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  1. hey- can someone PM me, if they're interested in making me a trading card?
  2. so.. are we leaning towards them being together?? or not together... ( the pics I was referring to are found in the new additions section, and start at the bottom of page 2- its them like on a beach chair)
  3. in the pics dated November 13th Gerry is seen with Eleonora Brigliadori, they were also together at the Ischia (sp.?) film festival.. is anything going on between them???
  4. heyy guys, im new here, ive been over at GB.net and other gerry sites for a while but i saw this one and figured i'd check it out. So yeah, im completely and uncontrollably obsessed with this man and have a bad case of GALS, but i have a question thats really been bugging me.. girl in these pics with him.. can anyone clear it up for me- dating/not dating- hoping their not- of course, but if someone could fill me in, im dyinggggggg
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