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  1. I should be in bed. I am exhausted, but my mind reels so I am sorry if I am still not feeling great. I had a funny thing happen today. Remember the things most children remember about their grandmas? Grandma's knit, bake, quilt, sew etc and thing like that. Well not so to me.I want to tell you what my Grandson told me today. It is my present status at Facebook. I thought that was funny. I swear I read to my grandson, we take him to the park, the library, sit and talk, discuss God and stuff. Hyrum's very bright. I would think so even if he wasn't my grandson. Anyways I thought this was good for a golden girl giggle. Love y'all, Tracy
  2. Look how dumb I am. I won something and it was posted before I posted. Well, I never lied about being a few fries short to be a happy meal,my bread didn't get done, a few slices short a loaf, my elevator does not go all the way up. Whichever statement suits me best. Thank y'all ever so much. You are all just too sweet. I am gonna take very good care of the magazine. :thankyou: :thankyou: :yourock: :yourock: Hugs and Kisses, Tracy
  3. O.K., I am literally crying. How sweet was that? He is just amazing and generous.I am proud to be a fan of this man. I want to say yes we all love Gerry. Of course we do. How could we not? I love all the GALs and Pals too. I have bonded with so many of you. I think of you. I pray for you. I read your posts and I am mesmerized by some of the things that people say. This is a wonderful place. Especially in my case being unable to see and do some of the things others do like go to the conventions, premieres, T.V. shows where he is a guest and even watch movies in a theater. I would like to be able to do all those things, but I love the life I have. You ladies make me feel every bit as valued as someone you get to see at the conventions and it makes my heart swell with love for you all. Through our mutual love for Gerry. I have become fans of many of you as well. There are so many talented ladies here, writers, singers, video makers, artists of every kind. The staff is so generous and kind with me. So a long with the Thanks I give Gerry for just being Gerry. I thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. Especially the charities. Also how you make sure we fans at home are included with the virtual con. This is so precious of you. I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of this community. I love you all bunches and bunches. Forgive me this has made me quite emotional. I'll shut up for now. I am sure I probably got off topic. Love. Tracy Gerry, I bow to you.
  4. It's O.K., Anna. I will always love Meg, Christine, Raoul, Madame and especially Erik no matter what they do. It is kind of like the unconditional love one has for a child. I just see Jen Ellison shining in the role if they make the movie with the Gerry movie cast. I am sure this new cast is great as well, but I suppose I shall always be partial to the Gerry movie cast as it finally brought this story alive to me. Love ya, Tracy
  5. Don't you ladies forget the first person to see in person I want a PM about it in vivid detail as soon as you are rested from your trip and whatever emotions one might deal with from seeing such a performance. Believe me this ghetto fabulous redneck has learned to be a huge fan of all things Phantom/Erik. I don't care the pairing, happy ending, sad ending, I want all the books and I wish I could see something like this and the original play in person, but that is not possible so please share, share share. to fellow Phantom phans Love a ghetto fabulous redneck Phantom Phreak. = LOVE Tracy P.S. Anna, Sweetie, will you PM me about it?
  6. Yes, Judy is right. I want to thank all who work on virtual con. It is such a sweet and generous thing to do for us that can't attend. Love, Tracy
  7. I am so happy to see you enthusiastic winners! Congrats again! :woo: :woo: Love, Tracy EDIT: I also posted this without realizing I had won anything so now I say Congrats to the other enthusiastic winners. :kiss: :kiss:
  8. OOps I was too late. Congrats to the winners! Love you all, Tracy
  9. Hello Fellow Virtual con goers. Love, Tracy
  10. A) Attila's towel holder in the bath house B) Butler's Personal Massage Therapist C) Clyde's personal assistant D) Dracula's Fang polisher E) Erik's Muse F) Frankie's future father's fish and chips fixer. G) Gerry's personal pedal pusher H) How To Train Your Dragon Teacher I) Instant Bounty J) Jackie Jrs. Yellow Towel Adjuster K) Kilt presser L) Leonidas's cod piece polisher M) Mike's jello tester N) Neil's Secretary O) Opera Erik's cape swirler P) Phantom's Swan Bed polisher
  11. Hey, ladies. I feel like crap. I am in a crappy mood. So I won't say much. I need to get off my pity pot. I know that, but sometimes I just wallow around awhile first. Now matter what mood I am in. I love Gerry and I love all of you! Love, Tracy
  12. A quick hello to all the Golden Girls as I am popping in to vote for GALs. Love, Tracy
  13. I have been voting and when you post a comment if you are logged in via Facebook connection it shows up on your profile and then I link to tell others to vote and he is winning by a big margin. Love, Tracy
  14. Hi, Ladies my son turned 30 last week. Talking about making you feel old. That did for me. It's O.K. though. I am not youth obsessed. I never understood that way of thinking. Plus I am just too bone idle to try and look younger. Love, Tracy
  15. No, I don't think so, but if I did the theater had better be empty. Yes or No? Would you go with Gerry to a remote area of the world to watch him film scenes?
  16. I love Jennifer Ellison, but I don't think I ever favored her, but thanks that is a huge compliment. How are all of you ladies doing? Love, Tracy
  17. Those pics make me want to purr like a fat cat who just got through eating some Fancy Feast out of crystal dish and your steaks you had marinating in sauce on the counter. PUUUUURRRRR Love, Tracy
  18. I think I did this poll like forever ago, but I am now 49. Love, Tracy
  19. Dennis and me, 18 and 17 1978 age 15 1976 age 16 1977 age 17 1978 I used to be young and I used to dye my hair lighter. Love, Tracy P.S. I think y'all might have seen these already. If so sorry. P.P.S. You are all a bunch of beauties. :kiss:
  20. Hello, I wanted to share some pics of DH and me. Also my friend made some pictures of holding my Gerry and Jen Ellison key chain. Love, Tracy P.S. Still playing Farmville.
  21. Love to all of you! May the sick ladies feel well soon! I am still playing at Farmville. It is so addictive! Love, Tracy
  22. Overall it's still The Phantom, but Clyde and Kable give him a run for the money as tortured men themselves. Love, Tracy
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