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  1. Dear Gerry, A few stolen mements on a friend's computer - Happy happy birthday!!! Last year was good, I hope this year will be "perfect"! I'm also a Scot a long way from home, so I know that you may miss family and home today of all days - well, there's always Christmas or Hogmanay (I hope you make it home this year) I hope you have a great day. You have deserved every ounce of success you have had so far and I wish you - actually, I just deleted the word tons, it felt dangerous - I wish you just the right amount of success to make you happy. With love, Sorsha
  2. Hi Gals! Very long time no post!! Well, I was in the middle of updating avatar and personal page, when my poor computer decided it just couldn't keep on and literally went blank on me - it was nice of our friend to do his best to save it for me, but it just didn't make it .... At almost the same time, I got Shingles - and that turned out to be no fun at all!! I think I'm now over the worst, but I'm still not at all back to normal, really tired and a bit wobbly even going to the supermarket. As the nearest cybercafe is 40 minutes distant door-to-door, you can see why I haven't been around recently .... and my friends are not very happy with me when I spend more time on their computers than I do talking to them .... My loooovely friend with the PC brought it with her to visit today. I can't possibly take the time to go back and see what's been going on since I was last here, so I'm just posting this and then I'm going to switch off. I don't know when I'll be getting a new computer, not before Christmas at the very earliest - I'm so sad not to be able to come here and communicate with all of you ... Sue, you and Dan are never far from my thoughts, my love and many hugs to you both. Tracy, you too, sweetie. I hope that your brother is doing better and that your Dad is with you for a very long time still. Lisa, lots of love and the very best of luck with your writing - I know you'll do well, even as I'm typing this!!!! So Hugs and hugs and hugs to everyone else - Cassie, I'm not sure if you are almost there or not, but good luck and I can tell you that Cancer babies are just lovely!! I'll post when I can - love to you all Sorsha xxxx
  3. Solen, congratulations!!!!! Turkey has just won their match in the Euro!!!
  4. Just a feeling - don't look back, it's a waste ... Those are words I use/think so often I love your poem!! to GALS!
  5. No need to worry. I know a LOT of moderators log in as anonymous. Many members log on as anonymous simply because the more popular "belles of the ball" get inundated with PMs whenever they log on. LOL He would have to be registered member in order to log in as anonymous. To our knowledge, he has not "joined" the site. (But man, wouldn't it be fun if he did!) Also, whenever "google.com" is listed as online that is an indicator that someone is viewing the site via google. That is to say someone has searched "Gerard Butler" or the likes and has clicked the GALS link which has been generated as a result of the search. Also, unless Gerard has successfully registered as a GAL, made at least 12 posts and has convinced us that he's an Over18 GAL, there's no way he has access to the Gutter and/or Over 18 areas. (As discussed here, until the Over 18 section has been "unmasked" by an Administrator, you don't even know it's there) (I say "GAL" because our PAL members are so far and few between that we "know" most of them. Regardless, even if he had Over18 PAL access -- he would only have the "unisex" O18 section available to him and not the GALS-only portion of the boards.) I suppose it could be POSSIBLE he's a "cloaked" member, but I doubt he has that kind of time. I'm sure your secrets are safe. Thanks Holly, I don't go in the Gutter or else I'd be really cringing right now at such a thought being possible!!!! But thank you for putting our minds a bit more at rest ......
  6. So now whenever I see "1 Anonymous User" at the bottom of the page I post on, I'll always wonder and tremble just a bit!!
  7. Oh, that is so beautiful - I'm glad I have kleenex in the house! I can't see quite straight to type! I think a lot of us here have found just what you describe - so many of the women here are strong, sweet, wonderful characters, who do live life on purpose, I feel very fortunate to have come here and discovered that .... and proud to "know" so many, although the ones I'm talking about, typically, probably won't recognise that I'm talking about *them*! Soul friends, it's truly a lovely thing ... once again, many of us have found that here.... Your poem is one of the most beautiful I've ever read. Living life on purpose is how we should all live but alas only a small percentage of us do it .. I can't type any more right now, but thank you so much for sharing this with us, Cheri. I'm typing this immediately after reading your post, and might not be very coherent, I hope I am, because I really want to thank you properly for sharing this with us
  8. Thanks Green Eyes! Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up "from the horse's mouth", as it were .... (if the comment is true) Yeah, me too Frannie, I wish the media would get the real story out there - my blood started to boil when I read that other "Spy" article!! LOL!! So the moral of the story is girls, if this ever happens to you on a date, find the waiter and ask "Did he pay and leave?"!!!! Mind you, if you're in a pub you'd have already paid when you got the drinks, so that wouldn't work .... Oh, well it all, just swallow your pride and wait!!!! LOL But isn't that just typical Gerry? Adorkable! It always looks like he has so many friends everywhere .... I love that about him! And I'm glad I got the story right from the very beginning
  9. hi! How could *anybody* not know she was gay? So much publicity over all that with Anne Heche etc etc .... Maybe it was before ...? Anyway, I felt so sorry for the waste of a good interview opportunity there .... I'd love a double kiss from him - I do that all the time, living here but it would be sooooo special from Gerry!! LOL!!! Mmmm soft beard .... I *have* to say, I adore your Frannie Siggy!! I think that's one of the photos I'm always going on about when he is soooo relaxed and happy looking in Italy! Off to bed for me .....
  10. Nope!! Never a freebie!! LOL!!! I posted here a while ago and *had* to stop, because of the "no freebie" rule!! LOL!! And I was having such a goooood time!!!! LOL!! I *really* wanted to finish up the week with a couple of days in Bora Bora, in bungalow over the ocean ....... *sigh* ......... Have fun you single GALS, have fun ..... !! Funny you should mention *that* drink, I had a "Sex on the Beach" a couple of weeks ago! Verrrry yummy! With a view on the Eiffel Tower, all lit up and and then it sparkles every hour, on the hour, for ten minutes - we saw it sparkle twice, I never get tired of watching it, I'm like a little girl every time it starts up .... LOL
  11. Nope!! Never a freebie!! LOL!!! I posted here a while ago and *had* to stop, because of the "no freebie" rule!! LOL!! And I was having such a goooood time!!!! LOL!! I *really* wanted to finish up the week with a couple of days in Bora Bora, in bungalow over the ocean ....... *sigh* ......... Have fun you single GALS, have fun ..... !! I had
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