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  1. I would like to vote off Movie 43 and Tale of the Mummy.
  2. I vote to get rid of One-Two. As far as who I would like as my personal fitness trainer it would have to be Terry Sheridan. When you first meet him in the movie what is he doing - body lifts in his cell on the ceiling hanging on with his fingers. Come on now, you have to be pretty fit in order to do that. Then he propels himself upside down on a rope all the while shooting the bad guys. Jumps off a building to do body gliding! With a body like that, you are obviously very much in shape and he could teach me to do all that and more I'm sure.
  3. I vote off One Two and send to exile Johnnie Donne.
  4. Vote off One-Two, and exile Johnnie Donne
  5. I would like to vote off One-Two, and exile Frank Borghi.
  6. My vote would be Tullus Aufidius and Creedy
  7. Charles Belamy and Tullus Aufidius
  8. I vote for Chaun and Lead Seaman. Thanks
  9. Happy Birthday Gerry! Wishing you a wonderful year full of all your hearts desires. Keep making those movies and keeping us women happy! Barbara
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