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  1. Hi - thanks for adding me xxx

  2. Hey you guys Hope you are all well. Hi Shamrocked - you'll have fun here.....they're a great bunch of GALS. I just wanted to drop a quick note to everyone while I had the chance to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!! RL and all with a 3 yeard old means I've been busy with Christmas parties and wrapping gifts I just don't feel my feet have touched the ground. Anyhoo, love to all and hope you have a great time. Have fun - Stay safe Love Helly xxxxx
  3. Hello you lovely - hope you are all okay. Got five to drop in and check how everyone is doing. Real life is being pain in the backside and consuming every ounce of time I have. How very dare it... Mostly because my dad was due to have surgery friday so we were all on standby for him, to help him etc. Anyhoo, when he finally got dressed (or undressed) to go to the operating room they said it was cancelled due to lack of beds. He wasn't amused. So, now its being rescheduled for January. So hopefully get a few more minutes a day to come here... Hugs & kisses to all Helly xoxox
  4. There's no finer way to deal with 'it' than to do/take more of 'it'. It's a shame more things in life are like that - oh well. And welcome Nora You're among friends.
  5. You're not alone, I had three Gerry dreams in a week about a month ago. All slightly R rated. I blame him entirely. I don't know about anyone else but the following days after a dream I replay moments in my head and find myself smiling at random moments throughout the day. People must think I'm nuts....
  6. Hey there guys Sending out huge positive thoughts to those who are feeling poorly - Hope you all feel much much better soon. Also big love to everyone - hope you are all ok Stay safe Helly xx
  7. Hey guys.... Firstly, prayers go out to all of those caught in these terrible storms. Stay safe. Haven't been around lately - my dad has to have surgery which has been a bit of a strain. He has a growth on his neck and it needs to come out. So we're waiting to hear when that'll happen. I'm sure he'll be fine though - he's my dad... Also, my little girl started pre-school this week - VERY emotional. Haven't left her with anyone other than my parents so really strange leaving her behind. She cried. I cried. It's all good though - she loved it. Anyhoo, hope you guys are all well and stayi
  8. Had a look but couldn't see this anywhere - apologies if it is already posted. If so let me know. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7591501.stm Gerry and Guy talking on BBC News about RocknRolla.
  9. Hi guys. Hope you are all well. Hope to get in here more often as real life is starting to slow down a little. You guys have been coming here alot longer than me so don't want to get in the way but would like to get to know you all a wee bit better. Let's hope so anyway. Anyhoo, take care my lovelies and I'll catch up with you all soon.
  10. Hey guys - hope you are all well. Just popping my head around the door. Haven't been in here for a bit - had a few personal things that I won't bore you with. Needless to say I missed you Hope to get more time to myself to annoy you soon. HUGS xoxoxox
  11. Anna

    Hi there Helly,

    Welcome to the Land'O'Gerry where the fun never stops.


    Anna x

  12. Hello ladies - hope you are all well this tuesday!!! I have hayfever for the first time in my 33 years - not so funny I have to say. Blurry itchy eyes is something I can live without. But hey, I go on holiday in a day so it's all good. Hope you all have a good day *HUGS*
  13. Hello beautiful people Been a bit absent of late *shakes fist at real life* and I miss popping in here and seeing what you guys have written. Anyway, I hope you are all well and enjoying life. Hopefully I will have more than two seconds and be able to post more. *hugs*
  14. I was in shock when I read about Heath. Just stunned and saddened. I loved Brokeback and him in Knights Tale too. I even enjoyed him in Legends of Dogtown, such a diverse actor. Another soul gone too soon :sad2:
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