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  1. Susan, your password IMAGAL doesn't seem to be working.... was there more that should be entered? Larke
  2. I don't know what the competition will be against 300, but I did read in a Google alert today that there are a couple of comedy films who are targeting the same sort of audience, who have postponed their openings to April. Interesting they think 300 will have such drawing power. Lee Ann
  3. Here's another one, should that link just prior to my post run out of downloads: SORRY, LINK HAS BEEN DELETED AT REQUEST OF VIDEO OWNER (edited by Moderator) For some reason, Rapid Share says all its servers are busy. I've never seen that happen before. Do you suppose the entire WORLD is downloading this little clip???? What a popular dog this Ms. Lolita seems to be, eh? Larke
  4. Thanks for posting the second link to You Send It. You're a sweetheart to take the time... I notice the clip is titled, "Shortened Movie".... may I be so bold as to ask what else was on the clip, or is that the way it came from the first You Send It link? Curiosity killed the cat, you know.... Thanks again for uploading that again, it is greatly appreciated. Larke
  5. I will admit I've seen the film several times here at home, and I feel it didn't quite live up to its potential. But the treat of seeing Gerry Butler on a 30ft screen outways any disappointment I may have felt in the film itself. Hubba hubba. Let me at that theatre... :: Lee Ann
  6. Here are the showtimes for B&G: 1:45 - 4:30 - 7:00 - 9:20 and a link to the theatre: http://www.palacemovies.com/premiere.html I'll be there tomorrow Friday night, drool cup in hand. I mean, POPCORN cup in hand. That's it, popcorn. Right.
  7. Thanks, I'm feeling a little calmer now...
  8. But... but.. but.... it's asking for a password! And I don't know yours! Lee Ann
  9. The plan for now is that B&G will show from Friday, Oct 6th through Thursday, Oct 12th. Showtimes to be announced a little later. IF there is enough attendance to warrant it, they plan to extend the stay another week. I'll get back as info comes in! This is too exciting. A 30 ft version of Beowulf. Hot dang.... Lee Ann
  10. I just received word today (as did many of us who had written previously, begging!) that "Beowulf & Grendel" will be showing in Wichita, KS, beginning Friday, October 6th at the Premiere Palace Theatre. This Jerry Fike from Premiere Palace worked his butt off to get this film so it would be great if those of us near could really, really show our appreciation by attending a showing there. I know a lot of us probably already have the DVD in hand, but I'm willing to "bet the farm" seeing Gerry on one's TV can't compare to seeing Gerry as Beowulf on a 30 ft theatre screen. Here's a link
  11. Probably not. In order to get the PETS passport a blood sample has to be taken by a vet and then there is an enforced six-month waiting period (provided the blood test was negative for rabies) before they issue the passport. Gerry said Lolita was only five months old on the last radio interview, so me thinks there will be a bit of a wait before Lolita becomes an international jet setter. Sounds like a lot of red tape, but at least this way she's "out on parole" in the States instead of being in a quarantine jail in England for six months. Hi, chickies... sorry I don't have time to read this
  12. Donna... DETAILS, woman, I need details. Is this in Ireland? Italy? What does the IIFF stand for? Lee Ann
  13. Here's another one I just received in a Google Alert: Scottish actor goes from "Phantom" to vampires Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:49am ET People News By Tatiana Siegel and Borys Kit LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Scottish-born actor Gerard Butler, who haunted an opera house in 2004 and battled a monster named Grendel last year, is in negotiations to star in a new film as a warrior priest who hunts down vampires. Filmmaker Andrew Douglas, who cut his teeth on last year's remake of "The Amityville Horror, has signed on to direct the Screen Gems project titled "Priest," a post-apocalyptic horro
  14. That would be a sweet gift. It's really a fun little song to play, it just flows from your fingers! Lee Ann
  15. The sheet music (for piano) for the opening theme song from Dear Frankie is now available from Express Print Music, a subsidiary of Faber Music in England. It's about a $6 USD cost for a four-age download. The music is of medium difficulty, not too bad at all. And it FEELS so good to play it! http://www.expressprintmusic.com/serversid...=Heffes,%20Alex Enjoy, fellow musicians, enjoy! Lee Ann
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