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  • Birthday 05/02/1977

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    In Edward's thoughts & Rob's arms!
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    I love to read, listen to music, and watch movies. I enjoy spending time with friends and chilling out. Gerry has always been in my life, I have always enjoyed Gerry's movies but did not who he was because he was always the secondary characters. I am currently watching his older movies thanks to ebay and Amazon! Television has become my vice, I enjoy watching New Amsterdam, NCIS, House, Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, and many more! I love this website and am looking forward to getting to know my fellow GALS!

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    United States
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    Gerry's Goldey Beacom GAL, Spencer Bell Legacy GAL, Lady Jeanette von Butler, Loyal Subject of the HRHC Sisterhood, Gerry's Country GAL
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  1. its been a LONG time since I have been here!

  2. I saw it too!! Look's great!!!
  3. Is it too late to send pics? I finally uploaded mine to photobucket last night. Jeanette
  4. I am going to where I need to go. I'm trying to find a station to drive to and go into the city from there. Thanks for the info!
  5. I need some help! I have been delegated the travel guide this summer when my brother and his family come up for vacation. They want to go to NYC and I do not want to drive (eeekkkkk the thought of me driving in NYC not good!). I know there is a way to go via Metro/Subway from the Jersey side I just have no clue where. Does anyone know where in Jersey the metro station is to take the train into NYC??? Any help is greatly appreciated! Jeanette
  6. I don't think Cam will be making it, he sort of had an accident. I was trying to change his clothes and his head popped off and I have not had any success getting it back on. He's a little upset about it Hopefully I will get him back together before Vegas.
  7. April, Congrats! Here's to getting the job of your dreams! J
  8. For me it all depends on my flight, I have to leave Sunday because I start Pre-Cal on Monday. I am hoping to get a late flight out but we will see.
  9. Stuart, Can this be used to convert dvds to mp4 to watch on ipod touch or is there anything you can recommend to make dvds into mp4 so I can watch movies on my ipod touch! Thanks, Jeanette
  10. He looks smokin' hot in the VF pics! Thanks for the pics GALS!
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