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  1. Welcome to GALS!!

  2. I am very happy to meet another Gerry fan! Welcome my new friend!

  3. Hey! I Saw Where You Looked At My Page...I Like Meeting New People So I Figured I'd Add You As One Of My Friends! :)

    I Hope For You To Add Me Too...:)

  4. I am very happy to meet another Gerry fan! Welcome to GALS!


  5. Thank you Gerard... you it changed my life!!! The art move the soul of the people, you are a great artist!!! I study cinema in Brazil (Amazônia), and I knew its work you in 300. Your films well they are not distribuidos here... You and the film they had been an impact for me. Hey! It was one of the best movies I've seen!!! You it obtained to be the king Leonidas classic and modern at the same time! After this I looked to other works its. I perceived then that you it evolved very dramaticamente!!! Its look, its movement of body, mainly of the hands, had improved frightfully!!! It always wanted to make cinema but it did not have courage... Today I am in the cinema because I was touched by you and for the its history of life... Through you I perceived that never it is late for being happy... And, that everything that the mind can conceive, the body can carry through... Who knows one day goes to direct you in a film mine? For this I go to have that to improve my English!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to create scripts for you especially! When you it will not be well (down days), you know there are people like me whose life has been changed so much for the better!!! When the lights if to remove, when the music it's over and you will be alone, what it will remain? I wait that he remains you yourselves, of the skill that you is... a man, always, always, always full of possibilities!!! Be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All the monkeys of the Amazônia sing congratulations for you Gerard! So sorry to be so late Feliz Aniversário!!! O Brasil te ama!!! Brazil loves you!!! Happy Birthday Gerard I go to try to say with you with this English mine (bad)... When you it will come to pass an anniversary in the Amazônia? While this day you do not arrive desire it accomplishment of its deeper wills. That you it continues being one bad boy but with a good heart. How you it has always the force of its scotish warlike ancestor! E that pursues the happiness searching always the life! Ah! It follows yours instincts... My daughter of 7 years orders to say that she loves you, it says that when to grow goes to marry you! She imagines if I went to leave... I could the same have a case of sexual perversion in the family... mother and daughter with exactly man! After all the Brazilian girls are bad girls also! KKKKKKKKKKK... It's Trick! Happy Anniversary Beijos!
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