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  1. Thanks Barb! I love all the pics...with his mum and wearing a kilt!!!! Hugs, Bel.
  2. Happy birthday Gerry!!! I wish you get all you're looking for: health, prosperity, inner peace....and time to share all these things with your loved ones. Thinking of you, Hugs, Bel
  3. Thanks for the links Barb, the cover is great!! He radiates energy in this interview. I agree. Bel.
  4. ¡Muchísimas gracias Ramsay Girl!. Mi hermana me regaló la foto de Imágenes de la Actualidad este fin de semana y casi me caigo de espaldas ¡qué ojos, qué brazos! y realmente me encanta ese corte de pelo suyo, al estilo de la rueda de prensa de Dear Frankie. Muchos besos. My sister gave me the pic from Imágenes de la Actualidad last weekend. I love his haircut in that pic like the style he looked in Dear Frankie's press conference. Same haircut style.
  5. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS por el enlace, Baileys! Thanks for the link! It's a relief to read in Spanish, it took me a very little time to read it. I always have to make an effort to read Gerry's interview and I always miss many sentences listening to him. I'd even like to write more in the forum but the language is always a handicap. So thanks again Baileys for this link! Bel
  6. Thanks for posting this interview! I think we all love Gerry being so honest about his past because it makes we feel him closer, like the real person he is. A person who works as an actor and not simply a super-star. And I couldn't help smiling while I was reading these lines below because the interviewer "caught him". Hugs, Bel.
  7. YEAH! VERSATILITY is one of his best skills. I think that's what he meant answering this question: I love his dramatic and romantic roles because of the fact he's very expressive playing them.Hugs, Bel.
  8. Congrats to all the winners!! It was fun to participate in this contest! thanks Jenn! it was mine: I designed this cover thinking about a typical gossip magazine that I'd like to find, a magazine with diverse contents: an exclusive interview, an extra summer with "pretty male faces...and bodies",some ideas for summer holidays...The important thing is that I had fun making it. Hugs, Bel
  9. I LOVE THESE PICS! He conveys such good vibrations that here's the result: an unforgettable moment for a lucky woman and a gerrylicious serie of pics for the rest of the women in the world, showing Gerry as the easygoing guy he seems to be. I was in London just a year ago! Hugs, Bel
  10. they're all clever creations! Congratulations GALS!!! There's a lot of talent in this site! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  11. Another creative challenge!! Thanks Jenn! Hugs, Bel
  12. Thanks for the link Moira!!!! Gerry's full of energy, he enjoys life and love people, and that's the essence of his sex appeal without forgetting his bright and gorgeous eyes and his smile. That's what those "Gerrylicious" pics show. Hugs, Bel
  13. Good for Gerry! He's really a citizen of the world meeting so many people and trying to learn about them. Have a good time, Gerry! Hugs, Bel
  14. I love these pics showing him just the way he is: natural and friendly. Gerry, keep smiling, it really suits you! Hugs, Bel
  15. Congratulations ladies! You all did a great work! Hugs, Bel
  16. they're all GREAT! How many entries! All of them radiate creativity! It will be difficult to choose only one! Congratulations to all the artists! Good luck everyone! Bel
  17. Thanks for the link, Dallas! I had not seen those pics. He looks great so tan and with that white shirt!!! I wish I had been in that BBQ-party... Hugs, Bel
  18. Thanks for the link Lisa and thanks Abrock for adding it to the Multimedia files! Last days I was wondering where Gerry was going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I'm glad he comes back home to spend some days with his family! A family man...simply adorable!! And fortunately, being in Europe he's not too far from my home. MERRY CHRISTMAS GERRY AND GALS! Bel
  19. Great job! All the entries are very meaningful! Good luck! Hugs, Bel
  20. Happy birthday Gerry! Follow your dreams and share them with the ones you love! Feel happy because there're a lot of people thinking of you, even here in Spain where the autumn has wanted to give us a lovely clear and sunny day with a beautiful blue sky to celebrate your birthday! Wishing you the best and a sweet to Lolita Hugs, Bel And as we say here, in my homeland: ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!
  21. Thanks for the link, and of course for the mini-guide to follow the interview! Bel
  22. I agree with you. That's the reason why he's such a good actor, you don't see Gerry, you see each and everyone of the characters he plays. Thanks for the link to hear his voice again!!!! Hugs, Bel
  23. They're all terrific! My favourite ones are these. I love his laughter here after discovering the interviewer was refering to him!!!. And after seing that interview in the Ellen de Generes' show I thougt He should take part on a musical where he could show his dancing skills. Hugs, Bel
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