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  1. I hope you ALL have a great time. Be safe and remember me. Love, Sandy
  2. Is anyone complaining? I think he looks fantabulous. Sandy
  3. I sure hope this will be on here Monday evening so we can watch it. Love you Barb for keeping us informed and supplies. Sandy
  4. What a great interview. It's always great to see, or read, Gerry and Craig together. Thanks so much. Is this interview on YouTube or anywhere you can actually hear it? Sandy
  5. Gorgeous Gerry. Glad he is in Scotland. Glad he will get to see his Mum. Thanks for the pics and update. Love im absolutely. Sandy
  6. That is a great article and interview. Thanks Becozy and LornaM. Thanks everyone for bringing Gerry to us in such a personal way. I'm way far behind again. Been in the hospital for the last five day having a pacemaker put in. I think my heart is more mechanical than human now. Everyone wish me luck on recovery from surgery. Love you all and Gerry absolutely. Sandy
  7. That looks like a picture from Serbia when he filmed Coriolanus.n Same costume, etc. Looks to much like some of the shots from that filming. Sandy
  8. Also, he has ONE SISTER and ONE BROTHER, not two sisters. Someone really MISQUOTED Gerry on that one. Sandy
  9. I think both of those characters are much more believable with the Scottish accent. I can't image a Viking with any other accent. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  10. Yes, when he is tired it shows most in his eyes and smile. You know he had to be exhausted when he started this promotion tour. He just finished work in Australia and the very next day is on eht promotion trail. How soon does he start London Has Fallen? Maybe he will get at leat a short break to see family and friends. Love his movies, but love him more. Sandy
  11. Thanks, becozy, I saw it and saved it, YEAH. I don't know how I missed that one originally. Sandy
  12. I had the same problem, but my DVD is broken so I stayed to watch it. He is always great with these hosted shows. He and Kimmel share a birthday, Nov. 13th. Kimmel is older. I hope he does a show with Craig. They are the best together, and this is Craig's last year, so it will probably be their last. Thanks so very much for the worderful videos. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  13. It says the video has been removed by the user. Isn't GALS the user? What's up with that? Sandy
  14. Sitting here waiting for the cable man. He's late. This was great to keep me from blowing up. Great vids. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  15. What a great interview session with all the main characters. Thanks, Sandy
  16. What a wonderful interview, and what a wonderful attitude about life and our world. If more people had his attitude maybe we wouldn't be at war. Can't wait for the 11th. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  17. I hope a LOT more. I really hope he goes on Craig since they are in HTTYD together again. I love to see him and Craig together. Especially since Craig is giving up the Late Late Show. May be Gerry's last chance to get together on a talk show. I'll miss that. I always look forward to Gerry being on his show when he has a new movie coming out. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  18. Thanks, Ren. Love to hear him sing anything. Can't wait for this movie. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  19. Becozy, you find the most wonderful interviews and pictures of our Gerry. Thank you, all the admins, and contributors to this site. It is somewhat of a refuge for me. Gerry has been an inspiration since I first saw him in "Phantom of the Opera." I know he doesn't know what an influence he is in our lives, and how much he is loved and admired. But I hope that someday he does realize. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  20. He looks absolutely wonderful. I hope that costume isn't as heavy as it looks. Back in a Red Cape I see. Thanks for the pics. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  21. Glad to see he is having some free time and enjoying himself. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  22. Love this video. When you go to YouTube to watch it you get access to so many more. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  24. Absolutely agreed. He has a wonderful voice. I wish he would do a CD of love songs. He has the voice for it. He would make a fortune on it. Love his voice. Love him absolutely, Sandy
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