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  2. Thanks, Barb. Gorgeous Gerry, as always. Sandy
  3. I find I cannot copy this list. Can anyone tell me why? Sandy
  4. I don't think he is skiinny. I think he looks wonderful. Still working out I guess. With all he has coming up he needs to be in shape. Love him absolutely, Sandy CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE EMOTIONCOMS ARE? I'VE CHECKED ALL THE BUTTONS ABOVE AND STILL CANNOT FIND THEM. Never mind, I found them. Sandy
  5. I always love to see him biking around the city. I can't even imagine biking in NYC but it is a joy to see him doing it. I'd be lost one block from my hotel, but he seems to really know his way around, and biking is such great exercise. I used to ride when I was younger, it really keeps you in shape. Great for everything. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  6. I wonder if it really will film in NC. I live in NC but no where near the Mountains. I just learned that the old Eastland Mall in Charlotte, NC has jut been purchased for a movie studio. I surely hope Gerry will film something there. I'm only 25 miles away and maybe someday I don't have dialysis I could go up there and see him film and maybe fulfilled a life dream., to meet him. To God I pray that will happen. Meanwhile, I'm glad he has had some time to chill and relax between projects. Life is so short. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  7. I always hate the movies he dies in, especially right at the beginning. Isn't it funny that his name in this movie is the name of the Island in How To Train Your Dragon? Love it. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  8. Foiled again. I cannot believe that anyone could vote him #22. He is #1 in all categories. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  9. I will never be walking in NYC again. I can assure you that nothing like Gerry was walking around up there the times I was. Oh, what a dream that would be, to be 20 again, cruising NYC and run into Gerry. My fondest dream, to run into Gerry anywhere. But, since I'm not going anywhere, I guess I can just continue to dream. Yep, since I died 11/23/12 I just don't have the steam to go anywhere, except dialysis three times a week. I can't really complain to much, I was 43 once and enjoyed a lot of my life. I wish for him a long, long, long, and very, very healthy life. He just absolutely has to live, be healthy and continue to make movies for as much longer as I stay on this planet, because I can not imagine this world without a healthy, working, Gerry and dolphins, and elephants. The world is trying to kill the latter two, but God help anyone who should try to harm Gerry. He always looks fantastic. I've seen that T-shirt before. I love to see him just kicking around, doing whatever he wants to do. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  10. Does that include the Ebay items Gerry signed and donated? If not, when will we know how much they all brought and how that will be distributed? Love him so much for doing that. Sandy
  11. This is a very old post, and I'm wondering how things are working out with you Issy? I'm sorry to hear about your job. I've seen this so much in my 40 years work career. Sometimes it has been to save the company money through salary cuts, sometimes it's been a matter of younger worker, but of course they can't admit that, but that sometimes still results in a smaller salary to be paid. I'm sorry to hear about anyone getting a divorce. It's a shame to see years of trying to make a life together work out fail. I wish you the very best. I don't know how old you are but I hope you have enough years to build another career and if necessary another successful marriage. I'll tell you now that everyone here prays for you for your life to be happy. We are all sisters here. Sandy
  12. Did I see somewhere on the site that you can only have one vote per email address? If anyone knows for sure please let me know. I'd vote more if I can. Sandy Foreget it, I just ried to vote again and it said that email address had already been used to vote. So I guess I only get three votes. Hope he wins. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  13. Finally someone who recognizes Gerry's talent. I loved this guy's evaluation of Gerry's performance in MGP even thought he didn't like the movie, which we all loved, he praised Gerry's work in it. Finally a man who can see Gerry's heart in a film. Love that review. Love the way this movie sounds. I'm so glad to see news of a new project. Gerry as a God, hey, we all always knew, right? Wonder when it will begin and when it will be in theaters? Love him absolutely for always, Sandy I think Gerry should wait until he is still gorgeous at 60 before he goes to a weekly series. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a 6 week mini series like "Broadchurch" or something like that. I'd love to see him do one of those. I love Gerry in anything, but I just don't want to see him go to a TV series while he is so hot at the box office. He is brilliant and knows what he wants to do, and I fully support him in any decision he makes concerning his life, so I'm behind him no matter what. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  14. I guess I just don't know how to navigate IMBD because all I came up with un Gerard Butler were old TV listings. Someone tell me what to look when I get into IMBD. Thank you, Sandy
  15. What a trip Scotsman Stuart. Thanks. Sandy
  16. Clyde got his info from all the cameras he has hidden in all the offices all over town. Remember Nick commented that he had the whole government bugged. He was slipping out of his "solitary confinement" cell down to his cellar to watch what was going on all the time. That's why he had to get put in solitary so he could get to his cameras. He had been planning each and every step of his plan for 10 years. I don't really think Chester had anything to do with Clyde. Sarah said he had a connection to find out the things they couldn't get legally. I think he was just her boyfriend,that knew enoug about Nick not to want to meet him. He made Sarah work all kind of crazy hours and kept her job more important that Chester, and Chester didn't like him. She was to loyal to Nick. Besides, she was obviously dating Chester, and Clyde was in prison. So Chester couldn't have been Clyde.
  17. Sarah's boyfriend, Chester, has the inside track about the properties Clyde has purchased. After Sarah's death, the email from Chester leads Nick to Clyde's warehouse where he gets into and out of prison to do his deeds. I agree with the reason Clyde completely undresses. He doesn't want to be shot. He NEEDS to be arrested to make his points. He needs to be put into prison. He needs to be put into solitary confinement because that is the way he carries out his plans. Love this movie. I'm confused about the above titles, tho. All of this refers to Law Abiding Citizen. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  19. Isn't that his friend Freddie with him? Sandy
  20. I should say those are all favorite scenes. Any scene Gerry is in are my favorites. i just watch the rest of the movie when I'm showing it so someone else. I usually fast forward to another Gerry scene when I am watching it alone. I guess this will always be my favorite Gerry movie. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  21. Those are my favorite two scenes in movie. My first intro to Gerry. I'll never be the same. He is the only Phantom that lives up to my first impression of Phantom at 8 years old. I've been in love with the character since and then Gerry came along and portrayed him to my expectation. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  22. HOw close are we to the deadline for the server fee? I'm on a fixed income with a million hospital and doctor bills, but I will find a few dollars before letting this site go down. To much hard work, and to many people depend on it daily for GB news and friends support. Please advise how much we lack and how soon it is needed. Sandy
  23. I even set up a gmail address so I could vote for him three times. Let me know if we can vote more and I will vote on all 3 email addresses every day. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  24. Can you vote moe than once? I will vote on both email addresses, but can we vote more than once on all of them? I want him to win. Sandy
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