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  1. My siggy was made by the lovely lady Fran.
  2. Hi, all of you that are like me. Perhaps Gerry is your Phavorite Phantom. Perhaps though you love Gerry.You like other Phantoms too. Perhaps you have written a Phantom book. Maybe you want to see Gerry if LNDs becomes a movie. Perhaps you'd like to discuss your favorite scene from the movie. Of course I want us to do that here at Gals in this thread. GALs is a haven were no one seems to ever dislike Gerry as the Phantom. *Whew!* I would like you if you belong to Facebook to join this group. Phantom Authors Unite: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=134390489916887 A Place where all things Phantom will be discussed and Promoted. Books, Authors, Videos, Role Play, Fan Fiction, Art, Music, Plays, Movies, Parodies etc. Phantom Stories may be my favorites, but all books and other forms of reading and writing are welcomed. I especially enjoy helping some of the GALs promote their Phantom Books. Please come by and before you do. Tell why you love Gerry as The Phantom so much, right here? Love, Tracy
  3. Open Invitation to all the members of Love Letters from the Lair. Phantom Authors Unite http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=134390489916887 A Place where all things Phantom will be discussed and Promoted. Books, Authors, Videos, Role Play, Fan Fiction, Art, Music, Plays, Movies, Parodies etc. Phantom Stories may be my favorites, but all books and other forms of reading and writing are welcomed. Come on and get your on. Tracy ~~ Mistress of The Land Of Ghettofabulous Rednecks Listen to me, Dear One, I pray. Take your mask and throw it away. Free your face. Your beauty embrace. It is that what makes your different ; I love the most. When I see you; I feel I have been visited by a Heavenly host. The roses with the ribbons are sweet and soft this is true. Sir, realize their beauty pales compared to you.
  4. Again something makes me love him more. I am soooo proud to be his fan! Love, Tracy
  5. I hope he has a licking good time. After awhile suckers make my tongue raw, but I am diabetic so I shouldn't be eating them anyway. Love, Tracy Aw, the picture is just too cute.
  6. No. The Gal Below me loves Erik too.
  7. These are pretty vintage. Some of these were screen caps I made. Love, Tracy
  8. Jodi is really a multi talented GAL! I am so proud of and for her! Love, Tracy :bow: :bow:
  9. We are lucky everyone of to be a part of this lovely community. I count it in my blessings and everyone a long with it. Love, Tracy
  10. I received my stuff from y'all from Virtual Con. I am so appreciative of all you put in it. I have two more Gerry faces staring at me. Barb, I especially thank you for helping out the GALs with the virtual con every year. I love you all. GALs is my site for everything Gerry. Love, Tracy
  11. Dear Gerry, When I heard that you matched the funds raised by the GALs for the charity it made my day. I was never so proud to be a fan of someone. I love your work and I have yet to see one of your movies I didn't like. I didn't quite understand about the camel, but O.K. I hope you keep making movies as long as you want to. God be with you and yours. I wish you happiness and joy. Oh, and I wish the idiots in all those academies would realize you are ready for some awards. Sorry if they are your friends. You should have already at least won three Oscars in my opinion, one for Phantom Of The Opera , one for 300, one for Law Abiding Citizen. Love your fan, Tracy Holmes
  12. Did y'all realize when you click on some of these the names come up on who made the graphic? I have seen two names. Of course I am sure we won't vote for something because it made by a friend. You are all my friends. I just thought you might want to be aware of this. Love, Tracy P.S. Good lick to everyone.
  13. Way to go, Swannie. What an accomplishment this is. I am so proud for you. Love, Tracy P.S. I hope I get some mad money soon to purchase your book!!
  14. Bless you heart. We have a cat that is 16 and I know how much you can love an animal. God be with y'all and comfort you. Love, Tracy
  15. Beautiful job, Ladies. So much talent. I voted. Love, Tracy
  16. I believe he loses that puppy as much as Hubby and I love our cat. Love, Tracy
  17. Elissa, I am sure we are all so glad you did finally join in because we all love and adore you. Plus I wouldn't have been able to talk you into the Erik and Meg wallpapers. Love to all of y'all! Love, Tracy
  18. Kathy, I am hoping to get some mad money ASAP so I can get the book. I am hoping sooner rather than later. I am going through DTs waiting on it. Hi to all the Golden Girls. I hope everyone is well. I went the Nursing Home to see my sister today. I wish she would get well, but that is not going to happen. Love to all you. Hope your weekends are all wonderful. I can't imagine lurking a year. I blab too much. Love, Tracy
  19. Oh, my sorry I am late, but I do hope it was a wonderful Gals Anniversary for Judy and Elissa. I don't like to direct posts at anyone. Because Y'all know I am always afraid of leaving somewhat out. Since you two seem to be the only ladies celebrating this maybe I won't make an idiot of myself. I feel so sad I didn't get to be a Gerry fan as soon as some of y'all did, but I am sure one now. Hugs and Kisses to you all. God bless you everyone. Love, Tracy P.S. Here you go girls.I take my Gerry Juice alcohol and sugar free.
  20. Love to all. I feel bad still. I want y'all know how much I love you. Love, Tracy
  21. Every time I think I couldn't be more proud. He does something and sure enough I am. Thanks, Gerry. Thanks, Moira for sharing. Love, Tracy
  22. GALs, I'll be O.K. just worries with my brother who is never going to learn and people who are never going to learn I can not control him. I think I have to stop caring what people think. They do not know me and my limitations. Anyways, love to all of you. Hope all who are unwell soon fell good again. Sadie hasn't posted about her book yet because there was a error on the cover. She is hoping that it will soon be fixed so that she can start promotion. Shoot, I wouldn't care if I had a copy with no cover and every page dog eared. I just can't afford it atm. Hugs and Kisses all around. Love, Tracy P.S. Frannie, please give Peggy my love.
  23. Yes I have watched more than one Gerry movie in a day on DVD. TGBM loves Erik too.
  24. Anna, Sadie has indeed written another Phantom Book called Phantom Murder. It is available at Amazon. I haven't the finances to get it yet. I want is so bad I can taste it. :tantrum: Though one should not eat books I am sure. Go here for more INFO about Phantom Murder. http://www.amazon.com/Phantom-Murder-Sadie-Montgomery/dp/1450226477/ref=pd_sim_b_5 Ladies, I am going through some serious stuff IRL. I wish I could run away and never have to deal with it. I am at a loss on how to deal with it. I cried for about 2 hours this morning. This too will pass I hope. I am just so sad. So overwhelmed. I am thankful for each of you. God bless you. I'll probably share more in the prayer thread when I can get up the nerve to write it down. I am just exhausted mentally and physically right now. I don't mean to bring this thread down. Let's hear more about Vegas! I am so happy for all the people who got to attend. :vegasbaby: :vegasbaby: Love you all!! Tracy
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