (Patting myself on the back) I love it when I can do that. They all wanted to know what movies he was in and they were going to pick up some for the weekend with their guy friends. HA!!! Beat that 'razzie idiots!!! I think I can count them as numbering at 24 converts as of today in two years. Yes, I do count them. I am so proud of Gerry that I want the world to know who he is and enjoy his fantastic ability to be such an incredible man as well as actor. But the older Gerry fans know me by now and know how much I love this man. And how long!!! Well enough of me. But I am first in line to be his surrogate "MUM"!! But there is plenty of Gerry love for us all. That is another thing about him. He has so much love in him that he can give it and it can still keep coming if you are a true person. God, I love this man sooooooooo much!!! Archie's Ocean Gal, Jo
  10. Gerry is a very fortunate man in that when he gets enough rest he looks absolutely wonderful again. He just shows his lack of rest in his eyes. And yes, he will be a very hard man to live with if you let him push you around and whine and cry about him being gone so much or any of those goofy things selfish women do to their man. If you love him you accept him for the man he is and don't try and, yes, as D said, to change him. You support him and trust him. That is love. Trust and respect. Even if you are not married. Gerry already doesn't seem to be the lay around kind of guy. I feel he would be true to the woman that has his heart and she would support him in all things. Even with all the beauties around him, he still doesn't appear to be a lay around guy!! I think, in my opinion, Gerry is smarter than that and he keeps his affairs to himself. I am proud of him for all that he is. Jo
  11. I so agree, Jo! He should get "attached" to one of the GALS that truly adores him. He wouldn't have to miss a beat in his career! I have no doubt of it! No woman could love him more! D OMG D, He sure does need one of our GALS! He would be so happy to be totally loved and revered. He needs that constant adoration if he is like my Grand Daughter who is also a Scorpio. As strong as she is, she needs constant re-assurance how good she is and what a spectacular girl she is. She soaks it up like a dry sponge. And she is a very special girl, as Gerry is a very special man. They just need to know that the people that care for them love them constantly. Not everyday or every minute but more often than some people do. But the adoration has to be real and not fake. 'Course, if I was lucky enough to be around this incredible man, it would not be too hard to praise him pretty constantly. He is the most beautiful man ever!!!! Jo
  12. Thank You Sweet Moira!!!!! I'll do that asap. I love the pic of Gerry, he looks so gorgeous. 'Course, he ALWAYS looks gorgeous, but I love to see his beautiful face on the covers of magazines and such!!! He is incredible!!! Jo
  13. sorry there were no pix attached to this article but the ones posted here more then make up for it! I love every last one of them Celtic Star Where can you buy this article!? Jo
  14. He is once again showing how tired and homesick he gets. He is such a wonderful man of his country and I am even more proud of him for saying so. He is not an easy man to get along with and he totally admits it. He needs one of you GALS to make his life complete. Not me, because I am as old as his Mum, but we have a lot of single, very pretty GALS here that would fit the bill. I wish he could get attached to one of you that truly adore him. He would be such a happy man. It makes me sorta sad that this incredibly gorgeous man is so lonely. But at least he is smart enough to realize a relationship of steady proportions is hard right now!! But I pray constantly for him to find the right gal when he is ready to settle down. Hopefully not settle yet. I need to see him, need too!! Thanks for the update and pics. You are super Celtic Star as is our Barb!! Jo
  15. \Where is this magazine sold? PLEASE!!! Jo
  16. Judy, I absolutely, completly and totally know how you feel. The man does things to me that no other actor or man has ever done to me in my about to be 65 years of life. Sure I have loved a couple of guys,lots, but Gerry speaks and my heart does thse goofy fluttery things and my tummy gets those twinges when I see him smile. He is just incredible. And I feel like a Mum some times, in my pride of him and his abilities, but some times the woman side of me just melts at the sight of him. But no matter what, I still respect the fact that he is such a wonderful actor in my eyes. I so enjoy his ability to involve you in his role and feel what that person is going through. He is so incredible to me still after twelve years. He just gets better and better. Jo
  17. Thanks for the update of our man. He looks so happy and rested too!! I am soooooo jealous of those gals. But soooo happy for them as well. Hugs, Jo
  18. Thanks Susan~ I'll try and see if I can get one from the UK eventually. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday from my kids. I'll have to find out from Amazon if it will work here though. Jackie gave me the link to Amazon. We'll see. But I thank you very much! Have a great time at Wondercon. And take care of yourself. for us. Hugs, Jo
