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  1. says, " I am forever a Garard Butler fan."

  2. Best of luck, Gerry. Know your fans love you forever without condition. Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained. God bless you. Love, Your fan, Tracy Holmes
  3. I like that picture. I love grumpy Gerry pics. Of course other than the pink swimming suit, bloated belly pics there is no pics of Gerry I do not like. There is really nothing wrong with those pictures. No one looks perfect 24/7. They should have let him have his vacation without snapping his picture. Love, Tracy
  4. I do know her from Facebook. I am sorry since my coma and with all my meds. I forget names. I am saving her last poke to me at facebook. She was always sweet on there. May she rest in peace and may her family be comforted. Love, Tracy
  5. Seems like I have heard of her. God be with her loved ones.
  6. Happiest of birthdays to my favorite actor! <<<Yes you. Hope your day is blessed. You are still handsome as ever. I am proud to be your fan. God bless you and yours! You are awesome! Love, Tracy Holmes
  7. Full Size Many people mean a lot to me on this site, but none more than Peggy. Peggy was so kind to me and before her breathing got so bad she was unable to talk long we would have long sessions on the phone where we go on about one thing then the next. A lot about Gerry of course. Peggy read my likes when I first got here. She like me was a Megerik phan. She made sure I got read all of Sadie's book before I was finally able to buy my own set. She loved Steve and Kayla on Days of Our Lives as I did, but she called Steve Patch which was the nickname his character went by. She told me of her and Frannie's conversion to Gerrydom. As Frannie mentioned Gerry had her at Attila, but I think Peggy's was and forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe it was as he steered the Gondola and we get the close up with that firm chin and those lips that make grown ladies have naughty thoughts. Peggy was good woman. She made sure to check the prayer threads and share her gifs. She made me feel like I was special and when I let silly little things make me cry she would advise me like an older sister. I would feel better after she talked to me. The thing thing that hurts me is knowing I did not do enough for her. I wish I could have done more. I pray in her heart she knew how I loved her and how precious she was to me. I know Peggy would get onto me for worrying about it. I just hope in her place in glory she feels the love that comes from this ghetto fabulous redneck for her first GALfriend. Oh, Peggy in my heart I am sending you hugs and kisses. You are precious to me and I believe I will see you again on the other side. Frannie, I love you so. I love all of you very much and I want to say I love you. I told Peggy I loved her, but how I wish I could tell her again. Love, Tracy
  8. I shared it on my Face book account and I will go see it at You Tube. My speakers are tore up. I wish I could hear it. It looks fantastic. I loved Shattered and it only got limited release. That sucks. Gerry's movies should be played everywhere even places so far out that have to tunnel sun light in. Love, Tracy
  9. There are many ways to be a father. I am proud to be a Gerry fan. Yup you! Love, Tracy
  10. Well, It is tragic people have so much hate in them. I pray God will be with Gerry and the man on whom this story is based. Love, Tracy
  11. I love peanut butter. TGBM loves Gerry's hair longer.
  12. Hi, all sorry I have been away so long. I have many issues in my life. I do not feel like getting into them all. I will just share my good news. I have no blockages in my heart. I am going to be a grandmother again in July. Do not take my absence for apathy as I remember the kindnesses shown here to me by many. I shall mention but one though scores have been wonderful, Peggy aka ChaChababy especially she was my first GAL Friend. I do not have time to go through and read everything. I just want to say I still love Gerry and I still love all of you? Love, Tracy
  13. I posted this before the answers rolled in from facebook. Thanks, Ladies. Love you all :kiss: :kiss: , Tracy
  14. I am sorry if I put this in the wrong place, but I have someone trying to tell me Gerry has been married before and I know darn well he has not.
  15. I miss you and love you always.

  16. I am very happy for Gerry and Jennifer. Love, Tracy
  17. I too liked Gunsmoke and Bonanza. My favorite was Hoss though not Little Joe, Love, Tracy
  18. Wow, Frannie I never had that figure. Sending Love to all the Golden Girls. :kiss: God bless you all. Hope everyone is well. Love, Tracy
  19. If Gerry wants to marry. I would be happy for him. If Gerry wants to stay single. I will be happy for him. It is his life. Love, Tracy
  20. Hello, Ladies, I have been interviewing Phantom Authors. As you know I am crazy about . So far I have interviewed Sadie, Sharon, Jennifer, Anne, Vicki and Swannie. I love seeing different responses to the same questions. I will never be able to write a Phantom Book of my own, but I really enjoyed hearing from the various writers. Hubby and I had our 31st anniversary on the 14th. My son took us out to dinner. I love you all. Hope everyone is well. God be with you. Love, Tracy
  21. Hey Y'all. I have been horribly sick. About to lose my mind. *There is not much to lose.* Sorry I have not been by. I love you all. God bless. Love, Tracy
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