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  1. Gerry...pairfection! *deep sighs* Thank you for the eye candy.
  2. Gerry looks well rested and very happy, good for him!
  3. I'm in a relationship and he doesn't mind most of the time my "Gerry Thing" at times he can get irritated because I spend so much time on the internet chatting with all the friends I've found all stemming from this LOVE of Gerry. So many sites to have fun in. I won't say I love Gerry the same as I love my man because I don't know Gerry personally. I only know what I've learned from watching him and from the other fans. I will say he is very intoxicating and warms my heart, not to mention makes my ovaries do flips and my tongue swell. The man is smokin hot among being a vera, vera talented actor. Nikki you are among good company here and we all can understand where you are coming from, have fun and enjoy the fandom. Hugs.
  4. The stuff we neglect, yes so true! I think I hear the dog barking from underneath all the clothes piled up...wait...I don't think I have a dog! LOL!
  5. I always enjoy the new pics and stories and it brightens my day to know he's home too.
  6. Dropping in. Sue B2 is so cute, he's grown so much. Hiya to the rest of u and I wish you all well.
  7. Thanks for sharing, I've never seen that one. hugs
  8. I didn't like the sound of Citizen Game either. Glad they decided that was a no go.
  9. I'd like to say that I don't think we should judge each other as fans or try to say what is the right way to meet Gerry. I have never met him myself and have no clue exactly how I would react. BUT I know that I would want to be able to share my experiences with you all without fear of ridicule and judgment or resentment. I can't tell anyone how they should behave in these situations, your an adult and don't need me to dictate to you what's right or wrong. Decide for yourself and see what happens...if Gerry is offended...I'm sure he'll let it be known. I've seen how he handles himself and I feel safe to say the man will let you know it. I don't get offended by encounters, doesn't matter to me how many times you meet him. I'm thrilled if you do, it gives me hope that one day that will be me and have that experience. Each of us have certain responsibilities or priorities that do not enable us to travel to designated fan meets...if he were to film near me...I would travel to the set if I could manage it. How many times? I don't know...that would be for me to decide. Have a good day girls, remember, we are Fanmily!
  10. Stopping by, Hello to all..hope your all doing well. Irish that siggy is beautiful. Hugs to all that need it.
  11. I would say this IS a prison jumpsuit. I should know I worked in law enforcement for years...looks like he is in character. JMO.
  12. I'd have trouble just playing his wife...to be that close...would be torturous!!
  13. Dropping in to say hello, haven't been well so it's cough, cough time around here. Frannie, hope your son's tattoo gets better, that has to hurt! Hello to everyone and hugs to who needs it.
  14. Goes to show how amazingly powerful his voice is. I don't have to see HIM to know it's HIM...tingles me tingly bits!
  15. She said hardened chest....tell me more lady!! If she wasn't a GALS before the thrust...bet she is now!!
  16. 300 should've been nominated and should've won, that is a major disappointment for me as a fan. He's a cutie though rooting for SDM to win, glad they did so well.
  17. Suzie: I haven't read all the stories myself but I do believe there may be some romance. The book will be available from the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG) website after 20 March. I you ladies are still interested I will post a link. The cost is $22.50 Australian dollars. We will have PayPal and freight will be about $10 Aust. There are several (seven) other publications from CSFG available as well. I would love to come to Vegas just to catch up with you all, but this year is the year Michael and I are going to retire. We have just hired an architect to design our retirement house on the South Coast of NSW (Broulee) and that's where all the money is going. However, I will be there in spirit as I have these past few years. Now in 2010 we should be organised and retired. Vegas will be my 1st priority believe me. Swannie: Yep was quite surprised myself but like you, have been writing for a long time. The editorial stuff was hard work and a real learning experience. Have two stories underway and hopefully these will be submitted to several scifi magazines. Its fun. Hugs to all Cat Oh Diane: congrats on the win ... well done :-) I would love for you to post a link to it as well at my fan site...Gerrylicious...if you don't mind. Hello GALS...stopping briefly to pass out hugs to all who need it. HL
  18. That's just a crazy riot to me Lisa. I'm a randy chic...but not that randy. I don't need a tattoo of one, even with a personality of it's own...it's kinda too far over the top for me. The tattoo's of G, now that I could see, but kinda hard to do when your attached. Men get jealous of Gerry in a hurry if you want to sport him around on yer bum...or somewhere they have to be reminded how big a fan yeh are. Bwhahahaha.
  19. My Gerry Movie that comforts me is Dear Frankie. I loved Gerry as the stranger, it's the only role I can think of, I don't want to kick the TV cause he's dying or he's a jerk like in Shattered.
  20. Tattoo's of Penises? Get the fook outta here!! What kinda chic would want that done? Could you see her explaining it to her man. Yeah...babe this one looked soooo much like yours I just had to get it and if a guy had that on him, I wouldn't touch him with a 10ft pole, he'd be toooo freaky for me. Scary.
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