  19. My Sweet Friend, I'll put you in my prayers special tonight and make sure it's about your eyes. I'm so sorry about the baby having a baby! It's going to be hard on her and those around her that love her. Chldren are so adorable when they are new and then the reality of providing for them can become so overwhelming, the "fun" part wears off and the facts start to weigh in. I will put Cara in my prayers as well and her family. It's hard today with the job situation getting worse and now another mouth to feed can be difficult. But you'll all make it through. I just worry about your eyes now. I'll pray for Cara and her family as well. You take care of you for us. Hugs Sweet One, Jo
  20. No, you didn't imagine it. The series was called 'The Young Persons Guide to Becoming a Rockstar' (1998) and he was playing a 'spoilt' lead singer of a band. To my memory, it was loosely based on a UK band called Wet,Wet,Wet that were famous back in the 80's. Gerard is really very good in it and played the part well!! Check him out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GX2fBA49xo&NR=1 Thank You Jackie62, Do you know how I can get the movie? I looked on my Netflix and it's not there. I love his accent there, it's so heavy and the way his mouth moves. I love that incredible mouth!!! How can one man be so utterly incredible in so many ways?? I want to own all of Gerry's movies some day. Got a lot of them, but I can't find this one. I love the new pics of our Gerry in the upper left corner now. He is so gorgeous and that smile is to die for!! I am so glad somebody else said something about how tired Gerry looked in the pics from the parties. I was thinking it was just me and I was nuts. But just think, he is traveling all over the place, party after party doing that networking thingy and filming and Lord only knows what else. The man needs a wee rest!!! But he is right to go where he is invited. It's important in his business to keep himself in the eyes of the $$$ people. And the people that make the movies like he does. Gerry is smart. But he does look awful tired. Too bad he can't feel me smoothing out his body while I am making his statuette. So close and yet so far. I am such a fuss budget, I am never satisfied with the way he looks and do something else to him. I am going to arrange with my teacher to look at 'Gerry' and get a critique and then get him molded and start getting him ready for the pour!!! It's now or never. He looks pretty good right now and taking pictures is hard for me. I am not a good picture taker. But as soon as I can get some to put on here, I will ask for help and get a few on. Well back to work. Thank You Jackie62. And thank you for the bit of the movie. I am truly very grateful. Jo
  21. Hi Everybody, Been real busy on 'Gerry' and was thinking about his career! All of a sudden it came into my mind that didn't Gerry make a movie about a rock and roll star or be one?? I can't find it in his list from net flix or in our boutique. Am I wrong and I only imagined it? HELP!!! Jo
  22. Thanks Barb for the wonderful updates. And I loved her dress and she looked awesome in it!! Gerry sure does say the nicest things that are not common as Rubee815 said. It's different than the ordinary stuff the guys just say to say something. Because Gerry is incredible he would say incredible things. One of a kind, is that man!! Jo
  23. God love ya woman!!! I knew you were a sweetie. I love it!!!! Jo
  24. Lisa, I never thought of him in that way, but you are sooooo right. He just is the most incredibly 'masculin man'. There's the reason that a lot of the men in Hollywood are jealous of him. He is a total man without trying to be. No matter what he wears or says or does, he is gorgeous and is still so masculin. Gerry is beautiful even when he is in his sweatshirts and tennies and torn jeans. God in heaven I love this awesome man!!! Jo
  25. Lisa, Don't forget those awesome sterno mastoids that make a woman want to see what they lead down to on that gorgeous chest of his. Oy- vey is right. Or was that what you meant by his clavical? Probably, I am so medical minded that I have a tendency to call his neck muscles what my daughter called them. But OMG they are so beautiful, sooooooooo devastating gorgeous!!! The man is more than drool worthy he is beyond words in this or any other language. And still he is so human, touchable and his sweet Lil' boyish ways make him so want-able!! Is there such a word? I don't care, He is "want-able". And OMG Lisa, what a height to be when he is so towering over you and you totally feel so protected by him. How do you ever tell a man like that what an incredible man he is??? And he is insecure? I can't imagine that but I am sure it's what keeps him so grounded for his profession. He is empathetic as well as so talented and has that ability to be in someone's mind which makes him an awesomly talented actor. And he can make you feel the person he is, so intensly. I love this man waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much!!! Bruce Willis is just the same. He is an awesome actor and with time our Gerry will be a household name as well. Gerry just gets more handsome and better at his craft as time goes by. I adore Bruce, but no actor has ever done to me what Gerry Butler has done. EVER!!!! The man, in one word, is Incredible!!!!! 's Ocean Gal Joanna
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