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  1. What a great interview! Gerry was hilarious, as always, and I enjoyed Katherine's comments as well. I cannot wait to see this one!!
  2. You're smart for thinking about this issue before you have kids! If it's any help, I have two girls who both went through the 'princess stage' and who had Barbies...and I played with Barbies myself as a girl. Soooo, these are my thoughts, based on rasing my two girls (now 15 & 20). What worked for me won't necessarily work for everyone, but maybe something below will be useful to others. Playing with Barbie won't make girls airheads or self-absorbed. Parents do that. They do that when they let their daughters grow up buying into the idea that somebody's name on something makes it better
  3. I liked 'Shattered' a lot more than I expected to. I loved the contrast of Neil the slimeball with Gerry's recent good guy characters. I respect him a lot more for trying to stretch himself instead of letting himself be pigeonholed into certain types of roles. And I thought Neil got what was coming to him, myself. Abby may have been mean, but she might not have been had he not lied to her about nearly every single thing in the movie -- even quitting smoking! JMO
  4. Jen, thanks for sharing your story! I think it's great that you checked out that thoroughly -- and that you're so sure it's Gerry!! Wowser! Hugs for the marriage situation. Not good when your man just flat out treats you like you're nothing. Hope your life turns around soon and you don't have to feel old and unattractive.
  5. The trip to India seems to have done him a world of good! He looks wonderful in the most recent pics -- I hope he got some relaxation and peace of mind during his visit.
  6. I second that! I've known too many people who went into careers for 'logical' reasons and who are subsequently miserable. At the time he decided to go for acting, I bet his family struggled hard to accept his choice, but had he been able to stick it out with that law firm, my guess is that he would have caused them even more grief in the long run. Miserable people are NOT fun to be around. He's happy (we hope!) in the life's work he's chosen, and has inspired many of us, including me, to stretch our wings. He earned that DLitt years before he ever made a movie. Silly of me to say this abo
  7. LOL, somehow I suspect *my* idea of the COMPLETE experience of 300 is different from Zac's...for one thing a lot more UP close and personal involvement with the lead.
  8. Welcome to GALS, Mary1213! Oh, that scene was priceless, as was the scene between Mumbles and OneTwo when they discussed Bob. edited to add: My 200th post! Am a Slave Gal!!! Yes, Great King!
  9. Not to mention Gerry in chains. Nice article, very interesting -- wonder if he'll be at either Toronto or Venice for LAC.
  10. I really prefer Gerry in a tux, but of course that's only for really special occasions. Meanwhile, I'll take him in the the Shirt of Three Buttons...three little buttons...who knows how long they'll stay fastened....
  11. Short but sweet, thank you for posting this one! I would love to get my hands on something of Gerry's! Something he's written, that is. What did you ladies think I meant?
  12. I hope you're right! It's been a bit of a Gerry drought, and I want to see our lad!!!
  13. I enjoyed this movie! Gerry as a slightly dimwitted criminal is hilarious! I rented the DVD this weekend for my personal viewing pleasure It was the best thing Guy Ritchie has done in years, except for the dance scene with Thandie. The CG additions (trying to avoid spoilers here) took me right out of the movie.
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