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  1. He was in University when most in the audience were in diapers. I hope he was as uncomfortable as I was watching him.
  2. This is a private picture taken off of an assistant's MySpace profile. I am surprised GALS allowed it to be published without her permission.
  3. I am sorry to hear you have an impersonator, Swansong. I know someone who has her REAL NAME posted, along with a bunch of filthy lies and fabrications about her. She has repeatedly contacted JustJared and the most he has done is deleted a couple of the posts. I hope you have better luck than she has. Some people are obsessed with Mr. Butler's fans.
  4. There must have been a ton of free goodies. Well else go?
  5. Hi Alf!

    Hollywood and Vine, I was there just yesterday! LOL But I had to come back to my winter wonderland!


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