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  1. Thanks Terry's Witch and Andrea~mc. It's all good, divorce is hard but things are going pretty well. Good to see all of you again, I've been away so long I have no clue what's going on with Gerry these days..or any of you for that matter..I'll catch up sooner or later..with Mid-terms coming..probably later. LOL. Well you GALS enjoy yourself and take care. Hugs.
  2. Hi GALS, Been awhile since I've been in here. I hope your all doing well and enjoying Gerry as much as ever. I've been busy in my personal life, going to college now for IT and went through a divorce. Things are good, I can't complain one bit. Hiya Irish, Frannie and all the rest of you...be good or good at it, LOL. See ya.
  3. I've been out of things so long, wow, have alot of catching up to do.
  4. I was Butlerized November 1, 2007 and still lovin' him. Hi everyone, dropping by to say hello, hope your all doing fine. :funnyface:
  5. I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong, but I believe his sister is the lady with the shorter red hair that waved.
  6. Congratulations to the top choices. All were done very well and I know it had to be hard to chose.
  7. I'm sure with the responses they get, it will be greatly improved.
  8. :funnyup: :funnyup: Hello Irish...good to see you too!
  9. How adorable, looks like they enjoyed Gerry's company. Wonderful.
  10. No...my bad...I didn't know that was the director. Sorry. *giggles*
  11. The second pic, I don't think his hands are cuffed...it appears to be a prison ID bracelet...I know I saw many of them in my 8yr law enforcement career...he appears to be just clasping his hands together as he's standing there listening to what the other inmate is saying. Inmates are not ever chained in general population, its too dangerous for them. If an inmate is too dangerous, he will be confined to a cell and not able to mingle or converse with the others. Just my observation.
  12. OMG....someone stole my fantasy and put it on screen!!!!!! Gerry in shackles...dog collar and all....all that's missing is the whip! :cunning: Just kidding you naughty girls.
  13. I'm with you on this one! During the filming of LAC, all I heard was "starring Jamie Foxx" the new "Jamie Foxx thriller". I did not hear once that it was Gerard Butler's first production under his new Evil Twins shingle starring along side of Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx. What up? Irritates the crap out of me! D I'm with you on that..he deserves more than he gets.
  14. *runs around chanting* Gerry's no. 1....Gerry's no. 1....Gerry's no.1!!!!! GO....GERRY GO!!!!
  15. I so plan to marry Gerry!!! I think you'll have to stand in line for that! *giggles* Line forms to the left!!
  16. I hope if he does do a movie with Tom Cruise they don't over shadow his talents and give all the kudos to Tom Cruise...would like to see Gerry get the praise too.
  17. Wish I could flip Gerry.....right onto a nice comfy bed.....and u know the rest!! *giggles* Pics are delish...thanks!!
  18. hotlips70

    Zodiac Sign

    TAURUS in dah house!!!
  19. He's looking well and mighTy fine I'd like to say! I'm sure he's taking in ALL of the sights as would any man within range of Priyanka Chopra..geez the woman in gorgeous!! Well, we know he's enjoying the country and the people which is nice to see.
  20. Anyone notice how that shield doesn't FIT him thigh to neck...uhmm...it's just not BIG enough to cover those long, muscled thighs and that strong neck! Excuse me now ladies..I have to pick my tongue up off the floor!
  21. Seems he's enjoying the country and good friendship and meeting new people...good for him. Have a life Gerry!
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