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  1. Hey GALS, My goodness, Joanna I hope your feeling better, Hugs to you. I see you girls had a Gerry party, I wish I lived closer to some of you, it would be nice to be able to have a Gerry party every now and then. Swannie, glad your hubby is recovering from his surgery and he can see out of his eye. Great news there. Hugs to the rest of you.
  2. I'm with you Blue Jean, that man's voice sends shivers up and down my spine...ooOOOooooo!!! Afternoon girls, popping in to say hello, I've had some router issues since last night but I finally got it straight after being tied up with Linksys and Comcast for almost 1 1/2 today..talk about aggravation. I almost started pulling my hair out! Okay...hope you all are well...those of you who aren't...I hope things improve...hugs all around!
  3. Quick run in.... Hello GALS...good morning...hope all is well with everyone..hugs to those who need it. Swannie, glad to hear the surgery went well.
  4. I liked how he was setting them straight. Somebody needs to.
  5. Glad to see another Georgia Peach in the Gerry fandom..Tthehehe...welcome aboard.

    Go DAWGS!

  6. WOW, Swannie..he sounds amazing and not bad looking either! Tthehehe. Funny but every time I hear another performer sing Music of the Night, I compare them to Gerry, hahahaha, I'm so partial it's pathetic!
  7. I love he signed autographs and took pics with fans..he's amazing.
  8. Whoo-hoo, I'll be watching! No matter what he wears, he'll be the sexiest presenter..ROWR! :yummy:
  9. There is still time for you to support Kids Kicking Cancer by buying a raffle ticket from us. Thanks for your support.
  10. Hello GALS, Blue Jean get to feeling better soon. Raina Snow, I love getting massages, you say your still sore though from falling, if it continues go checked out. Chachababy..Frannie..Lish..Anna..hello there and hugs all around. Nordic Girl..glad your back. The kids are finally getting over the sinus and ear infections...thank gawd! I'm feeling better myself so today was cleaning and disinfecting everything I possibly could. Bye for now girls. Swannie...how are you feeling today?
  11. Hello GALS, Hope everyone had a great New Year's..mine was spent at home. My hubby and kids and myself have all been sick since Christmas. We have had a time of it trying to get over this coughing, stuffed up head stuff. Miserable. Well, I've read up on some of you...Sue..B2 is a cute little boy..the kind ya just want to hold and love all over. Swannie..sorry to hear you are going thru menopause..it has to be rough on you. How is your hubby doing? Frannie..hugs..hope all of that works out for you. Raina Snow..I hope you get to feeling better..are you gonna have to go to the doctor since you fell? You might need to. Hello Cassie, Shamrocked, Jobella, NanLynn, Terry's Witch, Texas Gramma, Attila's Girl, Anna and anyone else I failed to mention. Hugs.
  12. Sorry, It was on the facebook as the end of December being the end of the raffle but it was not correct. It will run thru the end of this month..we kind of thought with Christmas that people would be counting every dollar they could for that. So it's going on til the end of January...please support our charity drive...it's going to a good cause. Thanks Katie and all those who have bought tickets. Hotlips
  13. :funnyup: Desktop stalkers??? OMG!! I'm dying laughing on that one. If I'm a stalker, too bad I can't pinch his cheeks!! Hahahahaha!!!
  14. Attila Girl...maybe you can get him when he flies back! Hello to everyone else!!
  15. Kudos to the razzi who filmed this, he showed Gerry respect by cutting the camera off at the point Gerry he made his comment. Way to go!
  16. Merry Christmas GALS! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. My kids were so excited this morning, they left a mess in their wake but you should've seen the happy faces. My daughter got a barbie vanity, right away she was putting makeup on and looking at herself in the mirror, it was so cute. Hugs to all. Hotlips
  17. Support Kids Kicking Cancer, buy a raffle ticket, thank you!
  18. Please support this cause and buy raffle tickets...thank you to those who have.
  19. Could this of been just a PR stunt for her? She is La Coacha http://chismetime.com/?s=gerard+butler
  20. Irish, sounds like she lived a colorful life...hugs to you and Bryan! Susan...that's great with the Toys for Tot results!! I hope our Shin Raffle does well also, please lend your support, it benefits Kids Kicking Cancer! Info at the bottom of my siggy.
  21. Afternoon GALS, Frannie, you are right, this is Fanmily, it doesn't take long before you feel like your among friends, then the Gerry bug really bites and before you know that Gerryitis has spread. Hahahaha..welcome Shamrocked..you'll love it here. Swannie, hope your brother in law is doing better. Sue, my thoughts and prayers are with Bryan. Hugs. Eva Maria...Enjoy your holiday as well. Elissa congrats to your daughter. Hello to everyone else..Helly, Terry's Witch, Texas Gramma, Blue Jean, Anna and anyone else I missed. Happy Holidays GALS!
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