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  1. That was a really good article. Now I have the movie running through my head! I don't mind, I never tire of Gerry's portrayal of the Phantom--I think it's still my top favorite role of his.
  2. Yep, it's "Monsieur Reyer" who was the conductor.
  3. I bought it the day it came out on dvd last week and watched it the following night. I really liked it alot! Gerry's character was alot of fun, and he and Katherine H. had good on-film chemistry. The ugly truth--I wasn't too crazy about the ending, I thought it was too...cheesy. I am going to watch the movie again when I get a chance to though, definitely! Ahhh, the advantages of the dvd!! The bonus features were pretty cool, too.
  4. Hi, Are you still out there? Passing by to let people know that Phantom Madness is out and available at Amazon etc... It's the fifth in the Phoenix of the Opera series. Cheers, Sadie

  5. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far! Today was pretty routine for me--just did grocery shopping with the huz for a good bulk of the day. When we came home, we did some cleaning. I turn on the t.v., flip a few channels, and what do I see on TNT Channel? "Tomb Raider 2"!! Seeing & hearing dear Gerry on the screen perked me up, and motivated me to come on here.
  6. I haven't been on here for a long time! This topic caught my eye! Ohhh, Gerry, be careful what you wish for! *cackles* Watch, if I ever get to meet him and whisper a not-so-sweet nothing in his ear, he'd whop me one upside the head.
  7. Yay, GERRY! One of my good friends is totally gah-gah over Hugh Jackman, though.
  8. I'll definitely be checking this out!
  9. Gerry and Emmy still look great together! I am glad that they got to see each other again.
  10. I bought my copy at Target last night, so I could get the bonus booklet on the animals. I won't have time to watch the movie until sometime this weekend--can't wait to see what you were talking about up there!
  11. Hah! Gotta luv Gerry for ALWAYS keeping it real!!
  12. If Gerry does do another "300"-related project, you won't see me objecting! Hope they can bring back some of the other main characters, too (I hope it will be a pre-quel so that can happen!)
  13. I'm hoping it will be a pre-quel, because I want to see Leonidas, Stelios & Astinos (& their original portrayers) in it! That would be great to see their character development, as well as others, like how Xerxes came about.
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