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  1. Please buy your tickets and support Kids Kicking Cancer! Details in the first post. We appreciate your support!
  2. No prob Frannie, I did a good bit Saturday but it doesn't take long for things to get messed up again. Who's done Christmas shopping? Not me, I went out yesterday for a few hours, the mall was ridiculous. Parking was a joke, the check out lines in some of the stores was irritating. I'll be glad to get this over with, the shopping not Christmas! Hugs.
  3. Hey GALS, Anna, he is so cute, I would have to get some belly sugars from that one! Hey Frannie, when your done with your cleaning want some of mine? I'm tired of cleaning! Texas Gramma, weather here has been dropping down in the 30's then back up in the 70's. No snow for us..EVER..I've never seen a white Christmas, enjoy it everyone! Irish, I love your house!! Terry's Witch.. Swannie..hugs!
  4. Hahahaha...silly string the razzi, great idea! It's amazing how they hide behind that veil of what celebrities can and can't do but it's okay for them to act like fools!
  5. If they want the correct info all they need to do is ask a GAL!
  6. Can I have, King Leonidas' Helmet Polisher Gerrylicious' Boss Lady Hope that's not to randy sounding. Tthehehe!
  7. I'm with you GreenEyes, some of those more commonly listed stars are so overrated, Gerry on the other hand is the cream of the crop!
  8. Hello Blue Jean nice to have you in here! Congratulations CAT!! Hello to the rest of you...Frannie, Irish, Texas Gramma, Terry's Witch, Paige, Swannie, Nordic Girl, *guest* , Anna and anyone else I missed! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I don't have room under my siggy, so I'll say, thank you Bethy for my Trading Card! Hugs
  9. I know how you feel my mother passed this year in May...the day before my wedding anniversary..she is missed.
  10. Paige..I'm doing good just trying to get thru the madness of Christmas shopping and the holiday blues. Swannie..sorry to hear about your mom's physical struggles and ailments..it's hard watching them deteriorate due to age or sickness. Lady Elissa..good luck with the shopping..it's a mad house here. Parking is ridiculous and don't get me started on the checkout lines. Hey Raina Snow, Irish, Frannie, Terry's Witch, Attila's Girl and Texas Gramma and anyone else I failed to mention!
  11. What I meant is I think there are others who have been fans longer that won't probably puke on him or worse if they met him because of a super dooper Panic attack. There are others who are probably better fans than I. Meeting celebrities is not in my top 10 list. Owning all of Gerry's movies. That I would love to do. I just figure we each have so much time on this Earth. Does Gerry want to spend that time with me? Doubtful so let him be with someone that brings him joy. Love, Tracy What would be worse than puking on him, Tracy? The only thing that comes to mind would be pooping your pants? Sorry to be so crude but that would be more my reaction when I'm in "panic" mode! But fortunately, my panic attacks have a delayed reaction and occur AFTER the cause of them has passed, but I know the feeling! D Um Yep you got it. LOL now Gerry will call Dayna and Anna. Call who?...LOL!!
  12. I actually think I could forgive him for the farm animal . . . As far as the Chinese zodiac is concerned, Gerry IS a farm animal (the beautiful and proud rooster) and I am the Ox. Can he be with me? Can he, can he, can he????? Please? D :funnyup: You said ROOSTER!!! I would've said something else! Hahahaha!!
  13. I try to be the type of fan he would be proud of. I try to - TRY TO - post things that I wouldn't mind him reading or that I would say to his face. I believe that I act with class and dignity at events (maybe Nim's, not so much); and when I talk about him to other people I never gush. Seriously - I never gush about him to non-Gerry fans. I just talk about what kind of man he is, his movies, etc. I never bring up the looks cause Gerry doesn't need me to convince anyone he's gorgeous. In all seriousness, I hope that if I ever have a face-to-face and he would by some miracele know who I am, he'll be able to say, "Oh, you're Phoenixgirl! Verra cool," and not be embarassed by me. Know what I mean? THAT'S the type of fan I strive to be . . . I would love to have Gerry be as proud of me as a fan as I am of being a fan of his. Lisa PS: Anna - we'll finish THAT conversation later. I understand, I'm all good girl, all good!! You know where I'm at.
  14. Just be who you want to be to him, be his #1 fan or his 1,234,467th fan. Just be you and try not to stress so much. Just my 2 pennies. Love chics Hotlips Lisa, depends on what kind of farm animal huh?? LOL!!
  15. I don't know Gerry personally so I can only speculate what he is like or seems to be like. I don't approve of the closing of Angels on something I feel is not substantiated but Linda had her reasons and it's her choice! It's not my site, I myself have my own and I'll say, Gerry has done nothing that makes me want to pull out on him. A wise person here told me this morning, he'd have to be caught with a child or a farm animal to make me not want to be his fan. I second that statement. Not all fans see him in the same light. To some he is a saint and to others he's a wee less than that. I won't say you have to feel the same way I do about him. I won't say that you have to understand where I'm coming from where's he concerned...we each have a certain depth to our dedication. Be who you are as a fan, support him how you choose to and don't worry over the rest.
  16. Morning GALS, Swannie, I hope your hubbies back gets better. I can just imagine how bad that must hurt. *winces at the thought* Frannie.. Paige..how ya been? Raina Snow you get a pat on the back for losing 25lbs. Congrats! Mousie, hope your neck gets better, mine gives me trouble sometimes and it gets all knotted up, makes my head hurt! To the rest of you much, well wishes and holiday cheer sent your way!!!
  17. Gerry has nice form! Strong, masculine form!!!!! GAWWWDDDDD!!!!!
  18. My deepest sympathies to him and his family.
  19. Hello Angels, You will find this site very accommodating with plenty of friendly people who will welcome you to the forum. I also have my own Gerry fan site and are extending a welcome there if you would like to come and check us out, we would love to have you. I am saddened by the closing of GB Angels and hope you all find another place to call home. There are sooooo many sites to choose from it can be a arduous task trying to figure out which one you want to call home. I made GALS mine, it still is even though I have my own forum and most of my members are from GALS as well. Welcome to GALS and if you come to my site Gerrylicious...we will welcome you there! www.gerrylicious.com Thank you. Hotlips Thank you to Susan Sporran for allowing me to post this.
  20. Now Tornado's we have. This year we had a freak storm that had 5 Tornado's on the ground at the same time right here all around us. Fortunately it missed my house, but my oldest son was staying at his dad's for the weekend and the Tornado came right down the street he lived on. It pushed homes out in the middle of the road and it was a mess. He called me upset begging me to come and get him but the roads were closed and no one could get in unless they were emergency vehicles. Now he gets nervous when storms come in and he asks me all kinds of questions about Tornado's. He'll never forgot that night. Hi Frannie!!
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