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  1. He is so humble and gracious and his sense of humor is to die for.... Have you seen these? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R38Hr5siIjc Look how surprised he is when she asks him if he will sing.He looks like he doesn't want too. His eyes get big, but he graciously sings a long. He is an absolute hoot as is Craig Ferguson on this one. This one is a complete laugh a second. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N53ck3-vrSU He explains snogging to Ellen on this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLSHY2boOoc A New One I just found. This one contains several funny interviews. OMGoodness if I were Gerry this would give me claustrophobia. Actually at the time I saw these I only knew Gerry as the Phantom. You Tube is where I learn to love this man especially because of contact with Jessie.
  2. Bethy made me one with the beautiful Jennifer Ellison ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0255204/ ) who was Meg Giry from the Phantom Of The Opera. She mostly does work men would appreciate. I know my husband could look at her as much as I do Gerry. She is a great little singer and dancer though. I saw some of her videos on You Tube. She is also the face I see when I write my Meg and Erik fan fiction and the face I see when I read Sadie Montgomery's books along with another hot man we all know and love even though his face is either masked or sightly imperfect. Love, Tracy
  3. I am just using my pic as my avvie until this is fixed then I shall return to using a POTO avatar.
  4. Again his eyes and lips say it all for me.
  5. You may call me a liar, but even in his best spartan attire. :hmm2: His eyes and lips stand out the most to me. I am totally a face person as is my hubby. Thank Goodness Hubby is! :dance: Love ya, Tracy
  6. I have a feeling you are a pretty centered person and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are a gracious and humble person from watching your interviews. I saw where sang a long with the Japanese Interviewer even though it was obvious you were not expecting that. You sounded great by the way. May you know joy, peace and happiness and feel unconditional love. Have a great rest of your life and may it be many many many more years. Because I am terribly selfish and I want you to be around forever. A new Yet True Fan, Tracy
  7. Unbuttoning unbuttoned No buttons
  8. I am still getting the error message. Oh well, I imagine y'all can wait to see my ugly mug. :bleh2:
  9. OMGoodness you are the real Sadie Montgomery. :erikrose: I wanted an Erik and Meg pairing before I ever knew anyone else did then I went on you tube and saw a whole bunch of Erik and Meg videos and I was like I am not alone then someone told me about your book and then Peggy told me she knew you from here and now I am typing to you. I am soooo excited. Can I ask one thing if it isn't spoilerish is your Meg supposed to look like Jennifer Ellison and I pray your phantom looks like Gerard's version. If it is a secret you can tell me to bug off. <<<<I hope Erik and Meg do that. Love, Tracy
  10. Did you make this beautiful video on You Tube??

    Gerard Butler-Thankful 2007

  11. Gerry, you are the Phantom of the Opera to me. :erikicon: :mopboyreddeath: :mopboyerik: :reddeathsword: :erikrose: I have used nearly every song in the sound track to make MVIDs of my favorite Soap Opera couple. You not only sing so good. You sang with a French accent. Are is that just in my head? :hmm2: I wish I could hear you sing more songs.
  12. I am not big on middle finger salutes, but since he is pretty I will pardon him. So what am I saying ugly people can't shoot birds, but pretty people can? I dunno. :hmm2:
  13. http://www.hellomagazine.com/specials/gran...attractive.html As of the time I posting this. He is in fourth place. He was in 3rd for a good while. :hmm2: Just an idea. I put the URL in my descriptions where to vote in my Gerard and Phantom of The Opera MVIDs :mopboyerik: at You Tube perhaps some of you with videos with major hits might do that as well. He might even get more votes. I know I am just a newbie and I don't want to overstep my boundaries as such, but I want to see him do as good as possible after all he is just beautiful. :woah: You are, Gerry really!! Gosh, but I love the emoticons here!!! I am even talking back to them.
  14. Gosh I will try and remember all of that. I knew the Gerry part from the interviews I had seen on You Tube. I knew his mom pronounced it like Jerad. I could tell he was very close with his mom also from interviews. Mostly I will type Gerard though as Gerry seems too familiar and I would address him if ever that happened as Mr. Butler even though I am older than he. I had heard him drop the F bomb also on You tube. :blushing: It does seem to rhyme more with look than luck. I won't be saying that. So don't worry. As for his personal life. I think it should be just that. Whatever he wants to share with fans he should whatever ever he deems private or his should be just that. :reddeathsword: I don't care who he is dating or not as long as he is sharing his talent. :mopboyerik: I saw a video with the yellow towel too. :mopboyjackie: I knew about snogs because my friends from the U. K. told me at website I go to. Also I saw on Ellen on You Tube too about the snogs and the tongues and such. Also my friends at my favorite couple on my Soaps Website call it when our couple gaze at each other longingly eye snogs. I am glad he doesn't drink. I don't either. :Erikunmasked: I am glad he has a dog. : I prefer cats, but hey each to his own. I forgot what you said about 3 am. I'll go back. BTW if you cannot tell I love your Gerrmoticons!! The 3 am story is just awesome. How does a star that big stay so humble. Probably his mother raised him right.
  15. I want to thank you for you wonderful talent that has blessed my life. I hope everything is your world is bringing you much deserved happiness.
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