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  1. I got on an elevator this morning. This tasty looking gentleman had facial hair that ran down to his lower neck. GO FIGURE!!! :tasty:
  2. Shoot forget the tummy, I am looking elsewhere!!! :tasty:
  3. Who describes Gerry as deformed? In what scene - when they meet on the road in Ireland? I've seen it 7 times don't recall that description. I'm going again today so I'll be listening for it and will find it if it's there. If it suits my memory well, I believe a movie critic described Gerry as deformed. My question is, can he or she even do 1/4 as good as Gerry did in each of those scenes. Sometimes I get the notion that these critics have no idea about what acting is all about!
  4. His conversation almost always seems intertaining -- not arrogant, not self-centered. He's definitely a guy I'd want to spend every minute with!
  5. What makes him so appealing (at least to me) is that he is educated and has such awesome sense of humor to go along with it. It's good to be smart, yet not take things too seriously all the time.
  6. Being sort of "new", I will definitely check those interviews out! Thank you.
  7. You wouldn't lol.The weather has been terriable at the moment.Rain, rain and more rain. I recommend any time to come to scotland as its a beautiful place but i think if i would recommend any season it would be Summer.As the countryside is beautiful in summer.Although i admit in the winter when you see the hills frosted its breath-taking Any possibility it could rain for two weeks straight? I'd love to get away to a place like that.
  8. I wouldn't mind visiting during the winter for the weather.
  9. I need to bookmark these and listen one day! I'm already surprised about the things "I think" he will be saying.
  10. I am a few months late, but that is an awesome letter.
  11. I don't think we have anything in common... What bands do he like? Maybe we have some connection there.
  12. I like the expression he gives after making the "sleep in the bathtub again" comment.
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