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About Me

Hi, I am Tracy. I became a fan of Gerry because of Phantom of the Opera. I can honestly say I have never seen a Gerry movie I did not like. Watching him be interviewed makes me giddy as a school girl. This is my favorite Gerry site. Thanks to the awesome owner, admins, and mods. I love you all. Gerard Butler is without a doubt my favorite actor. I have many fandoms but I never want to forget this one. I want to thank all the gals that have been kind to me over the years. I want to thank everyone in the prayer threads. I want to thank the graphic artists for all the avvies, siggys, and manips they have made me. I want to tell the writers on here both of fan fic and novels with characters that look like Gerry that I absolutely adore them. I want to mention my dear friend Chachababy (Peggy) that turned me onto Sadie Montgomery's books and was my comforter. I miss you. You are my favorite Gerry Fan among the angels.


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