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  1. Can we cook for you in your room, Swannie? I would try to help if that would work? Save me a place in line at the registration table. I so want to be there again next year. I just hope that I can save enough money between now and then to pay my costs. Last year and this year have been such wonderful turning points in my life. I can't wait until next year. Count me in girls. JADE
  2. I was one of the lucky ones who went to the tour of the Shade Tree. We got lost getting there and missed part of the program, but it hit me in the heart. Last year I jumped out of a long term abusive relationship and if it had not been for my mom, I would have been in a shelter or on the street. I know how trapped and lost some of the clients of the Shade Tree feel. Mom let me bring my little cat with me and she has really been a great help in my healing. I have a long way to go and not much tme to get there as the song says, but with the help and love of my sisters at GALS I can make i
  3. I sent an email toHolly to tell her that I would be there with a vehicle this year. My van has seat belts for 7, 6 not counting the driver. I do not think that my girl friend who is coming with me to Vegas wishes to attend, so I should havce rroom for 6. I would be more then willing to drive, can someone navigate? Jade
  4. [Holly, i found where i can still send in my registration until june 1. Does that also include the registration for a "companion"? My daughter helped me out last year, but will not be able to attend this year. So a friend of mine is comeing with me if that will be allowed under this new policy? Please eamail me an let me know what I should do. I have already sent in my deposit for myself but none for my companion. At this late date, should i send it to GA in a check or try to do a paypal payment for the balance of my registration and the amount of my companion? Thanks for your help, I a
  5. Bella, could Scotty perhaps come to Idaho sometime in October? Preferably the week of the 17th? I would love to have him honor my birthday with his presense. Let me know. Jd55. Hope to see you in Vegas next June!
  6. I will be putting my registration fees in the mail today. Now with the extention, maybe my daughter will be able to go after all and join in the fun again next year. We had so much fun last year! (2008) It has not been a year yet and it already seems like that and more!
  7. Thankou t the GALS for welcoming the lost and fallen Angels who were no so sure of where to go when the GBA website was supposed to close. It was a shock to all of us and I for one am still reeling. My name is Jade, I had been on the old GBA webste for about a year now. I have also been a member of the GALS. I just did not post to often. It depended on how often I felt brave enough to ask Dr. Em for another pass word. I was for ever loosing and or forgetting mine. For example now if you all bump me off he site or I bump myself, I am going to have to ask for another website. I am a
  8. jd55

    Traveling Companion

    I hope to be able to attend the convention in June of 2009. I plan to drive from Boise, Idaho to Concord, CA to pick up my daughter then travel on to Las Vegas. It would be so helpful to have someone to keep me company and help with the driving between Boise and Concord. I know that it would add a couple of days to the travel time for anyone who travels with me. I just would really like to have someone to help with the driving. My daughter can help with the driving between CA and Vegas. Jade
  9. Me too please! You might want to let SHA know about it on the Angels website. There has been a lot of interest in the goings on at the 2007 convention. Thanks for making this a possibility! I know it took and will take a lot of work
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