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  1. Didn't take long to film this one, did it?
  2. Lu, if I had as much hair as you do I wouldn't care what color it is.
  3. I got the results for 2012 when I first clicked on the site. I thought maybe there was no one here anymore. I don't get in often. I usually just look for new topics in the forum and write on the little box. /What is this thing on the left of this box. Hope everyone is doing well and being well. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  4. What a wonderful thing to see on such a cold winter's day. Still love his accent, even tho it isn't as strong as it used to be. I could listen to him all day, just talking about anything. Hey, maybe we could get him to read the "Phantom of the Opera" , the book. on a CD.. I'd buy that. He couldn't find the time, I'm sure, but I'd love it just the same. Love him absolutely.
  5. I totally agree with Diana. Hey, can someone tell me how to get the box for writing at the top of the page? It is gone. My message is that I was just watching "Honeymoon for One" and they are using the exact same Irish cottage that was used in "PS I Love You." And you get to see the back of the cottage. Love it. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  6. I'm surprised he didn't take Morgan with him to meet all his family. I'm glad that even if she had other plans he didn't let it to keep him from his Mum and family. Mum isn't getting any younger, as none of us are. i know I would love to spend more time with my family, but they are scattered all over the country and we don't have the funds it takes to get them home. I'm so very glad that Gerry is financially able to go home to see him Mum especially. She is only a couple of years older than I am and I know how much she must miss him with his career keeping him so busy. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  7. Hope he spent some quality time with his Mum and family. Hope he has a very prosperous New Year. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  8. Where did you find the interview? I couldn't find it. Sob, Sob. Sandy
  9. Boy, that's going to be fast. 3 Months of pre-production, 3 months of filming, and still a 2016 release. Fast work. Gerry sure is staying busy. Busy dating Morgan also. Hope he has a Happy and Healthy 2015 and forever. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  10. Will Gerry's Stoick be in the future sequels, since his character was killed off in 2? I love the movie on it;s own merit, but I don't know if I could watch one without Stoick. Sandy
  11. Which daycare? One in New Orleans? How does he find the time. Oh to be a daycare caregiver there on that day. Sandy
  12. He is so funny. He takes everything with a smile and quick quip. His intelligence shows. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  13. I love the design of the HFA. Congrats to Gerry and all the cast and crew and the creators of HTTYD. My question is, if there is a 3 will Stoick be in it, since he was killed in 2? Does anyone know? Thanks, Becozy for all your hard work bringing us these videos. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  15. Becozy, I love your new signature. Do we have a place to wish Gerry a happy birthday? I mean a special place: Sandy
  16. Wonder where he's off to now? Somewhere to celebrate his 45th. I surely hope it is a wonderful one with many, many, many, many, etc. more. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  17. He looks GREAT in anything and I'll bet in nothing. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  18. Yes, Gerry is all those things plus talent. They forgot that aspect of Gerry. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  19. I thought Gerry was filming London Has Fallen. So, he will be in LA for his birthday, with Morgan, I presume. Good for him, but so much traveling! I'm confused anyway. First I heard he was in LA the state filming Geostorm. Then it was on the internet that he was NOW filming London Has Fallen. Which is it.? Where is he? Anyway, are we going to have a site for birthday wishes this year? I will keep looking. I will be watching the awards as well, you know. Wherever he is I hope he is safe and happy. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  20. Where has everyone been since April? The new Hugo Boss photos are GERRYORGOUS. Absolutely gorgeous. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  21. Oh, there goes that doubt about the next 15 years, staying alive. I think he's going to be around for a very long time, especially if he keeps fit and stays to a healthy diet. He will be just as popular as an actor when he is 85. He has that SOMETHING that it takes to perform and people enjoy it. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  22. I don't see how that has anything to do with manners. He and she obviously are having a relationship that is none of anyone's business but his and hers. If she has no objection to being "handled" in public then why should anyone object? My generation would never have allowed that but then I'm 66 yrs old. The generation of today handle one another in public all the time. Why should he be different? If he enjoys touching her and she obviously does not object., then why should anyone else care? I don't see that as bad manners, maybe bad judgement since he is never ALLOWED a private moment, but like I said, it is their relationship and her reputation, so what? Sandy
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