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  1. Loved it, Gerry as usual lights up the screen and when he was dancing it was amazing I didn't melt into a puddle in my chair. It was funny and raunchy and I really enjoyed it.
  2. I can't wait to see this, it opens here in Oz on Aug 6 and I have taken the day off work to go and see it.
  3. A man after my own heart, I binge at night too and bread is my food of choice.
  4. They broke the mold when they made Gerry, he is one of the kind and wouldn't we all love to have someone like him in our lives.
  5. Thanks for the audio, I never will tire of hearing that gorgeous voice.
  6. The beauty of his soul has touched mine it is as simple as that and the strength of that connection has not waned since I first laid eyes on him which was just a picture in fact it has gotten stronger as I have come to know the true depth of the man himself from his interviews and acting roles. I love him because of his faults, he isn't perfect, he laughs at himself and he makes me laugh through the things he says and does. He has an enormous sense of compassion and respect for his loyal fans. He has developed a very deep sense of self, he is comfortable in his own skin, there is nothing pre
  7. Thanks for posting this, hey no surprises there, we all know the beauty of his soul.
  8. Gerry's performance as One Two was not meant to be endearing, I wasn't attracted to his character particularly either although my heart raced a little faster when he was dancing though but I came out of the theatre really appreciating Gerry's acting ability. I love seeing Gerry play such diverse roles because it gives us so many mixed emotions about the character's he plays. That's what so great about Gerry, he picks roles that are very dissimilar, every movie is a journey with him.
  9. kanga

    Just saw RNR

    Saw it and loved Gerry in it, wouldn't have gone though if he wasn't in it. I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn't as violent as I expected and the scenes where Gerry dances Fab soundtrack, a must.
  10. Absolutely adore these books, I have read the series several times and I have made fan vids with Gerry cast as Jamie, to me he is Jamie, its his face I see when I read them, he is Scottish, he has the presence and sense of humour to be Jamie, it takes a Scot to play a Scot however I have to agree with Diana Gerry is past playing the younger Jamie. What I think they could do is seeing as how they are going to make two-two and half hour movies that Gerry to be cast as the older Jamie. Jamie is only young in the first two books, in the latter stories he is in his mid forties, perfect for Gerry!
  11. Just added my vote, Gerry still out in front woo hoo!!! I knew DC as an actor long before Gerry but he never 'did' anything for me. It took just one look at Gerry for me to fall in lust with him and that was before I saw him act in anything and to my mind he is one of the finest actors of his generation which includes DC. Horses for courses I suppose and mine is definitely running first place on the Gerry track.
  12. My word, now that's hot with a capital H, someone pour a bucket of water over me.
  13. Ditto my esteem for Gerry just keeps growing, such a humble down to earth man, he is such an inspiration.
  14. I just want whoever he chooses to be with to treat him right.
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